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Munich, Amsterdam

Should I spend more time in Amsterdam or Munich?

My husband and I are a couple on our mid-20's who will be traveling to Europe for the first time this May. We have a week to split between Amsterdam and Munich, and aren't sure how to divide our time -- 3 days in Amsterdam and 4 days in Munich or vice versa?  


In Amsterdam, we plan on visiting local attractions (museums, Anne Frank house, etc). In Munich, we want to venture out to Dachau and Neuschwanstein Castle in addition to enjoying what the city has to offer.  


If it makes a difference, we'll also be spending time in Brussels, Bruges and Prague.  


Thank you in advance for your help!

6 Answers

top answer by
Jeff from Portland

This is a very similar trip as to what we did about 3 years ago, except we had Oktoberfest going on while in Munich. PRG >> MUC>> BRU >> BRUG >> AMS So here are my thoughts:

We spent two and a half days in Amsterdam and wish we would have spend easily 2 more days there I love that city - between the Indonesian food, bars, cafes, museums, Red Light District and just walking around, you could easily kill three days there without leaving the city. 

Munich is a great city but it is not what I would call a cultural hub compared to many other European cities, but it is great fun. It is an awesome place for shopping for both men and women. Spend some time in the market behind St. Peter's Church, eat a pretzel and cream cheese for breakfast, drink at Hofbräuhaus, shop along Weinstube. You can easily do two full days without going outside the city. Dachau and any castles are likely to be full day trips each on their own. 

Be careful on how much you try to cram in when going to other places so you leave enough time to just hang out in the bars and cafes and people watch. Find places where locals hang out  rather just in the plazas (you will spend way more and it is sort of like an Olive Garden for food). 

Prague is great - go to Pivovar U Fleků for dinner. And in Brussels be sure to visit The Delirium Cafe.

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  1. Amsterdam (city)
  2. Red Light District (attraction)
  3. Munich (city)
  4. St. Peter's Church (attraction)
  5. Hofbräuhaus (restaurant)
  6. Weinstube (restaurant)
  7. Dachau (attraction)
  8. Prague (city)
  9. Pivovar U Fleků (restaurant)
  10. Brussels (city)
  11. Delirium Cafe (restaurant)
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answered by
Frenz from Utrecht

I think the most time around Amsterdam because there is a lot to do and discover. There is Amsterdamse BosRijksmuseum Amsterdam, EYE Film Institute Netherlands and Ver. van Exploit. Van Vaart. i.d. Amsterdamse Grachten. And in the evening you can party in Rembrandtplein of Leidseplein.

On 5 mei we celebrate our freedom with various festivals and concerts throughout Netherlands. There concerts like Concert on the Amstel en Westerpark or in Haarlem on the Haarlemmer Hout. If you like the beach than you can go to Zandvoort by train in 30 min. See NS. If you like shopping then Haarlem is the place te be. And go also to Teylers Museum.

Becorse the Netherlands is small you drive in a hours to other nice places like Nationaal Park De Hoge Veluwe where you can cycling through the natural on free white bicycle. 1 day well spent ;-)

I hoop it helps you 

Greeting Frenz

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  1. Amsterdam (city)
  2. Amsterdamse Bos (attraction)
  3. Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (attraction)
  4. EYE Film Institute Netherlands (attraction)
  5. Ver. van Exploit. Van Vaart. i.d. Amsterdamse Grachten (attraction)
  6. Rembrandtplein (attraction)
  7. Leidseplein (attraction)
  8. Westerpark (attraction)
  9. Haarlem (attraction)
  10. Zandvoort (attraction)
  11. Teylers Museum (attraction)
  12. Haarlemmer Hout (attraction)
  13. Nationaal Park De Hoge Veluwe (attraction)
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answered by
Terry from Sarasota

Munich itself, is not quite as exciting as Amsterdam, however, Dachau is an interesting tour and they have done quite a bit to improve the museum and grounds.

Neuschwanstein Castle is in a class of its own, spectacularly photo-genic, and the surrounding grounds are highly walk-able, which can bring you around behind the main building and above it, which is a unique kodak moment all by itself.  If you drive to see Neuschwanstein, be sure to drive on the Romantische Straße (Romantic Road) as it goes through some beautiful countryside as it meanders through Bavaria to the castle.

There are some great outdoor beer gardens in and around Munich, but Amsterdam can obviously compete equally well.

Don't miss the BMW Welt while you are in Munich, it is a great museum and is very close to the Olympiapark, so you can see both locations in a single trip.

Now on the flip side of your question, Amsterdam has some unusual night life, some great bars, and it is criss-crossed with canals.

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  1. Amsterdam (city)
  2. Dachau (attraction)
  3. BMW Welt (attraction)
  4. Romantische Straße (attraction)
  5. Olympiapark (attraction)
  6. Neuschwanstein Castle (attraction)
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answered by
Matthew from Prescott

First off I must agree with D-jan K., if you can limit your time in Brussels to free up days elsewhere I would highly recommend it.

If I had 7 days to split I would go with 3 in Amsterdam and 4 with Munich; with a caveat of spending one of those nights in Fussen. 1 full day in Munich will really cover you. Then carve out 1 day for Dachau. Finally spend the rest of your time in Fussen and Neuschwanstein Castle. The best part of Germany is the small towns, that's where you can really feel like you are seeing Germany. Plus Neuschwanstein is not something you want to rush through; as you have to factor in travel time, it can easily take 3 hours just to get from Munich to the ticket line for the castle. Also the tickets are time stamped, so you can't just walk right in, especially since you will probably want to wait for an English speaking tour guide. There are 2 castles to see and there are lots of trails leading around that are really enjoyable, including one that takes you to a waterfall with the castle in the backdrop. Plus there is a crystal clear lake that you can share with the swans in row boats that are available to rent.

I would recommend the Altstadt Hotel Zum Hechten hotel as a good place to book in Fussen, they even have a good restaurant attached.

Don't get me wrong I was very impressed with Amsterdam and I found there was a lot more to it then what gets hyped, but 3 days will leave you feeling very satisfied.


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  1. Amsterdam (city)
  2. Munich (city)
  3. Fussen (city)
  4. Dachau (attraction)
  5. Altstadt Hotel Zum Hechten (hotel)
  6. Neuschwanstein Castle (attraction)
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answered by
Andrea from Quito

I can say that is better to go 3 days to Munich and 4 days in Amsterdam. Munich is beautiful, but I think that Amsterdam has a lot more places to go, visit and see, for me is more interesting because the city is very different, special, the streets with the rivers, the museums, the food, etc. (don't forget to go to Van Gogh Museum I loved it!

I was in Brussels and Prague too, beautiful cities, specially Prague is stunning and unforgettable.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Munich (city)
  2. Amsterdam (city)
  3. Van Gogh Museum (attraction)
  4. Prague (city)
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answered by
D-Jan from Netherlands

Hi, I live in Amsterdam + have been to all the places you mention. First impulse: Amsterdam! A fantastic place and different from all the other places. (Why not spend less time in Brussels? Bc it's the least terrific place by far on your list and perhaps that time you can divide over Amsterdam/Munich as in 4/4! ;-)Anyway, you can't go that wrong all in all actually. Have fun!

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