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Odd/Temporary Jobs or Careers while traveling?


I'm wondering what you all think about work and careers.  Personally, I would like to travel around from place to place for a long time possibly working only odd or temporary jobs and travel writing/blogging.  Though that may not make a whole lot of money.  

Any experience or advice on choosing your own path and actually being able to sustain it?

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Tiffany from Corvallis

So this depends on who you are and what your skill set is. There are English teaching jobs globally that offer opportunities to live and support yourself abroad. I've known freelance writers and photographers who do that to some extent, but you need to be able to produce and find payment for content which can be tricky. There's a couple who have been traveling the globe for years - one is an IT guy who can take his work anywhere and the other is a photographer. They have a blog at

Another friend has a traditional job at a big international company, but moves around and travels because he can do all his work online and just show up for a monthly business meeting.

So, in choosing your own path, consider your strengths and passions and where those could place you, then search for places either volunteer or paid that offer locations that may interest you.

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answered first by
Randy from Tampa

Hopefully, I'm not breaking any site rules, but Google Nora Dunn, professional hobo.  She's been traveling the world, working freelance for several years.  In her early years, she took short term jobs, volunteer opportunities and other jobs so she could travel.  Now she provides advice to others who want to do the same.  If you're serious, you'll find a of tips that might help you get started successfully.  Good luck!

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answered by
Vit from Marrakech

From my point of view it´s about making money or saving money. 

For saving money use: Couchsurfing, Helpx, WorkAway, wwoof. There is about 10 other websites like this but these are more important.

From making money point of view you need to be more creative and think outside the box. It will help you if you have sanguinist personality. If you dont (like me) you can still making money and travel at the same time. Ability to sell is really important. 

I dont know nothing about your skills but try to write all you have in your mind. You never know which of your skills will be needed in your next destination. I know what I´m talking about! Can you play a guitar or any other instrument?  I´m not asking if you´re a virtuoso. In some place is enough if you can play..... Can you ski, dance? Do you love history or are you hairdresser? One of my friend went out of money when she was in Asia so she offer her skills in same hotel. They said yes but not for money only for stay in hotel and not paying for it. But next hotel payed her and the other one aslo.......

You see?! So what are your skills? Write them dawn, all of them!

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answered by
david from Chicago


I downloaded the free mobile commerece Paid2Save app using referral ID 43508 which has coupons and other travel savings. Then I upgraded to Brand Partner to start my own path to a sustainable employment. By doing this I am travel anywhere and when I want without actually working 9 to 5. To be honest this has been one the best choices in my life. I have monthly income source that continues without worrying where the next check is coming from.  If you would like more information please let me know and I happy to provide it but I would highly recommend downloading the free app to take advantage of coupons and savings.

Hope that helps.


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answered by
Spencer from Los Angeles

So the travel writing/blogging thing can be a bit of a double-edged sword. I've been working in the space for 7 years, so I've been incredibly fortunate and have put a lot of time in it, but it's definitely a long game and there's more competition then ever, and you may be spending a lot of time on your blog when you could be traveling or doing things that are more local. I don't want to deter you, but just want to manage expectations.

Bartending is a good thing to think about depending on the destination and you'll meet a ton of locals. You may consider, too, reaching out to the tourism board. They may know of some local places, some of which you may could negotiate like free stays for work. Have you done WWOOF? That's one of the best local things you can do, working with locals while typically getting food and a roof over your head. I know a lot of people who have traveled around just doing that. Plus, it's a great supportive community.

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answered by
Deb from Adelaide, South Australia

Thats an interesting question!  It obviously depends on individual circumstances and needs, but there are online biz opportunities, such as blogging, affiliate and network marketing etc.  The beauty of that is you are not having to apply for jobs and have the flexibility using a laptop or mobile device.

Its about finding your passion, monetizing it and make a! If you want to travel, (even voluntouring) and get paid....well that is something that I can show you if you want more info.

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answered by

If you have ever get a chance ,read vagabonding. Some people work really hard to have a few great moments in life. If you can cut out the hard , long work hours I say go for it. Life is worthy living.

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answered by
Kelly from Los Angeles

If your career is in an industry that is flexible, you can keep your title and look for the same work abroad. I'm a freelance writer who has worked internationally, and my brother-in-law (to be) is a software developer who has done the same. It all really depends on what sort of skills you have that don't really need a designated address. If you've never worked as a contractor or freelancer, I would brainstorm ways you do make money or things you enjoy, and see if any of that can be done on a gig-by-gig basis. At the same time, you could also work as a waitress, bartender, au pair, or English teacher. I have friends who have done all four in Europe, Asia, and South America.

Another way of looking at this is by thinking, "How much money do I need to live 'comfortably' every day?" Maybe you can work a lot in the States before you travel, and live off your savings on a budget when you're overseas. If you get close to not living your standard of "comfortable," go find work. Basically, and I hope this is exciting rather than overwhelming, you have a ton of options! 

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answered by
Sarah from Global Gypsy

You should get your TEFL certificate so you can teach while travelling. I did that while blogging and it got me around South America for a year and now in Hong Kong. Take a look at my blog to find out more:

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answered by
jack from Road Town, Tortola, Bvi

This is a great question.  I left corporate America and went sailing for a year with the intention on returning to the office.  However, I found the traveling too exciting and have been traveling for almost ten years now.  I'm now a boat Captain in the British Virgin Islands and have worked all throughout the Caribbean.  My skills are sailing and boats, so I picked up odd jobs where ever I was to sustain a decent living.  My advice is to use your best skills where ever you are on the planet.  When it comes to planning.....well....just pack your bag and go.  You will find a way to work, using your skills, when you get there.  That's what makes it fun. 

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answered by
Jacey & Scott from Fort Collins

Hello Lisa!  Wow! So many different ways I'm sure you could go.  My wife and I both travel domestically for work.  Hers is probably a little more tied in to a regular schedule, but that should change in a few years when she can hopefully become more involved in the travel industry.  I am a Catastrophic Insurance Adjuster.  I travel around the U.S when Mother Nature does it's worst.  I am fortunate to play an integral part in helping people recover from damage to their homes. 

I really enjoy my work, but I also can only get about 5-6 months of work a year.  This, to me, affords a lot of time to travel with Jacey, when she can get away, but also plenty of time to become as well versed as possible on travel destinations.  I can call the shots on when I'm available for work, and when I'm not.  This is the closet I've found to a paying job, with a lot of free time to get to know our planet and people.  A different path, but one, to me, that gives the best of both worlds.

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answered by
Gonçalo from Lisbon

I'm thinking about being a nomad entrepreneur, I'm starting a business on digital marketing, and want to travel around and meet new places.

I think that the best is to work in any location independent business, web development, design, marketing.. And try to win money on your computer.

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