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Debbie Lee

San Francisco, California

Quality groceries

Any recommendations for places with quality fresh meats and veggies?  I'm staying with friends and want to show my gratitude for their hospitality with a few home cooked meals!

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  • Tim Ferriss

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    That's nice! These are the NYC specialty markets from The 4-Hour Chef that focus more on fresh meats and veggies:


    • Dickson's Farmstand Meats: Grass-fed, cage-free local meat. All the meat here is outstanding. I really enjoy their homemade jerky, too. (It comes in many different flavors.)
    • Japan Premium Beef: Japanese butchers are notoriously picky about quality, and this place is supposed to have some of the best. Everyone raves about the Washugyu tenderloin in particular. The most coveted and most expensive is the dry-aged version.


    • Lobster Place: Lobster, crab, and fresh fish. And grab some clam chowder and lobster bisque to go.
    • Russ & Daughters: They’ve been selling smoked salmon, whitefish, herring, cream cheese, and caviar since 1914.


    • Union Square Greenmarket: It’s the gold standard for farmers markets in NYC. Tons of chefs shop there. Go there especially for local fruits and vegetables and farm-fresh meats, cheeses, and milk. The selection of fall apples is particularly outstanding.
    • Inwood Greenmarket: Year-round market for those who live way uptown. Get apples from Breezy Hill Orchards, plus most other foods you could possibly need from various local farms and producers
    • New Amsterdam Market: Lots of great vegetables and meats from local producers. They also have hot-food vendors like Bent Spoon (ice creams), Luke’s Lobster, Blue Bottle Coffee, Dickson’s, and Saxelby.

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    1. Dickson's Farmstand Meats (attraction)
    2. Japan Premium Beef (attraction)
    3. Lobster Place (restaurant)
    4. Russ & Daughters (restaurant)
    5. Union Square Greenmarket (attraction)
    6. Inwood Greenmarket (attraction)
    7. New Amsterdam Market (attraction)

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