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Gabri asked

Best Place to Stay for first time visitor

Going to Paris for the first time. Where is the best location to stay at? Also, never been on a flight longer than 6hrs, therefore, any recommendations on a flight schedule from LAX?

Paris (France)

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Mary from Leicester
'Best' is always a matter of personal preference.
Paris has an excellent, safe public transport system which is easy to use and getting around the city simple..... so one's base location isn't as important as it might be where there is no public transport or where using it isn't safe. Here's the official public transport site in its full English version:
The majority of the city's major attractions... Notre DameEiffel TowerThe LouvreSacre Coeur etc etc are in its historical heart, divided into numbered 'arrondisements' (districts), arranged in a clockwise spiral. Which is 'best' for you depends on your personal preferences and budget so I suggest you explore what each arrondisement has to offer and research its accomm costs. The 1st > 4th Arr are in the centre of the historical city and likely to be most expensive, Montmartre is in the 18th, very touristy and likely to be a bit cheaper......
If possible, get a flight which lands in the late afternoon/early evening. You're unlikely to sleep much, if at all, on the flight and going to bed soon after landing will help to quickly re-set your body clock. If you must land in the early morning try to stay awake until as near your 'normal' bedtime as possible. 
Get a window seat. A long flight is incredibly boring but if you've got a window you can at least watch the clouds/the sunrise/the landscape. 
Make sure you drink plenty of water during the flight and move around as much as possible: take walks up and down the aisle if you can, write the alphabet with your feet, jog your legs up and down etc etc. 

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