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Munich, Germany

What are the top 5 sights I can't miss in Munich?

I will be traveling to Europe in May and will only have 1 day in Munich.  What is Munich most famous for and/or what would you recommend making a priority to see?

I will also be visiting Austria and Czech Republic during this trip.


12 Answers

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Mickey from Munich

Neuschwanstein Castle is far from Munich, and as it was built as a fake from day one, its not really all that fabulous. The Munich Residenz is worth a look if you are into castles, and yes, its is a copy of Versailles on the inside, and a Medici palace on the outside, but so is every other castle in Europe.

the beer hall of the beer hall putsch does still exist, it is the famous Hofbräuhaus, which is worth a visit, even if it is just American and Japanese tourists in least everyone is having a blast.

the English Garden is one of the worlds great parks, and worth a stroll.....the biggest beer garden in it, the Restaurant am Chinesischen Turm (Chinese tower) is a gathering spot for locals and tourists alike, and is worth a stop. If you happen to be there on a sunday, there is a live polka band in the tower....nice.

the Theatine Church, located directly off of Odensplatz, is the only Roccoco Church north of the Alps and a wonder....several other churches are good too, but if you only have time for one, this is it. . Make sure to go by the Viktualienmarkt, an open air market  near the city center. Great food, little shops selling delicstessen items, and my favorite bber garden in the city. So small, but livley and int emiddle of it all.

if you get done with all that, then head to the Gasthaus Glockenbach to eat at night and hit a bar or two.....the crowd here is mixed straight and gay, but lovely all around.

Have a blast....the best city in the world....and my home! Hotel GoetheHotel Italia

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  6. Restaurant am Chinesischen Turm (restaurant)
  7. Theatine Church (attraction)
  8. Viktualienmarkt (attraction)
  9. Gasthaus Glockenbach (restaurant)
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Marienplatz-be there at 11am for the glockenspiel on the Rathaus- wait for the whole thing-because there's a pause, many people wander off and don't get to see the whole clock display. In summer they do repeat at 12. Hofgarten with Diana's pavilion in middle. English Garden-you might even see surfers surfing the waves in the streams. Viktualienmarkt is a must-buy lunch there and picnic in the English Garden. Wander down Maximilianstraße to see the boutiques-good shopping. St. Peter's Church and Theatine Church . There is plenty to see and do in the old town to fill a day, and great places to eat.

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  1. Marienplatz (attraction)
  2. Hofgarten (attraction)
  3. Viktualienmarkt (attraction)
  4. Maximilianstraße (attraction)
  5. St. Peter's Church (attraction)
  6. Theatine Church (attraction)
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Ashley from Calgary

With one day I would go to Feldherrnhalle which was the site of Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch, the actual beer hall is no longer but the site is still iconic. It is right near the Marienplatz area so after I'd just stroll down into there and check out the shops and grab a pretzel and beer at one of the beer halls in Frauenplatz.  Munich Residenz wasn't really that exciting for us, it might be awful to say but after seeing Versailles it didn't really "awe" us, especially when you listen to the audio-guide tell you they basically copied Italian and French design. 

I'd also say try to stroll through Englischer Garten. The park is massive but it's lovely and there is the famous Chinesischer Turm and beer garden where you could also grab a snack and a beer.

If you want to see a castle got to Nymphenburg Palace, beautiful grounds and really interesting outbuildings scattered around the property.

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  1. Feldherrnhalle (attraction)
  2. Frauenplatz (attraction)
  3. Munich Residenz (attraction)
  4. Englischer Garten (attraction)
  5. Chinesischer Turm (attraction)
  6. Nymphenburg Palace (attraction)
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DAN from Switzerland

If the weather is warm & friendly? Go to a local grocery store, buy all kinds of typical food, such as; Obatzda, Potato and Cucumber Salad, Wurstsalat, Leberkäse, Sour Pressack, etc. buy a red/white table cloth somewhere … and go to a Beergarden at the Christmas Market at Chinese Tower, buy a beer and a Brezn, sit in the sun and enjoy. Yes – BYO is totally okay – ALL the locals do it … and this is how you blend in. 

After your 'Brotzeit' you could stroll thru the English Garden towards Haus der Kunst… which always has amazing exhibitions … and right next to the museum are the Eisbach Surfers always fun to watch … and from there you are only a couple steps from the city centre. If you are into quirky stores and restaurants - make sure to walk down the Türkenstraße. The street leads you to the Museum Street in Maxvorstadt with world class contemporary art (Pinakothek der Moderne / Museum Brandhorst), European masters (Neue Pinakothek), architecture … 

Obviously there's much more to see and do … but this is the essence of Munich …

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  2. English Garden (attraction)
  3. Haus der Kunst (attraction)
  4. Türkenstraße (attraction)
  5. Maxvorstadt (attraction)
  6. Pinakothek der Moderne (attraction)
  7. Museum Brandhorst (attraction)

answered by
Sean from Hudson Valley

That depends.  What are you into Josh?

Museums? Art?  Go to the Alte Pinakothek der Moderne.  It' got Rubens up the wazoo.  The Deutsches Museum is the Bavarian equivalent of the Smithstonian.

Architecture? Go down to the Marienplatz.  The town hall is stunning, and the clock is the best free show in town. Church of Saint Johann Nepomuk is right downtown. It's a surpise and a delight for the eyes.

Into History?  The Andechs Monastery is a short bus ride from the city center, with a cafeteria that, alone, makes it worth the trip. 

If you're into recent history, try the former Olympic village.  It's both impressive and poignant.

However, no matter what you do, set aside some time to take in one of the spectacular beer halls.  Consider the Hofbräuhaus, the Pauliner Haus, the Weisses Bräuhaus, and one of my favorites, Unions-Bräu-Haidhausen.  They have coasters that have a woman riding a beer keg.  What makes it really humorous is that the woman bares a resemblance to Gloria Steinem.

A lot of people may suggest a trip to Neuschwanstein Castle; I don't.  First off, it's an all day affair.  Secondly, you need to take a bus tour to make sure you get inside.  You can buy tickets on you own, but if it gets crowded they give preferential entry to bus tours.  So, you can have a ticket, yet not get inside.  Finally, it's OK, but it's just Ok.  It comes across having all the authenticity of Disneyland.  A good walk around the city is far more enjoyable.

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  2. Deutsches Museum (attraction)
  3. Marienplatz (attraction)
  4. Church of Saint Johann Nepomuk (attraction)
  5. Andechs Monastery (attraction)
  6. Hofbräuhaus (restaurant)
  7. Weisses Bräuhaus (restaurant)
  8. Unions-Bräu-Haidhausen (attraction)
  9. Neuschwanstein Castle (attraction)

answered by
Constanze from Hong Kong Island

If the weather is nice definitely go to a beer garden. Chinesischer Turm or Seehaus im Englischen Garten in the English Garden are the nice bigger ones (food is awful - but you could bring your own) Huge pretzels and beer are great though. And a walk through the center of town starting at the Odeonsplatz going to Viktualienmarkt passing Residenzstraße, Max-Joseph-Platz, Maximilianstraße, Marienplatz, Frauenkirche, the Church Alter Peter (you might go up the tower and enjoy a nice view across the city - if you are lucky you can even see the mountains).

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  1. Chinesischer Turm (attraction)
  2. Seehaus im Englischen Garten (restaurant)
  3. Odeonsplatz (attraction)
  4. Viktualienmarkt (attraction)
  5. Residenzstraße (attraction)
  6. Max-Joseph-Platz (attraction)
  7. Maximilianstraße (attraction)
  8. Marienplatz (attraction)
  9. Frauenkirche (attraction)

answered first by
Janine from Seattle

Ah with only one day? I would make it a priority to see Munich Residenz and Neuschwanstein Castle if you're into architecture. Really beautiful places. 

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  1. Munich Residenz (attraction)
  2. Neuschwanstein Castle (attraction)
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answered by
Janelle from Charleston

Dachau Concentration Camp.  It won't make for a pleasant experience, but it's worth seeing nonetheless.  Dachau is by far the best preserved, most informative and most compelling of all the Nazi camp memorials.  It's just a short 20 minute tram ride from central Munich.

If you're into art then the Pinakothek museum complex (Alte Pinakothek, Neue Pinakothek and Pinakothek der Moderne) is one of the more underrated of the great European museums. 

If you're into cars then BMW Group Forschungs- und Innovationszentrum FIZ is a good automotive museum.  It's not quite as good as the Mercedes Benz or Porsche museums in Stuttgart, but worthwhile nonetheless.

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  1. Dachau Concentration Camp (attraction)
  2. Alte Pinakothek (attraction)
  3. Neue Pinakothek (attraction)
  4. Pinakothek der Moderne (attraction)
  5. BMW Group Forschungs- und Innovationszentrum FIZ (attraction)

answered by
Stuart from Redondo Beach

Take the BMW Museum tour, arranged well in advance through a BMW dealer, and visit the BMW museum while there.

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  1. BMW Museum (attraction)

answered by
Isabele from Ibiza

If you have just 1 Day to visit the Best option is the Downtown, you can start for Marienplatz to visit the and from there walk for Odeonsplatz, to visit the BMW Museum (it's free), viktualienmarket and than the English Garten (there you can walk in direction Prinzregentstrasse to see people surfista in the river) if you have time to drink a beer in Hofbrauhaus

answered by

I really enjoyed the BMW factory tour. You get a first hand look at how a car factory operates, with the various robots working alongside workers. It's close enough that you can see the sparks fly.

answered by
Kittie from Wiesbaden

We had one day in Munich- we started out at the Residenzstraße, which was fantastic when you realize how much of it had to be rebuilt after WWII.  When we were done, we went to the Viktualienmarkt and had a great lunch. The Nymphenburg Palace really takes a long time to see everything, but you could probably squeeze in a tour of the main palace if you wanted.  We ate dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe München.. because we are fans, and we live in Germany so American restaurants are kind of fun for us. Enjoy! Munich is a great place with lots to see.

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