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Valerie from Seattle asked

Seven Wonders of the World

If you had to make your own list of the Seven Wonders of the (Modern or Ancient) World, what would be on the list? Places you've been, places you want to go, or both?

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Scott from Cesky Krumlov

I'm sure a lot of people would put the Grand Canyon National Park on their list, but for me it really wasn't that interesting.  Yes, it's big (really really big) but it's just a hole in the ground.  I found Bryce Canyon National Park to be MUCH more beautiful.  Amazing colours and rock formations.

Something I would not recommend:  Mount Rushmore.  I drove hours out of my way to go there.  How long did I stay?  About 30 seconds.

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I'll never argue with someone else's travel experience - we all see and experience different things differently. And I do completely understand how visitors can be put off by the Grand Canyon... or simply find it not that interesting (especially on the South Rim in summer - when you see more tourists than rocks!) However, I would suggest that the views/experiences at the canyon are best experienced below the rim - hiking to the bottom, or rafting/boating down the river, and exploring the smaller side canyons, etc. Granted... those activities take a lot more time, a lot more planning/preparation, and usually a lot more $$$ than a visit to the rim, but those who are able to experience the Grand Canyon "from the inside" invariably have vastly different experiences than visiting the rim view points. And I echo Scott's comments about Bryce Canyon - smaller... more "intimate"... and with amazing, "other-worldly", colorful rock formations. And like at the Grand Canyon, descending a trail into Bryce and seeing the formations from the bottom is a totally different experience than viewing from the rim. (Plus... it's a much easier and quicker hike down & up the trails at Bryce - on the order of 90 minutes vs. 10 hours at the Grand Canyon, for a "weekend hiker".)

The Salt Mine just outside of Krakow, Poland should be on that list. A true man-made wonder!

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Polly from Washington, DC

My problem would be paring it down to just seven! In the man-made category, while I think the Giza Necropolis and the Colosseum should both probably be on such a list, I'll bump them off in favor of places I still want to see...

Great Wall Of China
Chichén Itzá
Machu Picchu
Taj Mahal
Angkor Wat
Hagia Sophia

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