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  • Josh Barnett
  • "Trip next May to Munich, Fussen, Salzburg, Hallstatt, Prague. Best sites?"

Josh Barnett

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Trip next May to Munich, Fussen, Salzburg, Hallstatt, Prague. Best sites?

My wife and I are going to Munich.  Upon arrival, we will be driving to Salzburg for a few days and will also visit Hallstatt.  We will then drive back to Munich and stay 2 days there; on the way, we plan to visit Fussen.  Then, we are flying to Prague to visit her cousin who recently moved there.  Would love to hear any suggestions on what to see, where to go, and what we "can't miss."  Neither of us have ever been to Europe before.  Thanks!

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  • Elizabeth O.

    Elizabeth O.

    I second what everyone else said. I fell in love with Füssen, it's very charming. I would recommend not touring both castles on the inside, because they look pretty similar as far as architecture and artwork, and I would tour neuschwanstein out of the two options. As far as general travel advice for being here: carry cash, a good map and a travel size umbrella. Mostly everyone in munich can speak English, so if you get lost or need suggestions that is no problem. But, the first two weeks after I moved here I learned the hard way that it will start raining out of nowhere and the best things to see are outside. And as far as cash goes, the only place that accepts my credit card is Starbucks, so it is wise to have cash. Hope you have a fun trip! · (0 likelikes)



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  • Hofbräuhaus (restaurant)

    Munich 85326 089/9758 ext. 5005

    3 mentions

  • Neuschwanstein Castle (attraction)

    Neuschwansteinstr. 20 Schwangau Bayern 87645 +49 8362/939880

    3 mentions

  • Nymphenburg Palace (attraction)

    Schloß Nymphenburg 16 Munich 80638 089 17908-0

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