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Nikhil asked


Hey, I am a permanent resident of United States traveling to Katowice, Poland with an Indian Passport on two different air tickets. My first air ticket is from Houston to Manchester and then connected from Manchester to Frankfurt and then to my final destination Katowice, Poland. I have a Poland student visa. My question is will I need a transit visa for Manchester, UK? As for my knowledge, I shouldn't need a transit visa for Frankfurt as I have Poland student Visa and Germany is part of EU and so is Poland. 

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Mary from Leicester

You should look at the official UK government website:

As an Indian citizen you would normally require a Direct Airside Transit visa (DATV) to make a connection airside (that is, without going through border control to e.g. collect your bags) at any UK airport. Your onward flight and US permanent residency card should exempt you from this requirement. Look at the list of exemptions on the site I've linked above.

As an Indian citizen you would normally require a Visitor in Transit visa to go landside (e.g to collect your bags). You might be allowed to enter without a Visitor in Transit visa if you meet the exemption requirements listed on the site above but note the word 'might'. There are no guarantees; the decision is made by the border official who deals with you on the day.

You don't say whether you are travelling on a through ticket United States>Katowice? If you are then your bags will almost certainly be checked right through to Katowice and you will be able to make the Manchester (United Kingdom) connection airside (that is without formally entering the UK).

If you are travelling on separate tickets (such as US>Manchester and then Manchester>Katowice via Frankfurt) you will have to collect your bags at Manchester. If you have to collect your bags at any airport you must go landside to re-check them and so, in Manchester, you would formally enter the UK.

By the way, the EU is irrelevant to your question (the UK is also in the EU). It is the Schengen area which is relevant. Germany and Poland are both in the Schengen Agreement. Some EU countries are not in Schengen and some non-EU countries (e.g. Switzerland) are in Schengen.

Hope that helps. :-)

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