Jacqueline Waters

Jacqueline from Philadelphia asked August 12, 2014

Paris: Parisian cafes?

I'm looking for the perfect cafe in Paris to either study or catch up with a friend. I am looking for a relaxing ambiance with great coffee of course! What are your favorites?

Paris France

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  • Liza Bergara

    Top Answer by Liza B. from Paris

    One of my favorite is called Le Loir dans la Théière and is located in "Quartier Du Marais", 3 Rue des Rosiers.
    Don't go there on weekend because it is very crowded but during the week in the afternoon, it's great, they have delicious cakes! You can check more info there: http://www.timeout.fr/paris/restaurant/le-loir-dans-la-theiere
    (prices are quite expensive but in line with Parisian prices...)

    If you don't want to have too many people around, I would advise to go to "My Place" near the metro station Saint Lazare, 18 Rue Saint-Lazare
    It's an old school looking café, very nice and the owner is very sweet. You'll find more info there: http://www.lebonbon.fr/?p=12169

  • Raphael Carbin

    Raphael C. from Paris answered

    The following are cofee places that meant for people wanting to study/work ( reliable free wifi, plugs etc). 1) "NUMA" for techies or 2) AntiCafé Beaubourg 3) kb cafeshop. At Anticafe you pay by the hour and have all you can eat cofee, tea, cookies, nut, bread, spreads... Etc

    KB is great but gets filled very quickly.


    I would not recommend cafe de flore unless you have some compelling attachment to the idea.... Other than that just about any café in paris can do quite well...

  • Mathilde Baillet

    Mathilde B. from Venice Beach answered

    Hey Jacqueline. Café de Flore is one of the most famous. Since the 30's many of our popular writers used to seat there, meet friends and write. I would also suggest you Hôtel Amour, there is a lovely covered patio in this hotel. Le mansart is very Parisian and gets crowded after work. Merci is a very trendy boutique/café, peaceful atmosphere. These are the first that come to my mind, from the time I used to live there :) Hope you'll love them!

  • Larry Guzman

    Larry G. from Hopewell Junction answered

    There's real satisfaction in finding a place you come across yourself, a place that checks off everything that's on your mental list of your idea of a great Paris café, where you feel perfectly comfortable, and one that's close to where you're staying so you can have a quick petit dejeuner to start your day or a nightcap on your way back. You can visit places like Café de Flore, Les Deux Magots and La Closerie des Lilas (Hemingway's old haunts) for the history or to people-watch.

    Les Deux Magots

  • Marnie de Vanssay

    Marnie d. from Conflans-sur-Anille answered

    Of course there is the traditional Café des Deux Magots, very Left Bank, on Boulevard St Germain, but my favorite place is Shakespeare and Company http://www.shakespeareandcompany.com/