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Jacqui from London asked

Suggestions on places to go for a warm Easter break (3-8 April)??


Hubby and I are looking for place to go for a warm Easter break (3-8 April) that is budget friendly and easy from London. Our first preference was Malta, but flights increased significantly before we were able to purchase them, so I am looking for destinations that are under our £200pp flight budget. 

Any other suggestions are welcome! I was also considering the Cinque Terre in Itlay or a car trip around Ireland, but I don't think the weather will be very good for either. What is Morocco like at this time of year? 

Ideally, we would like to go somewhere where there is an outdoor activity, visit a new country we have not been to yet AND we would like to be able to go swimming, but I know this is a big ask in early April. We have already visited Turkey, Italy, Spain, France, and Egypt, among other European countries. 

Many thanks!! 

Morocco   Portugal   Malta

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answered by
Taylor from Pennsylvania

Hi Jacqui,

I think Morocco would be a really great place to visit.  I'm not sure about warmth/swimming (I'm sure it's warmer than London though) that time of year.  The food is phenomenal and it's one of the most fascinating countries that I've been to.  My favorite city by far was Chefchaouen.  The city is painted a beautiful blue color and it is so picturesque.  You can buy great rugs, carpet bags and silver jewelry there too.  The people were super friendly and I had a really unique experience there.

Another spot you might want to try would be southern Portugal.  My friend went around April (maybe a week or two after you) and was in Lagos.  She was swimming and enjoying the hot weather her whole stay.  It looks amazing and Portuguese food is really good.  See if you can find flights into Faro, which wouldn't be too far from Lagos, or into Lisbon and then you could bus or train down. 

I know you said you already went to Spain, but if you really want warmth and swimming I'd say the Canary Islands or Balearic Islands would be a good bet.

Enjoy your travels!


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answered by
Solassi from Vancouver

Morocco is a great place to go and there's so much to do! Its just beautiful! 

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answered by
Janelle from Charleston

Travel to Morocco or any Muslim country/region is NOT RESPONSIBLE TOURISM.  You never know whether the locals you interact with support jihadist causes, and you never know to what or to whom they give their (and your) money to.

Have you considered any of the former Yugoslavia countries?  Croatia has great beaches, Dubrovnik is a mediaeval walled city that's been brilliantly preserved, and in early April the weather will be quite nice (daytime temps in the 20-25 range).  I haven't been but I've heard great things about Montenegro too.  Bosnia and Herzegovina is nominally Muslim, but the local society is secular and terrorism/jihadism hasn't made inroads here.  Mostar is an underrated town.  It's easy to travel through these areas on the cheap...EasyJet and WizzAir (and to a lesser extent Ryanair) fly from Gatwick and/or Luton to several Balkan airports, local transport is inexpensive and there is plenty of inexpensive local accommodation.  Food and entertainment costs less here too.

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