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Paris, London

Best/Cheapest way to Paris?

I'm planning on going to Paris from London next week (for the weekend) and was wondering what is the best (read cheapest) way to get out there?

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Mary from New York State

This article does a great job breaking down different transport methods to find the cheapest options while discussing the pros and cons of each.  Depending on your travel needs, how much time you want to spend in transit, and how far in advance you're planning to book, you can choose which works best for you.  Enjoy your visit!

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Naomi from Newcastle upon Tyne

Probably by now, the cheapest way to get to Pariswill be by plane (probably Ryanair). However, that means flying into Beauvais which takes forever to travel to Paris. If you can at all, get the Eurostar, it's just as quick, not as stressful and you arrive in the city centre.

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take the euro tunnel, it will save you time and $$$ by avoiding to take shuttle service or bus to go from airport to downtonw.

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Michelle from Melbourne

Honestly, for the best cost/convenience ratio I'd go Eurostar. I wouldn't bother with buses/ferries or even the low-cost airlines. Eurostar is far and away the most reliable and hassle-free way to go.

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answered by
Mei & Kerstin from Larochette

Eurostar is definitely the best way to travel to Paris from London. You will have go through customs (thus there will be a queue and you'll have to arrive at the station at least 45minutes before the departure), but you'll still waste less time than travelling by plane or bus+ferry.

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Pamela from New Canaan, Connecticut

The absolute best way to go is on the Eurostar (you can buy discount tickets online), which leaves from the gorgeously restored St Pancras International in London.  In just 2 1/2 hrs you'll be sitting at a café in Paris sipping a café crème and eating a pain au chocolat! 

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Jaleh from Baltimore

Another option besides Tonco's is using one of the many airline services between London and Paris. Ryanair/Easyjet is usually is good option, but there are some things you should consider before booking a flight: they tend to have stricter luggage rules, the flights from London usually leave out of Gatwick, which is a bit father away from London than Heathrow Airport is, and it really is a bare bones flight, meaning any food, etc costs extra. It's certainly an option, but I would suggest looking into Eurostar as well.

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Tonco from London

Hi Ann, I have paid around 70 GBP when I have taken EUROSTAR (return), but you need to book in advance and take the earliest train and last train back, other solution might be a bus from Victoria Coach Station.

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answered by
Terry from Sarasota

Have you considered taking the EuroStar train?  It is very fast (less than 3 hours one way), it departs London from St Pancras International and even though you can't see much while the train is in the tunnel, it is extremely fascinating to know that you are beneath the English Channel! The train arrives at Paris Gare du Nord Paris, which is a short taxi ride away from anywhere in Paris.

Sure, you could fly, and then you would get to stand in security lines at Heathrow Terminals 1-2-3 and then again at Charles de Gaulle Airport.  I have to admit that I am not certain of the price comparison between air and rail, but the chance to ride through the Chunnel at least once in your life, just might be worth the effort.  It was for my wife and I, and we enjoyed every minute of the ride.

Don't bother with first class tickets for the EuroStar, bring your own snacks and get a second class ticket, they are less expensive, but quite comfortable.

There are lots of ways to get to France and Paris, auto ferries, airlines, even other boats, but there is only one Chunnel and it has to be one of the Engineering Marvels of our time.

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answered by
Daniel from London, United Kingdom

Definitely via coach, you can use Megabus, National Express or iDBus, you can find tickets for £20 most of the time.

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