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New year's eve at Manhattan?

I just love Manhattan and I'm now coming to Trippy again to know what should I consider and do from xmas 'til new year's eve and:

  • Since it's my first time with snow there, what I should take note or care with?
  • How that early access pass works in the night of Dec/31? is it worth? Any recomendations?
  • I always shop on amazon and stores, but with all that snow, what and where should I focus (will be that hard to walk and roam around?)
  • What new yorkers do with all that snow, what kind of activities should I prefer or look for?

Any suggestion on things to do, activities, meetup, parties etc, pleaseeee, include it here!

We're currently planning to get there Dec/24 and stay 'til Jan/03.

Thanks again folks!

7 Answers

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Polly from Washington, DC

Hi Diego! Some years, we have snow between Christmas and New Years, but often we don't. If there is snow, unless it's a big storm (which we had several of last winter), life goes on as usual. Snow is removed from the sidewalks and roads quickly, but the streets are still wet and dirty. The most important thing about visiting New York in the winter is bringing plenty of warm clothes.Sturdy shoes and warm socks are necessary!

As far as winter activities go, it's a great time to see shows, go to museums, shop, and eat lots of good food. If it does snow, a walk through Central Park is a great way to enjoy the weather. If this is your first time seeing NY in the winter, I'd also do a lot of touristy things, like seeing the window displays on Fifth Avenue, the NBC (NY) Employees FCU tree, and either the Rockettes show or the Nutcracker ballet. It's a great, but really busy, time to see the city. 

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answered by
Georgia from Long Island (New York)

this is my favorite time of the year in NYC and when the city is dressed to celebrate.  all the best known places to visit are open and festive, so if you have anything on your wish list it might be crowded so you should plan ahead (like yesterday) with tickets.  just walking around the city can be entertaining to view the storefronts and Rockefeller Plaza (very very crowded around ice skaters and famous tree) -if you like ice skating outdoors I would recommend instead the rinks behind the New York Public Library in Bryant Park in Central Park. as far as New Years Eve in Times Square, I've done it 3 times in the last 5 yrs as a last minute idea because the weather was so perfect.  there are two ways.  one is to get there early that day and wait standing up - but you will be pushed into a pen and unable to leave for 15 hours or more.  I find for us it was better to make a very late dinner reservation on the same block along the route and then take a "leisurely" stroll up or down Broadway within view of Times Square.  if you are not already on that Broadway block with a reservation you will not be able to get close because it is barricaded off a block away hours before.  but even if you make your way to Broadway close to midnight you will not be able to stand still- very heavy security keeps you moving- but it is possible to be many blocks away and still see.  There is also a midnight fun run in Central Park (must sign up with Road Runners I think) with music, fireworks and champagne that we've also done.  there is a New Years Eve Elton John concert in Barclays Center  but tickets will be $$$$.  weather pending, there are a number of new rooftop bars that  may be accessible but this will take planning and luck. You can plan or not- it is still a wonderful time of year.  

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answered by
June from Charleston

Snow? Probably not unless you're really lucky! This is not for your New Year, but try the lobby of The Roosevelt Hotel. Big wing chairs, nice service. I never shop manhattan without ending my afternoon there and always meet the most interesting people. Will make you feel right at home! 

Also, get reservations at The Butterfly. Tiny, fabulous mix of drink pairings with your courses. Casual dress, too.

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answered by
peter from Downtown Ithaca

 I have a few thoughts for you. First regarding snow. If you are not driving don't worry about the snow. Unless it's a major storm you will be able to walk, take the trains and the cabs to get around.  Just dress warm. A lightweight down jacket or coat is a good way to go, along with a scarf and hat. Layer your clothes so that when you go indoors you can remove something and not get overheated. Wear good waterproof walking shoes or boots.

It doesn't always snow, in fact, if you are lucky it will snow while you are there. Because NYC is a magical place when it snows. There are many choices of things to do. NYC has it all! But you will need to plan way ahead for shows and concerts that require tickets, as well as for getting reservations to the latest trendy restaurants. It's probably already too late. If that's the case go off the beaten track avoid the touristy stuff make time to wander a bit. 

Others have mentioned some typical but good possibilities for things to do below. But you must walk fifth avenue and see the skating rink at Rockefeller Center. If the weather is going to be lousy (rain) for a day, head to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (It is essentially in Central Park. Get a map of the park there so many hidden gems to discover there.) An alternative is the Museum of Natural History on the west side of the park also a good way to be entertained indoors. 

If the weather is not to cold or rainy, go downtown, walk around Greenwich Village, then walk over to the East Village, detour through SOHO and through Chinatown. There are  many little shops and restaurants and music venues in those areas.l

This may sound Hokey but it's not. Take the Circle Line Best of NYC cruise. It's 2 1/2 hours clear around Manhattan via the East River, Harlem River, and the Hudson River. I think it would be best on a clear calm day.

Sorry, I can't help with parties and events but I'll bet you will hook up with people who can.

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answered by
tola from New York City

great place to be. watch the ball drop at Times Square

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answered by
Christopher from Tampa, Florida

Day 1--Chinatown New York in Manhattan and inFlushing Chinatown in Flushing.

Day 2--Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty

Day 3--Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller Center, St. Patricks Cathedral

Day 4--American Museum of Natural History

Day 5--Museum of Modern Art

Day 6--Times Square and Times Square (buy tickets for Motown the Musical)

Day 7--Times Square for New Years Eve

Day 8 to 10--Recover!

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answered by
Eddie from Bronx

Hey Diego. I wouldn't worry about snow in Manhattan since it is cleared fast both on the sidewalks and the streets, unless a blizzard (probably not), then it may take a little longer. Time Square is a mad house, with no place to move. You can see the ball drop from blocks away (6th Ave towards Central Park) with out be overcrowded and limited space to move or for a restroom if needed after standing for hours. To check out things to do or places to go, you can check out the TimeoutNYC, and Tripadvisor for things to do and places to see and eat. Especially Timeout NYC and since they are constantly updated for the holidays.


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