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  • Bailey D
  • "Free or cheap fun in Nashville"

Bailey D

Memphis, Tennessee

Free or cheap fun in Nashville

A couple of my friends and I are headed to Nashville at the end of March.  We are relatively fresh out of school, so still a little poor.  What should we see/do during the day to learn about the city.  Also, we'll want to go out at night, so where can we experience the Nashville music scene?

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  • Erin Perry

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    You should definitely go to Centennial Park one day as it has the Parthenon and is a really great park. The Tennessee State Museum is also here and is free as long as you don't go the special exhibits.

    The Frist Center for The Visual Arts is also a really great museum, though you won't learn much about the city.

    The Country Music Hall of Fame is another great place to visit, but it can be on the pricier side of attractions.

    At night you should definitely check the Honky Tonk Highway on Broadway. Most don't have a cover charge so you only pay for your food or drink.

    Another great place to check out music is The Listening Room Cafe ( You should probably get reservations, but there is not a cover fee, just a $7 food/drink minimum. This is similar to Bluebird Cafe but there is a cover charge and a food/drink minimum at the Bluebird. You definitely need reservations at the Bluebird as well.

    There are lots of free things to do in the city. You can find them at which can be refined to show free activities.

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    • Bailey D.

      Bailey D.

      Thanks for the suggestions! We went to the Tennessee State Museum. It was way bigger than expected, so I would suggest allowing a few hours to anyone going there in the future. We also went to Belle Meade, an old plantation, which was very cool. Plus, there was a little wine tasting at the end. · (0 likelikes)

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    3. Frist Center for The Visual Arts (attraction)
    4. Country Music Hall of Fame (attraction)
    5. Honky Tonk Highway (attraction)
    6. The Listening Room Cafe (restaurant)
    7. Bluebird Cafe (attraction)

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