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Los Angeles

Valerie from Los Angeles asked

What's the best neighborhood in Morgantown (West Virginia) for a first time visitor?

I've never been to Morgantown (West Virginia) and I'm a little overwhelmed by all the hotel options. I'd like to stay in a hotel that is central and gives me good sense of what Morgantown (West Virginia) is like. I'd love to know where locals tell their friends to stay when they visit, and why those areas and hotels are special. thanks!

Morgantown (West Virginia)

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Breanna from Los Angeles

I would think about the Waterfront Place Hotel - it's nice and modern and fairly central. Not right in the "city center" but you can easily get around from there.

The The Chestnut Hotel is new since I've been there - the location looks awesome, you'll be right by all the bars and High Street, which is kind of the main street. This puts you right in the thick of Morgantown life (for better or worse).

You have to eat at Black Bear Burritos while you're there, that was my jam in college.

Also, pop into Bent Willey's while you're there :) Little known fact: I bartended there for three years!

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Water Place Hotel is now a Marriott I also mentioned it but I do not know what it is named now.

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Morgantown overall is not a big area but personally and most other people sort of split Morgantown up in 2 parts, Downtown, where there are a few hotels but where WVU's main campus is, and where Woodburn Hall is, the brick building always shown on TV the original college building. Downtown has a lot of shops and food, I I was staying in down town I would Chose Clarion Hotel Morgan or the Waterfront Hotel. The is right out of down town. If you are wanting to stay on the other side of town Evansdale, where the Coliseum,  Football Stadium, WVU Hospital and such, There is a newer shopping area called Suncrest Town Centre, and it has a Marriott. That is one of the newer hotels near by. There is a lot of hotels near the hospital most of them are older but have good deals when its not football or basketball season.  Unfortunately when ever people I know come into stay its usually during games of some type so actually staying in town is next to impossible. And they usually have to stay in Fairmont, the next city south or they tend to stay west in Preston Co. Traffic is a little busy time to time but would not miss the PRT experience if it open, It should be if you ar staying while school is in session. It takes you from one end of town to the other and is worth it just to ride I think its .50 one way per person. Try a lot of the local food most places are decently priced. I personally think Oliveros is over hyped, and some places try to be fancy when they are not, if you have any questions just ask

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