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Srushti asked

Internet (sim or portable wi-fi)

Hi. I am travelling to japan for a period of 4-5 months. I wanted a data sim or portable wifi for less than 6 months. Could anyone please recommend service providers?

Thanks in advance!

Nagoya (Japan)

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Angus from Tokyo

Not sure you are already in Japan and have sorted your internet out, but this can be a bit tricky as I have had similar problems. In most cases, you won't be able to sign a monthly contract so 'paying as you go' is going to be the best option. 

If you are going to have access to wifi at the location where you are staying, then you could probably survive with sim rental. 

There are 2 types,

The first one is defined by duration. There are 7days, 15days, 30days etc. This may sound like the best option but you need to check the small print as it will only allow you a certain amount of Megabites every day. So if you plan to live stream or watch a lot of videos this may not be enough.

The second option is to go with rental sims that are defined by total amount of Gigabites. This one is not as common, but not too hard to find at large electronic stores such as  Yamadenki, Kojimadenki, K's Denki or at the airport. The one I bought last time was something like 5,500 yen for 3.2 Gigabites which lasted me for 3 weeks and expiry was 60 days. (These do also have an expiry, but NO daily usage limit) 

Anyway, hope this helps.

Nagoya is going to be great. In my opinion, it has the best food in Japan! Tebasaki, Misokatsu, Hitsumabushi soooo good!

Hope you enjoy!

PS. Although they call it Sim rental in most places, you do not need to return it when it is finished/expired!

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