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Terrance from Chicago asked

Best way to get from the airport to Hotel Marais?

What is the best way to get to the Hotel Marais from the airport?


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Brenda from Long Beach

Taxi. Great hotel choice. Make sure to have dinner two short blocks away at Chez Janou. Best meal I had in paris. Also hit up the boulangarie right next to the's divine.

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Steven from Winston Salem

Renata gave a great detailed answer.  I use the train (RER B) almost exclusively now -- but then I get in around 7 AM on Sunday so the airport and the train is pretty empty so it's much easier.  

You may (SHOULD!) download a nice "Metro" travel app -- I personally use the free Zuti Paris Metro app.  It includes RER and all Metro stops and tells you how to get from any point (metro / RER) to any other.  It's VERY handy!

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Renate from San Francisco Bay Area

Hi, Terrence,

First of all, have a wonderful time in Paris! The Quartier Du Marais
 is a great place to stay: it's rife with history, especially of the French Aristocracy and rebellion, and is far enough away from the main tourist center, that you may receive a sense of a grittier, less romantic, but incredibly fascinating side of the city.
It's also close enough to the tourist center that the The Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral,

for example, are in walking distance. In the 20th arrondissement, a quick mètro ride from the Marais will take you to Père Lachaise Cemeterywhich is one of the most interesting cemeteries in the world and one of my favorite places in Paris. And, of course, a visit to the nearby Place des Vosgesin the Marais will be mandatory: perhaps for a picnic, or to visit Victor Hugo Houseof "Les Miserables" and "Hunchback of Notre Dame" fameor just to admire the symmetry in the architecture and enjoy a peaceful shady spot!

Okay, now on to your question. Charles de Gaulle Airport, I'm assuming, is where you will be landing as opposed to Orly Airporton the south side of the city. I think there are a few questions to ask yourself when trying to decide how best to travel from CDG to the Marais:

1. Is money an issue?

2. Is time an issue?

3. Do you prefer "easier, convenient, and more-expensive" to a "little more complicated, grittier, and cheap"? Or do you prefer "somewhere in-between"?

4. Do you prefer a tourist experience or a more (definitely!) down-to-earth-more-what-the-locals-do experience?

If money is no object, taxi is by far the most convenient option. (Heck, I suppose if money is really no object you could reserve a limo!) Follow the signs to the taxi queue or ask at the highly recommended Tourist Information, or TI, desk. (The TI desk, incidentally, is also a friendly, multilingual, welcoming place where you can receive a free map of Paris and personalized directions to your hotel based on the above questions. You will also find brochures and can purchase the Paris Museum Pass and find other information about current events happening in Paris. Make sure to only speak to a TI representative, though, one with the official name tag. There are others who may try to distract you into using their overpriced taxi service or somesuch. Look for the "TI" signs and desk and employees with the TI nametag.) 

If time is an issue, it becomes a little trickier because during non-rush-hour times, a taxi is probably fastest but during typical rush-hour times a taxi (and shuttle) could realistically take quite a bit longer than the RER B (air-ay-air beh - the train system linked to CDG and the Paris mètro system).

If you are completely exhausted and just don't have the energy or desire or the language skills to attempt to navigate transportation from the airport to your hotel, take a taxi, if you can afford it (just make sure you have the address of your hotel written down and/or a Google map printout to show the driver.) On the RER, you have to be mindful of your belongings, and if you are bringing large suitcases (definitely NOT recommended no matter what transportation service you choose), pushing them through the crowds and finding a place to store them near you on the RER train car can be quite a stress-filled first impression of Paris. A shuttle may be a nice middle-of-the-road option if you're sort of tired but don't want to fork out the €50 (at least) taxi ride and don't want to learn the admittedly more complicated mètro/RER just yet. (But, during your visit, do learn the mètro as soon as possible. You'll gain a great sense of accomplishment and you'll be able to zoom all over Paris, saving your feet from too terribly much swelling and your pocketbook from needless expensive taxiing in the city.)

Finally, taking the RER B, because it is more complicated than the taxi or shuttle, is more of an adventure, and is more what many regular Parisians do, I tend to choose this mode of transport most often. I do enjoy figuring out the logistical puzzles in Paris. And, then I feel more comfortable in my surroundings and then I can do my very best to try to give an educated answer to help others navigate this truly beautiful city! (Besides, since I am always on a budget, I'd rather save my money for a nice meal and glass of wine - or two! - than paying for a taxi)

À bientôt!


P.S. There's even more in-depth information at on transportation options from the airport!

P.P.S. In 2013, I stayed in the Marais after a trip to London and did take a taxi to my hotel from Gare du Nord Paris(It's just better to use a taxi to and from this train station.) Here's a short blog post about my hotel in the Marais.

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answered first by
John from Carlsbad (California)

You will be tired from the flight.  Take a taxi.  It's well worth the difference in price.

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answered by
Alan from Pinamar

You can go by train, bus or taxi. I recommend you the train because its the most cheap and fast opcion.

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answered by
Kamel from Paris

Hi Terrence,

If you are less than 5 people traveling, you just can take a taxi or a VTC (like Uber). The second option can be a better and cheaper option , check it by internet.

Don't take a bus or a train at airport, they will drive you far from you hotel

In which french airport are you arriving ? Charles de Gaulle or Orly ?

Enjoy Paris !


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