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New York City

Things for an outdoorsman to do in New York City

My girlfriend and I are going to visit her family in New York for Easter and I need some ideas for outdoor/athletic activities I can do while we're there. I love just about any sport of outdoor activity except golf. The apartment is in Chelsea but I don't mind hopping on a bus or taking the train somewhere if it's worth it. They all sleep in so I'll plenty of time each morning. 

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Courtney from Los Angeles

If you're staying in Chelsea, the first thing I would do is head to  Chelsea Piers. It's basically a giant sports center right on the water and they have every kind of sport you can imagine. Batting cages, ice skating, basketball, etc., etc. I know you can get a day pass there so check it out. If you like to swim there's a really cool salt water pool at the  King & Grove Williamsburg. I haven't tried it myself yet, but it's supposed to be great. If you're really up for an adventure, you might also want to try the  Trapeze School New York. I know they always offer great deals on two-for-ones if you want to bring your girlfriend. There's an organization called  Row New York that gives rowing classes (although I think those are indoors). I do think they have some rowing opportunities that actually take place on the water if that interests you. Of course, there's always  Central Park which offers every kind of sport there is from skiing to croquet. Here's a link to all their sports programs: If you're a skateboarder you might want to try  Pier 62 Skatepark. I don't know if it's officially part of Chelsea Piers because I'm not a skateboarder, but I've heard it's great. If you don't mind traveling a bit, you might want to check out  Far Rockaway Beach. I used to go there all the time as a kid and they have everything from water skiing to surfing (yes, surfing). It's a trek, but if you really want to hit the water it's a great place to go. I'd also check out the McBurney YMCA. I know they've got a great running track and a pool if I'm remembering right. I'm sure you could get a day pass. Finally, you might want to try  Chelsea Park. There are all kinds of basketball games and handball games you can probably get in on. 

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Morgan from New York City

You can easily take a day trip up the Hudson River- jump on a train from Grand Central Station and head up to Breakneck Ridge. It's an awesome hike that gives you an incredible view of the Hudson. 

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Kristin from New York City

Courtney gave a great suggestion with  Chelsea Piers right by where you're staying. You can also participate in a pick-up soccer game at  Pier 40 along the Hudson. The skate park Courtney mentioned is actually pretty rad... the place isn't huge, but its got a sweet pool. There's also House of Vans ( in Brooklyn for skating. It's not open to the public all the time, but you can check out their site to find details. The pedestrian path along the West Side Highway is great for running and you can also rent bikes at several locations. The path goes from the tip of Manhattan at  Battery Park all the way up to the  George Washington Bridge. All along this path are tennis courts, parks, patches of grass, basketball courts, soccer fields and other skate parks. 

And Morgan's suggestion for  Breakneck Ridge is killer, too. Such an awesome hike, but it's more of a day trip since trains don't run out there that often and you'd have to head to Grand Central to take the trip. It can also be a really long, intense hike if you get a little lost (which isn't hard to do) and chose the difficult ways up (because who doesn't want to rock scramble?!)

Have fun!

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Central Park (duh), The Cloisters, the West Side --> Chelsea (New York) is actually the perfect place to start walking down towards the bottom of the island where there are beautiful parks along the way, Prospect Park, and Coney Island!

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Megan from Seattle


You two should rent bikes and ride across the Brooklyn Bridge--it's awesome! Since you are in Chelsea, you should check out the sports center at Chelsea Piers (Chelsea Piers)

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coco from Brooklyn (New York)

check out tough mudders, see if they have any activities going on. Check out piers in Brooklyn Bridge Park, you can play sand volleyball, soccer, have bbq outside, etc, also, if you're runners, the park is amazing...

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Central Park .... 778 acres

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