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  • Liz Stark
  • ""Stairway to Heaven" Oahu Tips"

Liz Stark

Westlake, Ohio

"Stairway to Heaven" Oahu Tips

Has anyone climbed the Stairway to Heaven in Oahu And have any tips? My brother and I are really interested but we know there's a security guard that stands at the bottom. Any pointers?

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  • Laura Garcia-Halpin

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    Hey! I live on O'ahu and have done Haiku Stairs many times - SO BEAUTIFUL! There are 2 ways to do it: The much longer, but legal way is to take the Bowman Trail. It's around 10 miles to the end. I would do it during the day and take the entire day for this long hike. My preferred way it the second one: Start in a neighborhood in Kaneohe (you can just google around for the entrance since it's kind of hidden in a residential area) and go right up the stairs. Yes, there is a guard hired by the neighborhood because there have been break-in's and theft due to increased traffic. If he catches you going up, he'll fine you I heard around $300-$600. If it's coming back down, he won't even look your way (He just watches Netflix haha). The best way to do this is to start around 3:00AM and plan to wait for sunrise to come down. It is so incredible seeing the sunrise from the top of a mountain in Hawaii from inside the clouds. Bring a jacket. It gets cold up there.General Trippy Media Hope this helps!General Trippy Media

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    • Liz S.

      Liz S.

      Laura, do you have any other unique recommendations for Oahu? · (0 likelikes)

    • Laura G.

      Laura G.

      For sure! I don't know how long you'll be out here, but here are some suggestions: -Hiking: Olomana, Crouching Lion, Anything in Tantalus, Lanikai Pillboxes -Beaches: Sandy's, Makapu'u, Waimanalo, Kailua/Lanikai, Anything on North Shore, Yokohama -Snorkeling: Electric Beach, Shark's Cove, Three Tables Let me know if there's anything specifically interested in :) Have fun! · (0 likelikes)

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    3. Bowman Trail (attraction)
    4. Kaneohe (city)

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