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  • Cindy Zheng-Schafer
  • "Charming places to stay in Old Town?"

Cindy Zheng-Schafer

Rochester (New York), New York

Charming places to stay in Old Town?

Looking for the best boutique spots, B&B's, or hotels on the smaller side in the Old Town area of Marbella. Budget is not an issue, but rather location and charm top the list.

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  • Jillian Geer

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    Without a doubt if you're looking for charm, you must check out The Town House. I stayed here a few years ago while traveling across across the entire Andalusia region--and it was my favorite place on the trip by far.The Town Houseimage from hardly feels like a hotel, but more like a cozy home, due to it's small size, friendly staff, and unique rooms. We stayed on the very top room, which was right off the rooftop terrace (for all guests to enjoy) where we would go sit and drink our morning coffee.The Town Houseimage from laymanslondon.comIt's also a close walk to the beach so in the perfect central location of Old Town. I honestly didn't want to leave Marbella because I loved it so much! If I ever go back, I will absolutely be staying there again.

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    • Cindy Z.

      Cindy Z.

      Thank you very much! These spots sound wonderful! · (1 likelikes)

    • Courtney R.

      Courtney R.

      Gorgeous! · (1 likelikes)

    • Natasha L.

      Natasha L.

      It looks lovely! We'll be in the Sevilla/Cadiz/Malaga region next month and will check it out! · (1 likelikes)

    • Jillian G.

      Jillian G.

      Natasha- awesome! You have's the best! Hope you are well, let's catch up soon! · (0 likelikes)

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    1. The Town House (hotel)

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