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New Orleans

Favorite Things to do in New Orleans

What are your favorite things to do in New Orleans? There's so much more to NOLA than go cups on Bourbon St. and I'd love to hear what you like most about the city. Thanks!

8 Answers

answered by
Matthew from Prescott

The French Quarter has 2 things that should be enjoyed. 1) is a Beignet (a type of french donut w/ powdered sugar) from Café du Monde.  2) is visiting St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. Look into walking tours, we did a free one that was quite informative. While you are over there take a stroll through Louis Armstrong Park.

 Then catch a ride on one of the street cars. My favorite is the St Charles line which takes you through the Garden District. Get on and off and see famous houses, Lafayette Cemetery Number 2 and just walk among crepe myrtle trees in full bloom and arches of live Oak trees really soak up the city.  We road the street car all the way to the Audubon Zoo and then took a boat back up to the aquarium.

Of course there is The Spotted Cat Music Club to scratch the live music itch.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Café du Monde (restaurant)
  2. St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 (attraction)
  3. Lafayette Cemetery Number 2 (attraction)
  4. Audubon Zoo (attraction)
  5. The Spotted Cat Music Club (attraction)
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answered by
Josh from Baton Rouge

Davenport Lounge at The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans in the Ritz in the Quarter.  K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen for authentic high end Creole/Cajun food.

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answered by
Sabrina from Tecumseh, Missouri

I really enjoy eating authentic beignets (a type of French donut - fried dough covered in powdered sugar) at Café du Monde in the middle of the night, it's still hoppin'! Of course the St. Louis Cathedral is beautiful (built in 1794, the oldest in America!), and be sure to check out the local artists and musicians all around Jackson Square.  If you're going to look at any of the graveyards, make sure on the hours, because they are sometimes closed and locked!  Also, there are free walking tours available as well (tip recommended).  There is a beautiful old carousel from 1906 (hand carved horses) Hines Carousel Gardens Amusement Park which is at City Park.  Have a wonderful time! :D

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Café du Monde (restaurant)
  2. St. Louis Cathedral (attraction)
  3. Jackson Square (attraction)
  4. Hines Carousel Gardens Amusement Park (attraction)
  5. City Park (attraction)
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answered first by
Ann from United States

I love to grab some oysters at the Acme Oyster House. They have amazing shopping like Free People, Urban Outfitters, Saks Fifth Avenue, Hemline, etc. I also love looking at the old houses down the streets of NOLA. 

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Acme Oyster House (restaurant)
  2. Free People (attraction)
  3. Urban Outfitters (attraction)
  4. Saks Fifth Avenue (attraction)
  5. Hemline (attraction)
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top answer by
Andrew from Los Angeles

Hey Kathryn, 

Glad to help you out with some Nola info. First off, let me say that the go cups that locals and tourist love so much are not limited to Bourbon St... thank god. As a New Orleans native I can tell you that they are a staple of that great city. 

There are so many great areas of Nola. You have UptownGarden District, Warehouse District, Central Business District, French Quarter, Marignyand Bywater. All areas have a similar charm about them that you won't find anywhere else but each can stand alone too. I also listed all of these areas from west to east. Its a good thing to know since people in Nola dont use north south east west. Downtown/quarter means east, uptown means west, towards the lake means north, and towards the river means south. Lets get you started and i will walk you thru my fav things to do, see, eat and of course drink.

Uptown has lots of great local bars and some really nice restaurant. St Charles street is a gorgeous street with some of the best houses in Nola. Street cars run up and down it so easy to ride and check them out. You should start at Audubon Park and work your way east or downtown. St. Joe's Bar
is a great place to start. Gotta get the blueberry mojito... enough said. Really old bar with great personality, true locals spot. Then you can work your way down Magazine Street checking out all the shops until you get to Le Bon Temps Roule. Suck down a couple drinks and enjoy how inexpensive they are and then get a go cup and make your way further downtown. Lots of great shops along Magazine.
Next stop should be The Bulldog, sit outside and have a pint and enjoy the people watching and the fountain.

By now you might have worked up a appetite. Great little spot a block from the bulldog called The Rum House. This place specializes in carribbean tacos, trust me, you want to eat here. On the next few blocks on Magazine you have some great antique shops. Check them out, great prices. If you want a poboy you should get a shrimp or roast beef poboy from Tracey's. While in the neighborhood you should check out the old historic Lafayette Cemetery across the street from Commander's Palace. The cemetery is one of the oldest in the city and is part of any garden district tour guide. Brunch? Check out Surrey's Juice Bar... shrimp and grits... nuff said. Slim Goodies Diner has a solid breakfast too.

Next stop is the warehouse district and the CBD. There are some awesome restaurant spots in this area. Check out Cochon , Peche, Root and , Restaurant August . These are some of the best fine dining experiences you will have in Nola. 
You also have the The National WWII Museum, which is a very cool museum. The Contemporary Arts Center, bounce around to some of the cool art galleries around Camp street and Julia street. Grab a beer and go to Lafayette Square.

Now we are in the quarter. The world is your oyster in the French Quarter. You can do anything you want to do no matter what mood you are in. Coffee shops, bars, antique book stores, restaurants, art galleries, shopping, the river, etc. I personally never go to Bourbon street but it is for sure something just to go see if you haven't. I know its a tourist trap but its not like 6th street in austin or Beale street in memphis. It has some of the oldest buildings in the city. At the far end of Bourbon is one of the oldest bars in America, Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop. I love going to Molly's at the Market and getting a Irish frozen coffee. Then going to Jackson Square and seeing all the street performers and card readers in front of the St. Louis Cathedral. From the square you can go to Café du Monde for some beignets or go to Stanley and eat the best fried oysters in town. Royal Street has most of the art galleries and tons of talented street musicians... these guys are good, I'm telling ya.

Now you can go to the Marigny and wonder around on Frenchmen Street. Lots of jazz venues around there. Natives call this area the local's Bourbon Street. Check out D.B.A, always have a good bluegrass, blues, or jazz band playing. They Bywater has some hidden gems to it. This area has a lot of youth movement going on there, think east Austin. There are some crazy fun bars such as Mimi's In the Marigny where the dance party goes til the sun comes up. Pizza Deliciousis hands down the best pie in town. The Joint is the best BBQ. Booty's Street Food has the best well... street food. Satsuma has a great brunch. Last but not least is one of my favorite treasures of Nola. You have to go to Bacchanal Wine on a sunday night. Everybody sits outside on the patio. Always a different, great chef does a pop up kitchen and serves a limited menu until they run out. Jazz band playing, good food, good wine, friendly people. This place is what Nola is all about. Hope this novel helps, haha.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Uptown (neighborhood)
  2. Garden District (attraction)
  3. Warehouse District (attraction)
  4. Central Business District (attraction)
  5. French Quarter (restaurant)
  6. Marigny (attraction)
  7. Bywater (attraction)
  8. Audubon Park (attraction)
  9. St. Joe's Bar (attraction)
  10. Le Bon Temps Roule (attraction)
  11. The Bulldog (restaurant)
  12. The Rum House (attraction)
  13. Tracey's (attraction)
  14. Lafayette Cemetery (attraction)
  15. Commander's Palace (restaurant)
  16. Surrey's Juice Bar (restaurant)
  17. Slim Goodies Diner (restaurant)
  18. Cochon (restaurant)
  19. Peche (restaurant)
  20. Root (restaurant)
  21. Restaurant August (restaurant)
  22. The National WWII Museum (attraction)
  23. Contemporary Arts Center (attraction)
  24. Lafayette Square (attraction)
  25. French Quarter (restaurant)
  26. Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop (attraction)
  27. Molly's at the Market (attraction)
  28. Jackson Square (attraction)
  29. St. Louis Cathedral (attraction)
  30. Café du Monde (restaurant)
  31. Stanley (restaurant)
  32. Royal Street (attraction)
  33. Frenchmen Street (attraction)
  34. D.B.A (attraction)
  35. Mimi's In the Marigny (attraction)
  36. Pizza Delicious (restaurant)
  37. The Joint (restaurant)
  38. Booty's Street Food (attraction)
  39. Satsuma (restaurant)
  40. Bacchanal Wine (attraction)
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answered by

Live music on Frenchmen Street, Food, and Mardi Gras Day (especially morning) in the quarter.

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  1. Frenchmen Street (attraction)
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answered by
Allison from Houston

I love photography, so I just like wandering around The French Quarter and Uptown area. Audubon Park is also a fun place to walk around.  

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. The French Quarter (neighborhood)
  2. Uptown (neighborhood)
  3. Audubon Park (attraction)
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answered by
Alisa from Charleston (West Virginia)

Have a Sazerack cocktail at Arnaud's Restaurant but go to the bar Bar; go to the Flea Market; cruise Bourbon Streetlisten for live music or ask where Rooster is playing tonight; and of course Preservation Hall

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Arnaud's Restaurant (restaurant)
  2. Bourbon Street (attraction)
  3. Preservation Hall (attraction)

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