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Los Angeles

Paris, London, Rome, Venice, Positano, Santorini

Access to ATM & credit card use?

Hello,  we'll be traveling in Europe to the following cities: London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Positano, Santorini

And we were wondering if it is easy to access ATM and is the use of credit card well accepted?

I'm sure credit card & ATM are pretty common in London, Paris and Rome. How about the other cities? Any ideas?

Thank you.

11 Answers

answered by
Zach from Philadelphia

Charles Schwab checking account does not charge fx fees on cash withdrawals, and it reimburses you on ATM fees other banks may charge, even overseas banks. So check with your bank what they charge. I use to bank with Wells Fargo and they would charge 3% fx of withdraw amount and $5 on top each time.

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answered by
Emilia from Positano

Dear Patrick, in Positano there are 4 ATM, Deutsche Bank, Banco di Napoli - Agenzia Di Positano, MPS Banca Monte Dei Paschi Di Siena - Filiale Di Positano and Banca Della Campania Spa.

Credit cards are accepted but usually to pay an amount of more than 50,00 EUR.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Positano (attraction)
  2. Deutsche Bank (attraction)
  3. Banco di Napoli - Agenzia Di Positano (attraction)
  4. Banca Monte Dei Paschi Di Siena - Filiale Di Positano (attraction)
  5. Banca Della Campania Spa (attraction)
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answered by
Fayrouz from Antibes

If you are at Bank of America, BNP paribas is a partner bank ! Absolutely no fees in BNP atm

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answered by
Roxanne from Montreal

ATMs are everywhere, it's true, but sometimes you could encounter some trouble.  I once tried to whitdraw some money and the machine refused my card without any explination. I looked arround, saw an other bank and whent there. I found out after the trip that certain banks limit access to there ATM system to the bank who emmits the same creditcard.  So if your own bank emmits Visa cards, and if the ATM is attached to a bank emmits Mastercard, you might not be abble to get euros. 

I have never had problems with Le Credit Agricole know by it's CA red white and blue logo.  This bank is very present everywhere in Paris and France.

Also, it will be easier if your PIN has four digits. You can change your PIN at your own bank befor leaving.

As for credit cards, France works with the chip cards with a four digit PIN long befor the americas. So if your U.S. card has not yet gone "chip", it will be a bit longer to process and the venders could have disobliging comments.

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answered by
Sandrine from Auvergne

Credit cards works, but you should check how much your bank will charge you for foreign currency, and also, check the maximum amount you're allow to withdraw, or pay with... that will avoid you some trouble ;)

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answered by
Ashley from Calgary

Plenty of access to withdraw money and credit cards are widely accepted, some places I went even had machines that gave you the option of being charged in Euro or your own local currency. 

Abroad I always like to have cash however, so I would recommend having cash. 

In Paris having coins is handy, some of the metro ticket machines only take coin. 

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answered by
Beth from Jasper (Florida)

ATMS are everywhere. As others mentioned let your bank know your travel plans. Be aware of withdrawal fees though. We always carried enough cash for the day with us when we left for the day of sightseeing. Have fun!

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answered by
Ilene from Wisconsin

Credit cards everywhere. ATM also, just be sure your money is in your checking. You can not access money from your savings.

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answered by
John from Carlsbad (California)

In addition to the advise already given, make sure your pin is only four digits because some ATM's won't work otherwise.  I've never had a problem getting money out of an ATM in Europe, and the exchange rates are good. 

Many credit cards do not have foreign transaction fees, which will save you money when you charge things.  If you don't already have one without those fees, it will pay you to get one before you go.  Take a look at the Barclaycard Arrival Plus and Chase Sapphire cards, which also have generous bonus points when you apply and charge $3000 in the first three months.  The exchange rates are very good when you use these cards.

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answered by
Emi from San Francisco

Hi! First, be sure to alert your bank/credit card companies that you'll be out of the country so that they expect it and don't freeze funds thinking it's stolen.

Next, if you have a chip in your credit card, (one of the newer US ones), you will be fine. If not, some metro stations and small cafes only have machines that read the chip on cards (not the swipe). So for those cases, have cash on hand. ATM's are accessible, but some can have a hefty international fund withdrawal -- so be strategic about when you withdraw and know how much you'll need!

Xo Emi

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answered first by
Anne from Durham, North Carolina

There are plenty of ATMs at the locations you listed. Be sure to make your bank and issuing credit card company aware of your travel plans so they don't stop transactions because they might think your card was stolen. Happy travels.

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