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Is it safe to travel to Mexico?

My BF and I want to take a vacation (probably to an all-inclusive resort) this winter but can't afford to spend a lot so the obvious choice is Mexico. We probably wouldn't even leave the resort much. So my question is, is it safe to travel to Mexico these days?

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Ross from Fort Collins

Yes it is very safe especially in the Rivera maya CancunChetumal! as long as you aren't on the USA boarder your ok. I recommend the Tulum area!it has it all! RUINS ON THE BEACH! And sea turtles, the second biggest reef in the world for snorkeling, diving, kayaking. If you are lucky you might be there when they shoot the swimsuit issue for S.I. Lol. It's also close to great cenotes and Playa del Carmen for shopping and partying. I avoid cancun, i prefer to be in Mexico not Florida lol. 

I didn't think I would like Jamaica  very much but I was surprised at how nice it was. Just another all inclusive option.

if you plan ahead you could do mexico for around $400 a person for 5 days with air. If this helps let me know and I can help with an itinerary

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answered by
Marion from British Columbia

In any place in the world you can find problems.  Always play safe even in resorts.  Don't go off by yourself especially after dark, even in the resort.  Two years ago I was in the high end area of a resort on the Myan peninsula.  Luckily I had realised the handle lock on the patio door didn't work and locked the safety lock on the bottom of the door because one  orning when I got up, there was big muddy foot prints coming up to my door.  We reported it, and after that, I always took the shuttle to the more populated area and was very alert during the day time.  Do the do's and you'll be fine

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answered by
Ed from Salt Lake City

I've traveled enough times and places in Mexico that I'm starting to feel confident to answer the question.  Plus, I recently saw a color-coded map of the Mexican states that and accompanying charts of statistics about prevalence of narco-drug and gang activity.  Whether there is an effort to keep that out of the most popular tourist areas or that tourism is the key to providing an alternative income in those areas, or both, there was a pretty direct correlation to lowest crime and tourism.  My experience, of course, has been with many of these same areas.  From all I know, I'm probably safer on Mexican streets, in general, than American ones.  We get a lot of pure propaganda in the US that doesn't square with reality.  Even better than absolute safety is the contrast in being in a country where they haven't made the trade of freedoms for so-called security. 

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Lars-Christian from Oslo

I was in Mexico City a year ago for 9 days. I visited a friend and saw quite a bit of the area around as well, but I always felt safe. Having said that, my friend felt there was a lot of crime going on. Maybe he's right (he lived there for close to two years, but with his wife and three kids, so his frame of reference is a bit different than mine). My own experience when travelling is that as long as you take your precautions, you'll be fine. If you stay at resort most of the time, I'm sure you'll be just fine. 

Talk to the locals, and they'll help you stay out of the dangerous areas (most cities have them) and keep to the nice ones (most cities have those too :) ).



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