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Ahmad from Ankara asked

Need help in planning out a Eurotrip - Which places and how much time!


-> Student, planning to travel Greece -> Austria -> Germany -> NL -> Belgium -> France. Have 15 days. Need help with which cities and how many days per city from experienced travellers! =)

Fixed dates: Amsterdam - 20 Jun, Brussels - 22 Jun.

Hi guys!

I'm an adventure loving student based in Ankara, Turkey.
This summer, I plan on going on a Eurotrip. Primarily, I'm basing it around two concerts that I have; Linkin Park on Jun 20, in Amsterdam, and then Coldplay on Jun 22 in Brussels.

I plan on starting in Athens, on Jun 14 and I will have approx 12-15 days in total to spend trotting across Europe. (I am planning on cutting costs on my measly student budget by living in cheap BNBs and hostels hehe).

I want to start in Greece, and, I have always wanted to go to Munich (Primarily, because of the BMW museum. I am a hugee BMW fan and I have, in fact, restored a BMW2002ti myself so maybe some of car lovers can relate to it :D). In addition to that, I really do want to visit Paris, at the very least, from France, and then of course, there's Austria, that I'd love to put in the mix.

Country wise, I think it looks something like Greece -> Austria -> Germany -> NL -> Belgium -> France.

However, I am open to suggestions. Removing something and/or adding something. Furthermore, what cities, and how many days for the cities to do justice to it. The only two fixed dates have to be Jun 20 - Amsterdam and Jun 22 - Brussels. Everything else can be changed. Port of entry need not be Athens, but it'd be nice to have it in the mix because I'm looking to apply for the Schengen visa through Greece.

I must add, I'm young at the moment and full of energy, so I am willing to do a exhaustive, high velocity trip with a lot of places with minimal sleep, but, at the same time, I'd want to do justice to the place, and not just have another stamp on my passport! =)

Let me know what you guys think!! Cheers!

P.S: I'll be travelling alone! Travel tips and things to avoid also welcomee! 

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Amsterdam to Paris takes a bit over 4 hours on train and passes through Brussels. Spend 19th  20th and 21st in Amsterdam and then it only takes about 2 hours by train to Brussels-get an early train on 22nd or afternoon of 21st even and you can settle in to your accommodation and get a feel for Brussels before your concert. Maybe spend a second day there then only another 2 hours or little more to Paris from Brussels by train. Don't try to cram too much in because you lose a lot of time by travelling and there's no point in having set such a pace that you see and experience nothing. Paris to Munich, for example is nearly 7 hours by train, so unless you overnight it, a day is lost in travel. I'd suggest doing the Amsterdam-Brussels-Paris visits in sequence because it is so easy to do. If you want to go to Munich specifically, my suggestion would be to travel more within Germany-I have trained it all round Germany-easy to do and some great places to visit. Try not to miss Berlin. I did a few day trips into Austria from parts of Germany. When you work your itinerary out, pre-booking trains on line ensures you'll  catch the trains you need to to stick to a strict schedule. Also look for accommodation close to the train stations.

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Dave from Houston

This is a case of less is more. If you try to cover all those places in two weeks you will spend a disproportionate amount of your time packing, unpacking, and traveling. 

You can't really 'see' a city like Paris in just a day or two. It takes a week or two, and then you'll still miss a lot. 

Think of someone trying to cover all of these in a week and you'll get the idea:  Aga Sophia, Cistern, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Bosporus Cruise, Ephesus, Bodrum, Cappadocia,  Mount Nemrut, Aspendos, Pergamum, and Ankara. You'd spend all your allotted time running from place to place. Better to stop and smell the roses.

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great place

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John from Carlsbad (California)

Hi Amad,

I would recommend spending 3 nights in Athens, and from there, fly to Amsterdam for four nights.  The trains from Amsterdam to Brussels and to then to Paris are fast.  Spend three nights in Brussels with a day trip to Bruges. Then take the train to Paris for the rest of the trip.  You will have enough time in each city to get a taste of each of them and you won't spend hours and hours traveling between them.  Save Austria and Germany for the next trip.

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Hello, I have never been to Greece. But I have been to BrusselsAmsterdamParisSalzburgMunich, and Vienna. All are great cities worth visiting. I think my favorite cities in Europe are Basel  (because a lot of museums are free and they had a good zoo). Prague(amazing city with many close paces to day trip to like Kutna Hora and Terezin), Munich (Dachau is close, there are many interesting areas of the city with historical importance, gardens, great places to eat). You must think about travel time. It takes a lot of time traveling on trains between cities. 5 cities at 6-8 hours travel time burns up two days. I either like to travel early or later in the day. On some routes I take overnight trains. It saves a hotel and I waste no time I could be doing other things. They do cost more though. If I were going for 15 days I would pick 4 places. It would give me 3 days at each plus two full days travel timeto and from Turkey, it might take more? There are faster trains between some stations. But many are slower. I think it took me 6-8 hours to go from Paris to Milan But 1 1/2 hours between Berlin and Frankfurtand Frankfurt for fast train. That could be one thing to research. I usually buy train passes-Eurail passes for my major stops. Then I see they have city passes that are like 24, 48 or 72 hour passes. If there are many things you want to do. It is worth it. It covers local transit and some museums and venues are reduced or free with it. But sometimes it wasn't really a great deal. It depends on the city. The tourist offices usually have them. I hope this helps some.

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Shan from Amsterdam

1. highly recommend a restaurant in Brussel


For 15 to 25 Euro, you can enjoy a high quality meal.

2. tips about accommodation in Amsterdam

Amsterdam can be really expensive even hostel. Staying in Utrecht or 

Bloemendaalcan be a good choice.

3. Amsterdam hang around

De Jordaan, Traditioneel Amsterdamis really worth a walking!

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Scott from Cesky Krumlov

I LOVE your sense of adventure.  But...your travel plans are waaay too ambitious for reality.  Think this way:

You lose 1 day at the beginning and end, just getting there and back again.  For each additional destination, you'll lose another day (Europe may be small, but it still takes time to move around.  And let's not forget...train/plane tickets are not cheap.  Athens to Munich, for example...will require an airplane to do in a day.)

So it ends up like this.  A 12 day trip is really 10 days, for only 1 stop.

For 2 stops, it's 9 days

For 3 stops,  8 days

For 4 stops, 7 days

For 5 stops, 6 days

You're suggesting that you see entire countries in just over a day?  Sorry, but you'll see nothing and the only memory you'll have is how tired you were.

To really see anything, I recommend spending at least 3 days in a city (never mind country!)  Start with the ones you're committed to and start booking travel and accommodation as soon as you can to keep the costs down.

On your next trip, stop by Cesky Krumlov and spend a few days.  It's an amazingly untouched 14th century village, with one of the biggest castles in Europe.  Cobblestone streets and a car-free city centre.  You'll love it!

Best of luck, and I hope you have a GREAT TIME!!

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