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Street food in Mumbai?

Going to Mumbai for the first time and looking for the best street food in the city. What are the best areas or neighborhoods for good and authentic street food? Any must-try dishes?

11 Answers

answered by
Andy from Mumbai

There is no end to the awesome fare you can gobble down in Mumbai, but if it is the first time you're visiting there, these are some you definitely shouldn't miss :)

Tikka Rolls and Kebabs at Bademiya Colaba

Keema Pav at Olympia near Leopold Café

Pav Bhaji at Sardar near tardeo bus depot

Vada Pav at Anand near Gulmohar Road

This might not be street food but if you like seafood, you should love the food here

King Fish/Fresh Seafood at  Mahesh Lunch Home and at Trishna

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Colaba (attraction)
  2. Leopold Café (restaurant)
  3. tardeo bus depot (attraction)
  4. Gulmohar Road (attraction)
  5. Mahesh Lunch Home (restaurant)
  6. Trishna (restaurant)
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top answer by
nilanjana from India

Avoid road side stalls and hawkers. Satkar near Churchgate station (South Mumbai) you will get quality road side food. Delhi is better when it comes to street food but try vara-pav with chai; sev-puri; pav-bhaji; paani-puri. Try Delhi and Jaipur chaat in Chetna But tell them not to make very spicy food. If you walk in the Fort are, you can get Parsi food early in the morning... Go to Britannia in Fort or Olympia in Colaba.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Satkar (restaurant)
  2. Chetna (restaurant)
  3. Britannia (attraction)
  4. Olympia (attraction)
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answered by
Natasha from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hi Justin,

Indian street food is infamous for its after effects, specially on first timers.

1. I'd recommend you to go to Elco Market in Bandra(West), Hill Rd and try the street food in the Elco Center on the ground floor. These guys claim to use mineral water in their Pani puri and I've never had a bad experience with them. Things to try here:

1. Pani puri : It's hard to describe this, lets just say its going to be a surprising burst of extreme flavors in your mouth.

 2. Dahi batata puri: It's similar to the first one but prepared in spiced yogurt.

 3. Pav bhaji: A spicy mish mash of cooked    vegetables served with buttered indian buns called pav.

4. Samosa Chaat: A spicy tangy mix of samosas and chickpeas in onion gravy.

Jumbo Vada Pav- There are many branches of this chain that serves a modern take on the classic Mumbai Vada Pav which is a fried potato patty sandwiched in Pav smeared with spicy chutney. These guys came up with cheese and brown bread versions of Vada Pav.

Snowman (next to Amarsons) in Breach Candy: If you want to know what the Mumbai versions of Pizza and Cheese Sandwiches taste like, then head here. You will be quite surprised by what you see!

Haji Ali Juice Center in Worli: Is famous for its fresh juices and fresh fruit cream. Choose from Strawberry, Mango, Sitaphal etc, they're all very very good.

Mumbai has tons of places for street food, it is the favourite food of the locals! I've only mentioned a few of the famous ones. If you'd like to know about a specific area, maybe close to where you plan to stay, I could recommend some more.

In case you'd like more Mumbai tips please feel free to ask away :)



Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Bandra (neighborhood)
  2. Hill Rd (attraction)
  3. Breach Candy (attraction)
  4. Haji Ali Juice Center (restaurant)
  5. Worli (attraction)
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answered by

For most popular region in Mumbai for street food - You have Chowpatty and Juhu Beach. However food is highly unhygienic. Even Ram aur Shyaam at Santa cruz is very popular.

If you want to have same stuff hygienically then try Elco market Hill Rd

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Chowpatty (attraction)
  2. Juhu Beach (attraction)
  3. Hill Rd (attraction)
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answered by
siva from India

'Vada Pav' is a must try. It is the quintissential street food of Mumbai. Then comes 'paani puri' an interesting street snack (customisable according to your taste ;) ). 'Sev puri' ( not recommended along with pani puri as they have similar flavour). 'Pav Bhaji and 'missal pav' is a filler. Top up your appetite for street food with a masala tea ('masala chai' in hindi) or a lemon juice (with masala) from a nearby cart. 

1)Vada Pav  2)pani puri/sev puri  3)pav bhaji/misal paav  4)Masala chai/ lime juice with masala

Streets to find this combo 1) Churchgate/south mumbai(typical tourist feel)  2)Dadar (It's mumbai with all the local crowd 3) Five gardens in Matunga (very serene place in the heart of mumbai, with local crowd) Andheri (just to complete a list of four places ;) _

Al the best Jestin Levy. 


Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Mumbai (city)
  2. Churchgate (attraction)
  3. Dadar (neighborhood)
  4. Matunga (neighborhood)
  5. Andheri (attraction)
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answered by
lhaki from Bhutan

Pav Bhaji Center is one of the must try street food. You will love it.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Pav Bhaji Center (restaurant)
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answered by
Mariellen from Toronto

I would recommend going to a hygienic restaurant that serves authentic street food, like Swati Snacks (which has several locations) or Cream Centre which also has several locations. I've got several posts about Mumbai on my blog -- this one might be helpful.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Swati Snacks (restaurant)
  2. Cream Centre (restaurant)
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answered by
Janet from Emerald Hills, Ca

It's everywhere! pick places where lots of people are eating and thus the turnover of food is quick. Relax and enjoy the ride.

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answered by
Tinesh from Mumbai suburban

I am sure you won't be eating food from a street vendor for health reasons but you would still want to enjoy stuff you get there.

I have little unconventional recommendations. Try Aram Hotel opposite South Mumbai CST (erstwhile Victoria Terminus) railway station. It's clean, been there for over 100 years, it's cheap and easily reachable. Try Vada Paav. That's the most common street food of Mumbai and unique to the city.

Close to Aram, across the road, is Cannon Pav Bhaji.

You can also visit Britannia Vada Pav that offers a signature dish Berry Pulav.

There are two links I would like to share with you that covers everything you want to know. I wrote the first one and the second one is from CNN.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Aram Hotel (hotel)
  2. Cannon Pav Bhaji (restaurant)
  3. Britannia Vada Pav (restaurant)
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answered by
Sumit from Mumbai

For someone who is not used to street food in Mumbai, I would recommend Swati Snacks.  

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Swati Snacks (restaurant)
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answered by
Gaurav from Mumbai

Hi Justin,

Try restaurants mentioned in the link to get the best food at reasonably low price. 

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