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  • Kristin Lynch
  • "Bachelorette weekend for late 20's / early 30's group in Nashville, TN"

Kristin Lynch

Chicago, Illinois

Bachelorette weekend for late 20's / early 30's group in Nashville, TN

One of my good friends is having her bachelorette party in Nashville, TN.  None of us have been there before, so we were hoping to get a few ideas as far as planning goes... We are thinking late summer/early Fall-maybe September.

We are not familiar with the area, so any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. We're looking for some suggestions for a group of 6-8 women in their late 20's/early 30's- fun things to do during the day, ideas for fun/exciting restaurants, and one night for a night out in Nashville.

We haven't chosen a place to stay, so we are open to ideas of different areas if anyone has a few recommendations.  We could either rent a house or stay in a hotel (although we are hoping for something around $350-$450 a night) We'll most likely stay either Thursday or Friday - Sunday (2-3 nights total). We'd love to find a place within walking access to downtown shops & restaurants. Any trusted rental companies or houses within this price range & location? 

Here's what we are thinking:

Friday day: I am not sure what there is to do during the day in Nashville, but maybe biking, laying out, etc. Is it still pretty warm late summer/early Fall? Are there any rental companies you'd recommend for these activities or any recommendations for other things to do during the day? For lunch, we'd like to eat down at the pier or back at the house. Any tasty pick up food/delivery places? 

Friday night: Maybe we will make reservations at a restaurant. Any good restaurants in the area? Fun places to go? Are there any close places after to go for some after drinks? Ideally, we'd like to walk back to our place from here.

Saturday day: Is there a good brunch spot to recommend? From there, we'd like to possibly schedule massages or some kind of activity- yoga or something active. Are there any awesome workout classes nearby or anything else to recommend? Do you know any good spas that won't completely break the bank?

Saturday night: We were thinking it would be fun to go out. What is the recommended transportation for something like this? Uber? This would be the night to put some heels on and dress up, and are looking for dinner and dancing recommendations. We'd love to experience Nashville and all it has to offer!

Thank you so much for any recommendations! Thanks for helping make her special weekend much more memorable.

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