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Crystal from Anchorage asked

Three Weeks In Mexico City

Hey Trippy Community,

Long time listener, first time caller.

I am going to Mexico City for three weeks this April with my partner. I'm super excited to have an extended trip there. I already have an airbnb apartment in the Roma Norte neighborhood, and we have our airfare booked.

We are definitely slow paced travelers, taking our time and not rushing too much. We are art and history buffs, enjoy nature and city parks, enjoy trying new food with lots of flavor, neat markets to by produce, cheese, and local food products, and places that offer a good view. We often see value in places that tourists aren't usually interested in, but still enjoy the popular places.

I'm definitely hitting some of the top tourist sights, but I am also looking to soak up local culture and, of course, get off the beaten track. We are on a budget, so free and cheap ideas are good, but we are not opposed to spending money on a splurge where it is worth it. Here are some of the things I would love suggestions on:

  • I want to try food from all over Mexico, not too many fancy restaurants, and good street food (I'm not scared, bring it on). 
  • Places for architecture and urban park lovers.
  • Interesting ethnic neighborhoods.
  • Worthwhile day trips out of the city to other cities, natural sights, or small towns.
  • Places/neighborhoods to definitely avoid.
  • Good areas for people watching.
  • Events/fairs/holidays/festivals in April celebrated here.

Any other ideas or suggestions are greatly welcome. I have been to Mexico before, but only around the Yucatan Peninsula. It was fun and all, but I'm excited to see this city!

Thanks in advance!


Mexico City (Mexico)

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Random from Seattle

Roma Norte is a great neighborhood to wander (many art-deco buildings, parks, fountains, cafés, bookstores, boutiques, art galleries, organic food stores) Afternoon walks along the tree lined Avenida Alvaro Obregon, Hipster bar/restaurants like the DELIRIO MONICA PATIÑO or Restaurante Rosettashould still be pulling in the crowds? Check out the comida corrida at coffeeland Coffeeland (Zacatecas 117) bar covadonga... but then you'll for sure find your own favorite galleries, cantinas and cafe's no problem, I am sure...

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Roma Norte (attraction)
  2. Avenida Alvaro Obregon (attraction)
  3. DELIRIO MONICA PATIÑO (restaurant)
  4. Restaurante Rosetta (restaurant)
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Carolina from Veracruz

Reccomendations so far have been really good, I would also add a visit to Soumaya Museum, and to Teotihuacan as the pyramids are once in a lifetime experience. Near to downtown Palacio de Bellas Artes has always a running folkloric ballet showcasing the regional dances of Mexico which is amazing. For local neighborhoods I love Coyoacán there is a local market there also where you can find really good local food and restaurants as well. Day trip I would also consider Cuernavaca and Tepoztlan as they really close to each other and they are both incredible, and close to the city, and also Taxco as it was already mentioned (this is little more far but totally worth it). Safe travels and hope you'll enjoy it :)

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Soumaya Museum (attraction)
  2. Teotihuacan (attraction)
  3. Palacio de Bellas Artes (attraction)
  4. Coyoacán (attraction)
  5. Cuernavaca (city)
  6. Tepoztlan (city)
  7. Taxco (city)
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Polly from Washington, DC

I'm keeping an eye on this question, as I have an upcoming trip planned to Mexico City as well!

As far as extended day trips go, I only have time for one, but I'm torn between Puebla and Cholula or Taxco. I think I'm going to end up going to Puebla as it's closer, plus it looks like Taxco gets pretty crazy during Holy Week. If they interest you, you guys might have time to do both!

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Mexico City (city)
  2. Puebla (city)
  3. Cholula (city)
  4. Taxco (city)
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Luis from Guatemala City, Guatemala

Hi !,  México city is great !  must places to visit: Chapultepec Chapultepec park, you will find local people, local food and some great museums.  Dont miss the "Centro Histórico", one day is not enough to get all from it ! .  At the Alameda Park you will find many things to see and do.  Many museums around, local musicians, and you must eat at the Plaza Garibaldi food market.  If you have time go to Puebla, amazing city.   ¡ Bienvenidos a Latinoamérica !

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Chapultepec (attraction)
  2. Centro Histórico (attraction)
  3. Alameda Park (attraction)
  4. Plaza Garibaldi (attraction)
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Pat from San Miguel de Allende

Here are some of my favorite things to do in Mexico City: 

. The Diego Rivera works at theNational Palace 

. Nearby the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral and El Templo (the Aztec Temple)

. Bellas Artes for the murals, the Tiffany Glass (screen & dome, both are spectacular). The Ballet Folklorico on Wed night & Sunday AM. (sometimes the Ballet is performed elsewhere, so be sure to make note of where the performance is and try for one at Bellas Artes)

. Diego Rivera’s “Day in the Park” and the nearby Museo de Arte Popular (fabulous museum featuring the best of the best folk art of Mexico.

. You could spend days at the The National Museum of Anthropology .  And the nearby Chapultepec Castle  is good for a couple hours.

. A boat trip in Xochimilco

. Basílica de Santa María de Guadalupe . There are maybe 5 “churches” here.  It can easily take 1/2 day to explore the grounds.  You can combine this with a visit to Teotihuacan.

. Seek out other Diego Rivera works, they are everywhere, including the water works in Chapultepec, & Education Building

. There is a square to the north of the Cathedral where you will find printers, printed materials and guys with typewriters ready to write-up whatever you need

, Mercado Roma

. In San Ángel, Saturday Art Market,Frida Kahlo Museum (Casa Azul) & Casa / León Trotsky Museo 

. In Polanco both the Soumaya Museum and the Museo Jumex 

. Casa Luis Barragán. To visit, contact the museum to make an appointment. See:  Actually I haven’t done this yet, but it is special if you are into architecture.


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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. National Palace (attraction)
  2. Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral (attraction)
  3. El Templo (attraction)
  4. Bellas Artes (attraction)
  5. Museo de Arte Popular (attraction)
  6. The National Museum of Anthropology (attraction)
  7. Chapultepec Castle (attraction)
  8. Xochimilco (attraction)
  9. Basílica de Santa María de Guadalupe (attraction)
  10. Teotihuacan (attraction)
  11. Chapultepec (city)
  12. Mercado Roma (attraction)
  13. San Ángel (attraction)
  14. Frida Kahlo Museum (attraction)
  15. León Trotsky (attraction)
  16. Polanco (neighborhood)
  17. Soumaya Museum (attraction)
  18. Museo Jumex (attraction)
  19. Casa Luis Barragán (attraction)
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answered by
Linda from Los Angeles

Visit Chapultepecpark and this museums around the city

Museo Nacional De Arte

INAH Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia

Frida Kahlo Museum

Try tacos de canasta on streets and eat wherever you see people eating! have fun! 

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answered by

Hey you! nice you're planning to visit us. Here are some local answers to your questions:

Food places:

Barbacoa tacos in Mx city (the best barcaboa ever) - Los 3 reyes

BARBACOA LOS 3 REYES- best thing is on sundays but you have to get there early (8:30 / 9:00am) is the best barbacoa de res and its cooked directly in a whole so you get the full picture of mexican folklore

Gourmet TACOS AL PASTOR (The best in taste) EL HUEQUITO - 

More street kind taqueria: Tacos Manolo

For a taste of lots of types of food:

Romita comedor  -  - For thursday or friday its the "pre party", nice casual dinner

San Angel Mercado(saturday bazaar) -

Plus you have a lot of art and nice places to watch and walk around

Also for breakfast La Condesa/Roma are full of nice places, cafee and bazaars on weekends to enjoy, just walk or take a bike ride.

Another no miss is Coyoacán, where you can eat, walk, buy, go to church, its a very nice neighborhood. 

Architecture & urban parks: Mexico center (Alameda,Bellas ArtesZócaloVenados (Parque Francisco Villa) ParkChapultepec

Nice neighborhoods: Coyoacan, Centro De Tlalpan (only the center), condesa, roma, PolancoXochimilco (Trajineras Xochimilco magico)

Other close cities: Querétaro (i live there!!), CuernavacaPueblaSan Juan Teotihuacan

Places/neighborhoods to definitely avoid: La Doctores/NezaTepito/Agrícola Oriental/Azcapotzalco

Party: Polanco/Polanquito/Roma/La Condesa

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. BARBACOA LOS 3 REYES (restaurant)
  2. TACOS AL PASTOR (restaurant)
  3. Tacos Manolo (restaurant)
  4. San Angel Mercado (attraction)
  5. La Condesa (attraction)
  6. Roma (attraction)
  7. Coyoacán (attraction)
  8. Alameda (attraction)
  9. Bellas Artes (attraction)
  10. Zócalo (attraction)
  11. Venados (Parque Francisco Villa) Park (attraction)
  12. Chapultepec (attraction)
  13. Centro De Tlalpan (attraction)
  14. Polanco (neighborhood)
  15. Xochimilco (attraction)
  16. Trajineras Xochimilco magico (attraction)
  17. Querétaro (attraction)
  18. Cuernavaca (city)
  19. Puebla (city)
  20. San Juan Teotihuacan (city)
  21. La Doctores (attraction)
  22. Neza (attraction)
  23. Tepito (attraction)
  24. Agrícola Oriental (attraction)
  25. Azcapotzalco (city)
  26. Polanco (neighborhood)
  27. Polanquito (restaurant)
  28. Roma (attraction)
  29. La Condesa (attraction)
answered by

Hi, inside the Museo de Arte Moderno there is a sculpture park, if you go on Sunday it would be free and you'll see local families, if you go during the week you'll be alone and would be able to take cool pictures. I definitely don't recommend going on Sunday to the Anthropology Museums, the one in Chapultepec and the one in the zócalo, pay for those two and go back on Sunday to the Museo de Arte Moderno and Museo Rufino Tamayo.  

There is also a sculpture park and the best public art space in Espacio Escultórico, this you should not miss, is free and you can only go during the week, not weekends, you have to go between ten and one if you want to see local life, joggers and people with their dogs, it's a different kind of park sculpture, here you will find local flora and if you're lucky even local fauna and feel the desert vibe of all Central Mexico, the entrance to the park sculpture is in front of the Espacio Escultórico, I recommend doing first the park and then the Espacio because in the Espacio you can climb the giant sculpture and rest while you watch the city. You need all morning, then you go to the National University to see the murals, don't do it the other way around. 

It's the third world you guys, I only walk during the night in Coyoacan and Condesa, during the day I also walk in Polanco (all along Homero and Horacio streets), Roma... oh and also don't miss Zona Rosa for walking strictly during the day, and Centro de Tlalpan, there is a turibus to Centro de Tlalpan and if you say you are brave, avoid the touristy restaurants with a view to the plaza and eat inside the market (is behind the Municipal Bulding facing the plaza).  

So overall eat in the "fondas" and the markets, there are street markets called "mercado sobre ruedas", fancy neighborhoods have them as well (Polanco, Roma and Condesa), find one and risk it ONLY if you know you have strong defenses and adventurous gut ('fondas' and 'markets' are one level up 'mercados sobre ruedas' for me). Mexico city is an expensive city, eating daily in a restaurant is not for the budget traveler, so if you find something good for your stomach and wallet, repeat it, and leave the 'tacos de canasta' (only those, very cheap tacos sold from a bike and basket) for the final days, eat the rest from day one. 

Finally, you can find whatever foodie stuff you like but it would be expensive, instead ask this 'where I can find authentic 'queso botanero'? (local spicy cheese) or 'where I can find authentic 'queso oaxaca'? (Mexican stringy cheese) and see where it leads you... and eat it only with tortillas!!!

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