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  • Lita Yee
  • "Where can I get the best shrimp and grits?"

Lita Yee

Los Angeles, California

Where can I get the best shrimp and grits?

I friggin' LOVE grits and seafood, so this is the one dish that I HAVE to try when I'm in New Orleans!

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  • Debbie Lee

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    omg, I love shrimp and grits, too, so I totally made a shrimp and grits list for my latest trip to NOLA! I was only able to make it to two of the spots on the list during my weekend trip (one of which I went to twice!), but I will gladly share my list of top-rated shrimp and grits spots that I found through Googling and Yelp searches.

    The restaurant that I went to twice, once for shrimp and grits and once just for the cheese grits is Surrey's Juice Bar, which is like a hip yet very casual Southern diner that has two locations. The shrimp and grits were perfection! The other one that I went to was Luke Restaurant, which is a very, very popular restaurant that's more on the fancy side. Personally, their shrimp and grits was a tad saltier than I would've liked, but it was worth trying and they have great southern cocktails and other fantastic dishes as well.

    Here are the other restaurants on my radar for shrimp and grits:

    I know the list is overwhelming, but if it's any help, the first nine are widely considered to be the must-go restaurants of NOLA in general, plus Surrey's and Luke.

    Bon appetite! :)

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    • Lita Y.

      Lita Y.

      I wish my stomach had my space. I may just have the shrimp and grits-crawl this whole trip. Thank you for your suggestions! · (1 likelikes)

    • Debbie L.

      Debbie L.

      You're welcome! My trip to NOLA felt like a shrimp and grits crawl... :) · (0 likelikes)

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    1. Surrey's Juice Bar (restaurant)
    2. Luke Restaurant (restaurant)
    3. Commander's Palace (restaurant)
    4. Herbsaint (restaurant)
    5. Coquette New Orleans (restaurant)
    6. NOLA Restaurant (restaurant)
    7. Dante's Kitchen (restaurant)
    8. Atchafalaya (restaurant)

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