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  • Rie Orraca
  • "Harvey - impact on outer banks"

Rie Orraca

New York, New York

Harvey - impact on outer banks

Planning a girls trip to the Outer Banks area in a couple of weeks & wondered how the area has fared after Harvey. Also is it realistic to wing it as far as accommodations? We want to keep our options open as far as the itinerary so it'd be difficult to know how far we'll get, when.


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  • Renee Wright

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    Harvey didn't impact NC's Outer Banks, and neither did Irma. Jose, currently churning in the Atlantic, will bring big waves for surfers and great fishing as bigger fish are driven onshore. Conditions will be very bad for swimming in the surf however, with severe undertow and few if any lifeguards this late in the season, so save your swimming for the hotel pool. Maria, coming up behind Jose, may follow the same course, with the same results, or it may turn and come onshore at the Banks or elsewhere along the coast. Ditto with the storm developing behind Maria. There are still 7 weeks of hurricane season, and the Outer Banks get more than their fair share of hits. Keep an eye on the forecast and beware Ocracoke in questionable weather. You have to take a ferry to get there, and these often shut down due to rough seas. You might get stranded or have to evacuate unexpectedly. I actually think you are better off "winging it" on accommodations this time of year, as there should be plenty of availability and if a hurricane does approach, you probably won't get a refund if you pre-pay, even in a mandatory evacuation. All that said, the fall is one of my favorite seasons on the Banks, and all the surfing and wind sports (kiteboarding, windsurfing) should be in full swing.

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    • Rie O.

      Rie O.

      Wonderful, great advice many thanks!! · (0 likelikes)

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