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Elizabeth asked

Where's the best dessert in Manhattan Beach?

I'm looking for extreme deliciousness. It doesn't have to be fancy, but it has to be so good that when you take a bite you close your eyes and go mmmmm. And it gets bonus points if it's somewhere fun.

I'm looking for happy indulgences -- like chocolate cake a la mode, brownie sundaes (same thing, I know), things dipped in chocolate or pies. 

I bet the Trippy crowd will have some answers for this!

Manhattan Beach (California)

3 Answers
answered by
Marlene from Manhattan Beach

The Manhattan Beach Creamery is a fun ice cream and bakery shop located on the corner of Manhattan Avenue and Manhattan Beach Boulevard! 

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I had the ice cream sandwich -- vanilla ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies dipped in dark chocolate. Whoah!

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JR from Manhattan Beach

you came to the right place Elizabeth. Here's a few ideas and since I too appreciate anything a la mode, i'll naturally over index on those types :)

In no order:

1. The Elvis from MB Post basically imagine his favorite snack (the peanut butter banana sandwich) turned into a dessert. 
2. The Pretzel Bread pudding from Fishing with Dynamite. look out. Comes a la mode. For lighter fare at FwD, the Key Lime Pie here is also one of the best I've ever had. 

3. The Smores Chocolate Pudding at Simmzy's. Big and very shareable. 

4. Banana Bread Pudding at The Kettle. Old school comfort food and definitely a la mode. 

5. The sticky toffee pudding at Rock'N Fish Restaurant. A toffee a la mode treat. 

6. For a very traditional beach dessert, and since you like things dipped in chocolate. Get the chocolate covered frozen banana at Manhattan Beach Creamery (if you're you're an Arrested Development fan, pretend it came from the Bluth Banana Stand)The Creamery also does chocolate covered marshmallows if you really need some extra sugar, but I'd stick with the banana.  

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I'm intrigued by the pretzel bread pudding and certainly by the creamery. Cookies + ice cream is even better than chocolate + fruit!

I'm not suppose to be having sugar, but I want it so bad after reading this!

I managed to get to @Manhattan Beach Creamery, @Simmzy's and @Susie Cakes on this trip! Thanks for the help.

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  6. Manhattan Beach Creamery (restaurant)
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answered by
Amanda from Hermosa Beach

DEFINITELY go to Manhattan Beach Creamery!  They have the absolute best homemade ice cream sandwiches.  Something so simple, but sometimes I crave their dark chocolate almond dipped bananas. It's a Manhattan Beach institution!

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