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New York City

Calling all New Yorkers! What makes New York City great?

I would be grateful if you can answer 2 questions in ONE sentence:

1) Why do you love New York?

2) What is your single most favourite thing to do/place to go/sight to see/thing to eat in NYC?

I'm here for 2 days now and 4 more days at the end of November. Happy to travel to any borough. 

Many thanks and blessings for your help 🙏

12 Answers

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Rocio from Costa Rica

Probably that I feel at home. I've been in New York City many many times, and at all seasons of the year and the city is always available 24/7.  What I love the most is to walk the city, and my favorite spot is Central Park WestThe Mall and Literary Walk always display beauty and peacefulness. I enjoy admiring the many varieties of bridges, arches and fountains the park owns, such as Bow BridgeGlen Span ArchBethesda Fountain to mention a few. I do not like to explore the city in a hurry; therefore, I divide the city into areas and walk as much as possible, this way I can take notes, nice pictures for my blog, etc. I also recommend to walk Brooklyn BridgeDUMBOHigh Line Park on the Lower Manhattan. There are other parks that I do like as well such as Bryant ParkMadison Square Park and Washington Square Park.

The shows at Times Square are also a delight.  Personally The Lion King is one of my favorites. 

I also enjoy its gastronomy. There are many options, and it is always a pleasure to grab a beer at an The Irish Pub, drink a glass of wine at a fancy restaurant like The Modern or a simple but delicious hamburger of Shake Shack. It is your choice! My preference if you ask me are those located in the area of Meatpacking DistrictGansevoort StSoHo and probably Little Italy

I could keep mentioning unique spots however I will leave it up to you to choose the best ones. I will share a few nice photos from previous trips to beautify my proposals!

Travel light and enjoy the ride!!

PS- I was unable to upload all of my personal photos as an unexpected error occurred; therefore, I will add a few from the site.
my personal pics, an unexpected error occurred. Sorry, will take a few from the page.

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  3. The Mall and Literary Walk (attraction)
  4. Bow Bridge (attraction)
  5. Glen Span Arch (attraction)
  6. Bethesda Fountain (attraction)
  7. Brooklyn Bridge (attraction)
  8. DUMBO (attraction)
  9. High Line Park (attraction)
  10. Bryant Park (attraction)
  11. Madison Square Park (attraction)
  12. Washington Square Park (attraction)
  13. Times Square (metro area)
  14. The Lion King (attraction)
  15. The Irish Pub (attraction)
  16. The Modern (restaurant)
  17. Shake Shack (restaurant)
  18. Meatpacking District (neighborhood)
  19. Gansevoort St (attraction)
  20. SoHo (neighborhood)
  21. Little Italy (attraction)
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Sean from Hudson Valley

Unlike some other cities, New York isn't Everything, all the time.  It's more like, If you want it, here it is.  Come and get it.

True, it is the city that never sleeps, but it won't insist you stay awake either.  There is a vibe, an energy and a feel to the city that you can't find anywhere else.

New York is diverse, traditional, old world, cutting edge, insular and worldly all at the same time.  New York is progressive and tolerant, unlike any other place I've ever been.  Perhaps that is because even though the world is there, it remains quintessentially American.

Samuel Johnson once said the when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.  Well, the same can be said of New York.

All those who answered before me are spot on with there answers.  Georgia is right when she says you cannot get bored.  Kristen's observation as to the infinite possibilities only scratches the surface.  Ann's observation of the cities energy can't be overstated. 

Over the years I've brought many a friend into the city, for the first time.  It never ceases to astound me when I see the childlike wonder they experience when encountering New York for the first time. 

As for the citizens of New York, they're OK!  Oh sure, they're blunt, and in many cases have rather intense personalities, but largely they're good folks. Give 'em a chance. They just may surprise you!

Decades ago, I worked for an airline in the New York metro area.  During the summer months they brought in a group of young people from Ohio to work the summer; many had never been away from home before.  After they left for home at the end of the summer, one of our supervisors came to us and informed us that there was a letter posted on the bulletin board which the wanted all of us to read.  It was a letter from our coworkers from Ohio.  It thanked us for our the way we opened our lives and homes to them.  It went on to say how easy we made things for them, and how grateful they were for showing them around, taking them to our haunts, inviting them to our parties, and generally befriending them as quickly as we did, without hesitation or reservation.  It closed with them telling us about how warm and friendly we were.   It was signed by all the people from Ohio.

Well, we were gob smacked!  We sure as hell never though of ourselves that way!  We stood around and just looked at one another as if to say, "Us?  Really?"  We were just being who we were.  If we were half of what that letter said we were, that's reason enough to visit New York.

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The city never sleeps and it has everything.

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Jeff from Brooklyn, New York

Nuyawkas accept your political views, but insult your shoes, and those who dig art go to the The Noguchi Museum in LIC.

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Annie from New York City

Walk from uptown to downtown to get a sense of how the various tensions of this melting pot coexist, ending the walk at the 9/11 Memorial to get a sense of what made New Yorkers come together in the face of terror.

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answered by
Fritzi from San Francisco

I love New York because it is a free 24/7 street spectacle. Get an unlimited Metro pass, ride the buses and watch an endless river of humanity parade before you.  

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Georgia from Long Island (New York)

You cannot get bored.  walking is an experience.  favorite thing is to walk through central park.  eating can be done anywhere, any way.  standing, walking, sitting- expensive or not.  just get off the subway and explore.  plenty of audio walking guides can fill you in where you are.  yelp can point you in the direction of what you might want to see and do.

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answered by
Kristin from New York City

Hi Lok -- Love your question!

1) I love New York because, at any given moment, there is an infinite number of possibilities for what can happen and what is happening. 

2) I'm going to take advantage of your slashes in this answer: Wander the West Village/American Museum of Natural History/Grand Central Terminal (second favorite building in the city, second only to Palazzo Chupi)/Pizza, duh, but really a donut from Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop in Greenpoint or a Black & White cookie from Donut Pub on W. 14th

Enjoy your trip!

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  3. Grand Central Terminal (attraction)
  4. Palazzo Chupi (attraction)
  5. Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop (restaurant)
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The energy is amazing and it is the place to people watch. 

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Kat from Brooklyn

I love New York for an endless list of reasons.  When you need a breather, check out any number of beautiful places within the city itself for a *bit* of quiet. (see: Brooklyn Bridge Park; The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Central Park; United Nations Headquarters; The Cloisters, New York Public Library, Prospect Park, Solomon R. Guggenheim MuseumBryant Park, The Morgan Library & Museum, The Metropolitan Opera & Museum of Modern Art).

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  1. Brooklyn Bridge Park (attraction)
  2. The Metropolitan Museum of Art (attraction)
  3. Central Park (attraction)
  4. United Nations Headquarters (attraction)
  5. The Cloisters (attraction)
  6. New York Public Library (attraction)
  7. Prospect Park (attraction)
  8. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (attraction)
  9. Bryant Park (attraction)
  10. The Morgan Library & Museum (attraction)
  11. The Metropolitan Opera (attraction)
  12. Museum of Modern Art (attraction)
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New York City has the best food. Consistently excellent. There are too many places and not enough time for me to get started, but I'd definitely check out Quality Eats, Dell'Anima. And head to Chinatown in Queens if you like Chinese food. The most authentic there. Try Joe's Shanghai

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  2. Dell'Anima (restaurant)
  3. Joe's Shanghai (restaurant)
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I love NYC because it's open 24/7

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