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Is the Paris Museum Pass worth it?

Is it worth getting the Paris Museum Pass for visiting the sites in Paris, or is it better to pay for individual tickets for each place? We are going to be there for 5 days in late June next year.

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John from Boulder

How much do you like museums? I could spend 5 days just working my way through The Louvre alone. If I were you I would decide what I absolutely must see on this trip museum-wise, limiting myself to maybe two or three museums and get passes to those specifically. The smaller ones are sometimes more interesting than the larger ones. I might even sacrifice one of the museums and go see Versailles (if you haven't).

I would spend the rest of my time climbing around Montmartre (Sacre Coeur area), walking through the gardens, finding the best local cafes in town and seeking out a couple of local evening spots. Also, don't pay to climb the Eiffel Tower (very expensive/crowded) and instead, climb to the top of the Arc de Triomphe. This monument provides an excellent view that includes the Eiffel Tower and isn't nearly as crowded. 

Hope this helps.

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answered by
Dabs from Chicago

I get one every time I go to Paris and I always save money and time.  The The Louvre and Musée d'Orsay both have late nights where you can schedule to go later in the day if you are enjoying the sunshine. The Pass helps you skip lines, sometimes they can be significant, just depends on the time of day.  You are also not limited to one visit so if you are feeling overwhelmed at the The Louvre for example you can split it into multiple visits. Or you can stop to see one thing at a place then move on, for example Monet's water lilies at Musee de l'Orangerie

Château De Versailles is included on the pass, with 5 days I would personally allocate the good part of one day to it if you enjoy grand palaces.  The gardens are also lovely and Marie Antoinette's hamlet is charming.

If you get a 4 day pass it's 14€ per day, if you get a 2 day pass it's 21€ per day, I like the 4 day option better because you get to spread things out over your whole visit and it's really not hard to visit places in excess of 14€ each day, Versailles alone is more than that.

I've taken a couple of newbies to Paris and this is what we did with the pass

Day 1 Notre Dame Cathedral, got in line early to go up the towers for what I think is the best view in Paris as well as up close and personal with the gargoyles, no queue skipping because the number of people are limited.  Then across the street to Sainte-Chapelle (no queue skipping with or without the pass because of security) and then next door to the La Conciergerie.  Later in the day I think we hit one of the art museums, probably Musée d'Orsay

Day 2 Versailles and Arc de Triomphe which is open late and has another great view of Paris, the Arc usually has really long lines and the Pass works great here.  Versailles you skip the ticket queue but not the security queue although that seems to change from visit to visit.

Day 3 Invalides and Musee Rodin

Day 4 The Louvre and Arc de TriompheMusee de l'Orangerie or Musée des Arts Décoratifs, all of which are relatively close by

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answered by
Diane from New York City

The museum pass is definitely worth it, especially if you stay for five days. It is also good for the Palace of Versailles ( a short trip from Paris) . Don't miss Versailles it is amazing.

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answered by
Haleigh from Paris

Hi Mollie! It definitely saves money if you want to do a lot. However! With five days I would recommend spending a day and a half max at museums. They are wonderful here if one has time to see them all of course, but Paris has SO much to offer in terms of culture and experiences it would be a shame to spend the majority of the time just at museums. Hope that helps!

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The museum pass is absolutely worth it.  Not only does it save you money but it saves you time.  You may have to stand in security lines with everyone else but you zip right past the ticket lines. Schedule a reserved ticket (separate from the museum pass) for the Eiffel Tower but it is always worth it to go to the top.

I don't know the ages of your group but youth under age 18 do not need a pass.  They are free at most sites and can go through with museum pass holders.

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answered by
John from Carlsbad (California)

It depends on how many museums and monuments covered by the pass you want to see.  A 2-day Museum Pass costs 42 euros and a 4-day pass costs 56 euros if you buy it at participating museums and monuments, in metro stations or at the various branches of the Paris Tourist Office.  Passes usually cost more if you buy them through other websites.  Most museums cost 9 to 12 euros, so if you are going to 4 or more in the two days or 5 or more in the four days, you about break even or save money.  You do save time at many of the museums and monuments because you don't have to wait in line to buy a ticket, although you still have to go through security at some entrances. 

You will enjoy the larger museums if you have done some research ahead of time to plan what interests you and what doesn't.  The The Louvre is huge and has so much to see, it can be overwhelming if you don't have a plan in mind. 

Some of the smaller museums are very rewarding and can be seen in a couple hours or less.  The Musee Rodin is my favorite museum, and I go there nearing every time I visit Paris.  The building has been closed for renovation, but it should be reopened by next June.  The gardens are beautiful and many of Rodin's works are scattered through it.

The Musee de l'Orangerie displays the very large Water Lilly canvases painted by Monet in his old age.  They are a must for any Monet fan and can be seen in less than an hour.

The Eiffel Tower is not covered by the pass, and if you want to go up the tower, make sure you buy a reserved time on the tower's official website to avoid very long lines in June. Best time to go is in the early evening, and take a photo from the Trocadéroacross the river either before or after you visit when the light is right.

Have a good trip.

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You can get a two (consecutive) day pass and visit The Louvre in the morning, have lunch, visit the Musée d'Orsay in the afternoon (pass almost paid for now); you can go up on the towers of Notre Dame Cathedral, up on top of the Arc de Triomphe, see the Musee Rodin and a number of other museums, not sure of the Eiffel Tower... Check other coverage. I felt it was worth it.

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answered by
Je Suis from Fagaras

well i think each last sunday of the month they have free pass to most of the museums so i will advise you to check when that happens and you will not need the pass anymore :D

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answered by
Brenda from Long Beach

No, AND here is my top secret tip. Go to The Louvre and look for the mini Arc de Triomphe and walk downstairs. You will see a "tabac" shop at the bottom of the stairs. Buy ALL your tickets there and skip the lines everywhere you go. I bought tickets for the Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, and Musee de l'Orangerie without buying the pass and skipped every line.

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answered by
Tiffany from Corvallis

I really think it is worth it because you'll be there for 5 days and the pass covers more than just the basic museums.

The pass does save you money and, more importantly, TIME. Especially with your trip coinciding with the busier summer season, you won't have to wait in lines for tickets and will save yourself considerable time that way.

We enjoyed the museum pass. Look up the complete list of the places that you want to go that are free with the pass, then map them out according to location and how much time you think  you'll want to spend there. You could spend all day at just the The Louvre and nearly as much at the Musée d'Orsay, but if you know that you only want to focus on certain pieces or areas, then you can make those stops quicker and see more.

I'd recommend getting either the 5 day pass and spreading out your museum time with other activies, or, even better (in my opinion), getting a 3 day pass, focusing on seeing as much as you can in those three days, then using your remaining two days to do other things in Paris and relax a bit.

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answered by
Thomas from Viña del Mar

Hi Molly,

It depends what you want to see and do... Two things to consider:

1) the price

2) the necessary time to get to a museum and visit it properly.

If you take Versailles for instance, count 1h to 1.5h to get there. Then queue for half an hour or more (no bypassing with your Pass there). And then, you want to have at least 2 hours to see the palace.

The Louvre is so big that you can spend the entire day there.

The other places require less time, so you can do 2 or 3 in one day. However, Paris is also about wandering around, eating, shopping... so in the end, I would say it's good if you are really into museums and want to visit at least 4-5 in a span of 4 days.

Additionally, the upside is that once you get the pass, no need to worry to buy tickets every single time. And in some places you get to bypass the queues, which is a big bonus.

So I would say it's worth it for you to take a 4-day pass, but only if you visit at least 4-5 of the sites listed.

Hope this helps!

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answered by
Isabella from Sao Paulo

It's definitely worth it. You can try to do a smaller museum such as L'Orangerie and Notre Dame Cathedral on the same day, or have an early start at Musée d'Orsay and then do L'Orangerie late at night. Sometimes it gets you to skip long lines.

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answered by
Edna from Paris

I've never used the museum pass, but I will add these considerations to keep in mind:

  • The first Sunday of every month, the museums in Paris are free. If it's possible to stay into early July, then you could make a museum day of July 3 (the first Sunday of July in 2016).
  • If you're under 26 and an EU resident, admission to the museums are free. (It says you're in Perth so this may not apply, but I'm throwing it out there for anyone else reading who may be in the EU.)
  • Some of the museums and tourist attractions have media rates, if you have any sort of ID that proves you are a journalist or media. 

answered by
Kamel from Paris

Hello Mollie,

It is worth i think. Well the Louvre Museum is full every day and you dont need to wait on line. Your pass covers others museums also.

So it could be fine. But don't spend all your time inside the museums, Paris also offers little places and streets to discover.

Enjoy your time in Paris

answered by
Karen from Sun Valley

Yes - absolutely if planning to visit many museums. It's sold through different companies so compare prices and realize that you must use it within a specific certain time frame once initialized so check the opening closing dates of the museums you want yo see. It lets you skip the waiting lines at many places too.

answered first by
Laura from Buenos Aires

If you are planning to visit at least 6 museums I think it's ok, if not I would'nt buy it. You should check the prices of the museums you want to visit to determine the amount you're going to spend.  

Lately I'm not buying this kind of passes any more because I don't want to be obligated to visit places in a certain amount of time, they are usually for 1, 3 or 5 days, and also most museums have one or two days a week in which they are open until late and for me late afternoon is the best time to visit a museum cause that way I don't loose my day indoors. 

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