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Mexico City

Is Day of the Dead a good time to visit?

I'm planning a trip to Mexico City with my elderly mother. Wondering if Day of the Dead is a good time to visit, and also recommendations for events that might be happening around that time. We're interested in art, crafts, culture, food, antiques. Thanks!

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It's one of the best days of the year to be in Mexico if you ask me.

Day of the dead will be visible wherever you go on that day as it's a day of festivity all over Mexico.

I would recommend you to visit the past of the city called Coyoacan.

It's a very bohemian part of the city where the artists Frida Kalho and Diego Riviera used to live and their blue house is a museum today.

That part of the city also retains a bit of a small town feeling which is nice in a mega city like Mexico City

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Jim from Texas

Bosque de Chapultepec is really great. On the outskirts of town are the pyramids. The Basílica de Santa María de Guadalupe (with three different churches) is really interesting if you're into culture, architecture, and religion. The monument to the revolution is a great landmark. As far as food, stick to the established places. Do NOT eat from street vendors. There is a reason there aren't many stray cats and dogs on the streets. Use bottled water even to brush your teeth. Unless you are in a hotel that filters the water (some do). Be very alert. The drug violence in Mexico isn't limited to the countryside. And the drug lords also deal in trafficking women. Please be very careful. One more thing, use the registered taxis when leaving the airport. Unregistered is cheaper, but less safe!

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For me is also the best time. In Coyoacan you want to visit the Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares where they usually display traditional altars from Day of the Dead. Also in the South of the city you can visit the "MegaOfrenda" in Ciudad Universitaria (C.U.). Here you will find a very large group of traditional and "contemporary" altars made by students and members of the main public university in Mexico, the UNAM. Ciudad Universitaria (C.U.)is a must visit place by itself, but in Day of the Dead the "MegaOfrenda" is displayed in the main field. Gets really crowded but try to arrive when the sun starts to set because is how you can appreciate the beauty of hundreds of candles called "veladoras". The nearest Metrobus station is Metrobus Doctor Galvez, the next station is called University something but is much more far away. From Doctor Galvez you can walk, going south continuing in Insurgentes, the main field coloquialy called "las islas" is in the left side of Insurgentes. Like one kilometer I think.

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Karen from Mexico City

Across the country it is celebrated in different ways, they hold different traditions, but Xochimilco is the most interesting in D, F level. In Patzcuaro take really get into their traditions.

Coming at this time is an excellent choice both for cultural, gastronomical and festivals that are seen displayed.

The delegation of Coyoacan is also an excellent choice.

En todo el país se celebra de diferentes formas, se l mantienen diferentes tradiciones pero en la delegación Xochimilco es de las mas interesantes a nivel D,F.  En Patzcuaro toman mas ímpetu en sus tradiciones.

Venir en esta época es una excelente opción tanto por la muestra cultural, gastronómica y festivales que se dejan ver.

La delegación Coyoacan también es una excelente opción.

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Sofia from Mexico City

I agree with Karen Flores.

It is a really nice and intriguing time to visit Mexico city.

The fact that Day of the Dead is seen and lived really specialy by Mexicans and differently from others populations, gives an unforgettable experience.

You will see many altars and celebrations. It might be strange at first but it is celebrated with joy and in a welcoming way.

The decorations offered by the city are magical.

The best places at that time are Xochimilco where you can have a boat tour, Coyoacan (Frida Kahlo Museum in the center of this neighborhood), and anywhere in the rest of the city, you will live the atmosphere.

Don't forget to admire the decorated skulls !

Enjoy your stay !

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