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Kelly asked

Driving to New York City for Weekend - Parking

My family is taking a road trip in July.  We are wanting to spend 2 nights in New York City. Where is the best place to park and leave our car for two nights?

New York City (New York)

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answered by
Julie from New York, New York

there are garages everywhere in the city that will cost about $40-50 overnight.  There is less expensive parking all the way west but might just be best parking near where you will be staying rather than giving up the time to go to/from your car.  If you do park away from where you stay, look into near where you are entering city - from CT and North park in Harlem, from NJ and west, park all the way west 

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Sean from Hudson Valley

Hi Kelly,

Two things.

First, you do really want to visit New York. It's unique!  It's a world-class city. There's really no other place like it, and it's not to be missed.  Driving in New York is much like driving in any other major city, just more so.

Secondly, parking in New York is a nightmare.  You can look for hours for a curbside pot.  Once you find one you have to make sure that you're not parked too close to the corner, a hydrant, or any other prohibited area.  If someone has torn-down a sign indicating any restrictions, you're still liable.

Dealing with a car in New York is the worst. It's the one thing you really don't need in New York. There's no need to drive anywhere in New York. It has one of the best public transportation systems in the world, and it operates 24 hours.

Many people opt to park in a garage, only to find that the rate are comparable to motel rate in most rural areas.

By the way, don't kid yourself into thinking that you car is safe and secure just because you've parked it in a garage. Aside from dents and an additional 40+ miles on my odometer, I've also received a parking summons during a time I knew damn well I had left my car in a garage. It turns out if an attendant needs to retrieve a car blocked by others, they simply pull those other cars out into the street, leaving them wherever they please. During that time, your car can be ticketed. If your thinking, "Ah-ha! Then they're liable", think again. I fought it. It's clearly printed on your parking stub (providing you can read micro dot) that by using their facility you absolve them of all responsibility. Not only did I still have to pay the ticket, but I was further sued by the garage for their court costs! Also, the same applies to beak-ins and vandalism to your vehicle; it's your problem, not theirs.

What is your budget like? The reason I ask is, have you given any thought as to your accommodations? Staying in New York is a lot like saying in London; either the hotels are grossly over priced, or they're dumps. Either way they're rarely worth the price, unless you're dripping with money.

I was just reading an article recently about a hotel in New York considered to be one of the creepiest in the world. It isn't haunted, but it is infested with mice, cockroaches and bedbugs. It's price; $120 a night.

Most decent hotels in New York City start at $200 a night; and that's before taxes.

The idea is not to stay in the city. Find a room in Brooklyn, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut or Westchester County.  Then, take the commuter rail into the city. Hundreds of thousands of people do this every day. Trains run at least hourly from 5:00am, to about 1:30am. Hotels outside the City tend to be far more reasonably priced, therefore, a far better value. You'll be living like a temporary resident. I used this strategy all over the world.  It works like a charm! 

In addition, if you're staying outside the city, you'll most likely have free parking in the hotel's lot.

However, if you're hell bent on staying in the city, try a discount booking site like Hotwire or Priceline. Maybe Airb&b has a decent listing.   Then you'll still have you car to deal with.

Happy Travels!

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answered by
Julie from Lansdale, Pennsylvania

Depends on what you want to see in NYC.  Is this your first time? If you are trying to stay in Manhattan and are coming on the weekend.  Park at the South Street Seaport in NYC.  It's the cheapest in the city for the weekend.

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answered by
Nars from Boston

Full day parking is generally expensive ($50+) no matter where you park in Manhattan. I would park inside the hotel or in a garage near your hotel/accommodation. 

I found this website which is interesting but I am not sure if it is very helpful. Good luck.

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