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Abigail from Hong Kong asked

New York City for girls???

I have a feeling I’m going to regret this, but I’m going to New York City with my boyfriend and his eight-year-old twin girls this summer. I’d like to go with some activities already in mind. I feel like New York isn’t a great place for children so I’d like some suggestions. 

New York State

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Courtney from Los Angeles someone who is (OK, was) not only a girl but grew up in the city, I'm a bit of an expert on the subject. ;) See if any of these hit the mark for you. :)

·        Museum of the City of New York – they have a great collection of toys including a dollhouse that has an elevator in it

·         The carrousel in Central Park

·         Alice in Wonderlandstatue in Central Park

·         Basically anything in Central Park

·         The Eloise store/teas, etc. at the The Plaza–if they like the book, they’ll love the Eloise-themed activities here

·         Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle Hotel– Yes, I know it seems weird to bring kids to a bar, but a) it’s New York (kidding) and b) the bar is decorated in murals by the man who did the illustrations for the Madeline book series.

·         Chinatown New York and Little Italy– Little Italy has become very touristy, but it’s still fun and there are still lots of decent restaurants there. My favorite is La Mela Ristorante—very cheap and excellent food. Just ask to be seated in the back room. It’s a long story but the restaurant is known for a pretty crude joke that involves props that the waiters sort of…uh…perform throughout the night. Just trust me and sit in the back. If you go to Chinatown be prepared to wait while the kids stop at every single shop.

·         Roosevelt Island Tram – I personally hate the tram from the city to Roosevelt Island but my kids love it and you do kind of get a good view of the city from there. I just really, really hate Roosevelt Island.

·        Library Hotel– Aside from the fact that this hotel is based on the Dewey Decimal system (the floors are named after book genres), kids also get a big kick out of the fact that they have a DVD collection of AFI’s “Top 100 Movies of the 20th Century.” There’s also a 24hour “Reading Room” as well as  “Poetry Terrace.”

  • American Museum of Natural History - this is a great choice not only for them, but for you. The architecture is incredible and the displays are really captivating. I highly recommend this one. 

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Courtney, you have New York covered. I love all your ideas and I'm taking notes for my next visit in a few weeks for a solo art tour!

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We were just there with our children last Thanksgiving week .... It may seem VERY touristy, but the Statue of Liberty is a must ( if you don't have time to go right out to her, take the Staten Island Ferry across for a birds eye view and photo opps, and the price is very low).

The American Girl Place is wonderful , if they are into the American Girl dolls! Our girls "Samantha" and "Kit" dolls sat right at the table with us!

Check out the "Whispering Wall" at Grand Central Station... a freebie that always amazes even adults! And the ceiling is a beautiful treat for the eyes as well.

Times Square is a given with the massive Toys R Us and its big ferris wheel in the lobby! You will also find M&M's World there !!

FAO Schwarzis really something with FAO Sweetz there! Another sweet spot is Dylan's Candy Bar!

There are many museums and the Bronx Zoo... Central Park Zoo and so much more. NYC really is kid friendly!!

Do not forget a visit to Serendipity 3 for the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate!! Even in the warmer months it is a must!! They're huge , may want to share.Reso's really needed.

Google all this and more!





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Kelly from Massachusetts

The Disney Store in Times Square is massive. Two floors with, of course, things to buy but a lot for kids to look at. Ask a cast member if they will be doing any kind of fun activity like a trivia game (near the movie theater) where they give out little prizes at the end. They also hide pictures of characters on the walls and big oversized displays of characters everywhere.     

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