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Josh Pelley

New Orleans, Louisiana

Itinerary in New York

My wife and I will be in New York for just one day on a business trip stopover. Obviously I want to make the most of our time so can someone tell me if this schedule sounds right? We want to see some of the major sites, but also get a taste of the true New York experience. 

Day one: 

•Explore Times Square

•have lunch at Guy Fieri’s restaurant

•Walk over to Rockefeller Center and see that

•See St. Patrick’s Cathedral

•Walk down to see Macy’s Herald Square and shop

•Take cab downtown to the South Street Seaport for dinner


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  • Courtney Robinson

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    Hey, Josh--your itinerary is doable but doesn’t really incorporate the “true New York experience” you said you’d like and does incorporate a few things that sound more exciting than they are (trust me--I grew up there). See if this appeals to you:

    • Have a very quick look at Times Square(there’s almost nothing to really see here unless you’re really into Disney)

    • Have lunch at one of the restaurants on Restaurant Row (Le Rivage is excellent)

    • Walk over to Rockefeller Centerand see that

    St. Patricks Cathedral

    • Head over to Radio City Music Halland take their tour (even though it’s touristy it’s fantastic)

    • Take cab downtown to ABC Carpet and have dinner at ABC Kitchen or take cab downtown to Meatpacking district and have dinner (even if you just eat someplace moderate like Fig & Olive Restaurant it’s a much more interesting, less touristy area than South Street Seaport)

    • Take an after-dinner stroll through either area or jump in a cab and go to Chelsea Market Baskets for dessert. I promise this is much, much better than South Street.

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    • Julia L.

      Julia L.

      I DEFINITELY agree about skipping Guy Fieri's--it's about as unauthentic as you can get. As for Macy's, it's not that it's un-NY, but it's just a big department store, not unlike any other department store you've ever been to. Everything they sell there is also available in whatever the closest big city near your home is, I promise! · (0 likelikes)

    • Courtney R.

      Courtney R.

      Amen, Julia! · (0 likelikes)

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    1. Times Square (metro area)
    2. Restaurant Row (attraction)
    3. Le Rivage (attraction)
    4. Rockefeller Center (attraction)
    5. St. Patricks Cathedral (attraction)
    6. Radio City Music Hall (attraction)
    7. Fig & Olive Restaurant (restaurant)
    8. South Street Seaport (attraction)
    9. Chelsea Market (attraction)

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