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  • Katie Simons
  • "Best free things to do in Oaxaca?"

Katie Simons

Los Angeles, California

Best free things to do in Oaxaca?

I'm going to be in Oaxaca next month and will be on a pretty tight budget. I'm looking for the best free and inexpensive things to check out! I love the outdoors, art, museums, you name it. Thanks!

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  • Pippa Vague

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    There are lots of free things to do in Oaxaca! First thing (a bit cliched but true!) walk the streets and people watch in the Zócalo. The streets here are so pretty, lined with huge trees bursting with bright flowers contrasted against colorful buildings. And the Zocalo is easily the prettiest in Mexico. Grab some street food and find some shade and you can spend several hours just observing the locals. The zocalo also looks different every day you go there - on Saturday afternoons its bustling with locals and there's often a free concert, and on Sunday mornings its quiet, gentle and relaxed. On any day of the week there might be a parade, play or protest there.
    There are a couple of cool museums and some art galleries that are free - you'll see them as you walk around. The Frida Khalo museum is great, and the City museum is worth a visit.
    For cheap meals avoid the tourist walk, and the Zocalo and head a couple of blocks south or east and you'll find great little restaurants that charge you a quarter of the price of the ones in town. Callejón Hidalgo has a couple of really nice ones, as does Murguía. On Sundays a lot of them are closed until around 8pm when the locals head out to eat.
    If you need to go anywhere avoid the yellow cabs and hail a maroon/white one - they're a lot cheaper and they'll do a colletivo trip for you.

    Hope that helps! Enjoy, Oaxaca is such a great city.

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