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Ryan from Chicago asked

Budget for Myanmar.

I have been to Southeast Asia two times now, but have yet to go to Myanmar.  It is on the top of my list to go to the next time I am in SEA.  I have heard some people say that it seems to cost more to travel there compared to other parts of SEA.  I would like to know how much things cost, such as food, places to stay and transportation.  I try to travel as cheap as I can.  Thanks!


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Anthony from New York City

You're lucky I wrote down the prices of everything I spend in Myanmar (in May 2013).

Hotels and restaurants can be very pricey, because for the most part they're government ran. Hostels and local food options are cheap.

My general rule: for food if you're being quoted in a price that's not on the local currency (such as $USD) you're paying too much.

e.g costs in $ (US dollars) or K (Myanmar Kyat)


Taxi from Rangoon airport to town $12

Overnight train from Rangoon to Mandalay $33

Taxi to Mandalay Bus Station (out of town) 3,000K

Bus from Mandalay to Old Bagan 10,500K

Flight from Old Bagan to He Hoe (1 way) $75

Flight from He Hoe to Rangoon (1 way) $107

There are buses, e.g: Bagan to Heho for 10,000K which would be around $10 but I had less time.


I didn't exactly pick cheap hotels. This was a 2 week vacation and I was jet legged from London so wanted a nice place to crash and also wanted a nice half-way point although I then wished I was just in a hostel.

Hotel in Rangoon for $65 a night

Hotel in Old Bagan for $75 a night

Hostel in Inle Lake (Aquarius Inn) - $12 a night (private room, no air con)

Hostel in Mandalay - $20 a night (private room, air cond)


1,500K - Rice noodle salad, tea, red bull! (Mandalay)

4,000 - Water, coke, green curry & rice (Old Bagan)

3,800 - Water, sprite, iced coffee, pumpkin curry (Old Bagan)

300-500K for water / 500-700K for branded soda

11,500 - Sweet and sour pork, rice & 2 glasses of wine (He Hoe)

2,500 water, soup, rice & sweet and sour pork dish

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I need to fly out of Yangon in Feb. Any suggested airlines and routes? I was hoping to go to Seoul but routes are hard to find. Any info here?

I am so happy you wrote all of this down when you where traveling. This gives me a way better idea what things cost, thanks!

I flew in and out of Yangon with Air Asia. Last I checked they do Yangon to Kuala Lumpur and Mandalay to Bangkok. You might need to connect in a near by asian country for flights on to another country as traffic in/out of Myanmar doesn't justify every country flying in/out just yet.

Excellent answer!

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sandar from Yangon

Greetings from Myanmar.  Yes, travel in Myanmar is bit high since hotels & airlines increased prices. But it is better to get special prices from travel agents for cheap options.  You can either choose your options of travel by taking express buses instead of flights for some of your intended destinations. The cost may very depend on the destination you choose and options of travel modes and hotels. For meals, you can choose to eat at cheap local restaurants. The price for 1 meal could be around 1500MMK- 3000MMK( around 2-3 USD) for one meal. 

The suggested destinations to see Myanmar for 1st time traveler is Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake. It is better to have some companions to share your cost of travel which can be lower to share with them. We do not have seat in coach travel system here but arrange private tours. If you have more questions, you can email us to our gmail address at sandar.joynpeace  and check our website at www. .

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Ján from Bratislava

I have heard similar things before getting to Myanmar - rising hotel prices, shortage of accommodation facilities etc.
But, having stayed there, I don't thing it's much different than any other south/southeast asian countries.

A lot of new hotels/guesthouses are available and it's no problem to find a room in $10 price range.

Buses are your best bet when it comes to transportation - for example Rangoon to Mawlamyine was $5.50, Pyin Oo Lwin to Inle Lake was $15, super-luxurious bus from Inle Lake to Rangoon was $20.

A dinner in a western looking restaurant is about $7, in a local eatery, it's about $3.

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Thanks for the information.

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Aimee from San Diego

Hi Ryan!  It is true that traveling to parts of Myanmar can be much more expensive than other parts of SEAsia…Mostly b/c there is not much infrastructure for non-burmese speakers.  Internal flights are not bad, a little more than SEA and ground transport by bus is good/cheap but quite slow and you really need someone to help you since almost nothing is in english.  You can always hire a driver to get from point to point but those prices have skyrocketed!  We paid $200USD to have a driver take us about 4 - 5 hours to get up into the Inle Lake area.

It is awesome though, so worth it!!!

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