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Morocco, Marrakech, Fes, Chefchaouen

Is Marrakech> Fes> Chefchaouen> Marrakech too ambitious for a 6 day trip?

We are a group of 2 couples going the second week of September for 6 days.

From what I've looked up, seems like those might be a good mix of places.

At this point we are unsure about whether we will be traveling by Bus or Car rental. We would like to get a good mix of old cities, small towns, and desert. Possibly a night out in the desert.

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Tony from Seattle

We spent 3.5 weeks in Morocco-- I think that's too much (the 3 places in 6 days, that is). ChefchaouenFez, and Marrakech are pretty spread out.  Travel between Fez and Marrakech is 7-9 hours one way, which basically means that 2 of your 6 days will be spent on the road (unless there are overnight busses, which aren't exactly restful).

Fez alone is worth a week exploring/relaxing in.  The guesthouses there (called Dars and Riads) have glorious courtyards and the Medina is a wonderful maze.  Take a cooking class at Cafe Clock.

Marrakesh was one of our least favorite stops in Morocco (it was interesting-- just paled in comparison to other spots), so I think you could leave that off and come back to explore the southern bits (including Essaouira, which was probably our favorite).

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  2. Fez (city)
  3. Marrakech (city)
  4. Cafe Clock (restaurant)
  5. Essaouira (city)
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answered by
Tania from New York City

You can do it, but it'll be tight. 

In order to save time, consider buying your plane ticket to Marrakech, flying out of Fes. Suggestion: two days in Marrakech, one day driving from Marrakech to Fes (making a couple of stops), two days in Fes and one day in Chefchaouen (it takes a full day to drive to Chefchaouen from Fes, enjoy it, drive back).

Less rushed options could be:

Marrakech / High Atlas Mountains Sahara Desert


- Fes / Chefchaouen / Tangier

I was in Morocco for 2 weeks filming for Booker Travels (you should check out on Youtube or and traveled from south to north, east to west. But we had a car with a driver the whole time, and a lot of our stay was set up beforehand. These helped save us time. Our driver Amine's info, if you're interested in getting a driver with a car, is on the tips section of our site. Have a great trip! Morocco is a fantastic place.

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  2. Sahara Desert (attraction)
  3. Fes (attraction)
  4. Chefchaouen (city)
  5. Tangier (city)
  6. High Atlas Mountains (attraction)
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answered first by
Jacey & Scott from Fort Collins

It certainly isn't in terms of time spent at each location, but you may find that travel between those places is difficult.  Unless things have changed, to fly between Marrakech and Fez required a stop in Casablanca and took-with lay-overs-roughly the whole day.  We ended up taking the train, but that was still 8 hours-

You may not get to spend quite as much time in each location, but you'll get a taste of each city-

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  1. Marrakech (city)
  2. Fez (city)
  3. Casablanca (city)
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answered by
Gina from Long Island (New York)

Your itinerary is a bit ambitious especially if you want to include a night in the desert as well, 6 days isn't enough time so you'll have to pick and choose.  Marrakech is pretty cool but the Fes El Bali (Medina of Fes) is much more interesting, so I'd focus on spending more time there if that's what you're interested in.   Chefchaouen is a really lovely place, one of my favorites in Morocco and the people there are very friendly.  You might also want to consider traveling by train, which can be done fairly easily but take into account the distance between those places.

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  2. Fes El Bali (attraction)
  3. Fes (attraction)
  4. Chefchaouen (attraction)
  5. Morocco (attraction)
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answered by
Vit from Marrakech

Well, it will help a lot if you rent a car. It's doable by bus also but you need to plan ahead to not waste few hours by waiting for bus.  

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