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Puerto Rico

arelis from Puerto Rico asked

First trip to Europe - October or November

Hi All. We are a couple in the late 30's. This will be out first trip to Europe for 18 days . We are thinking on going maybe on October 2017 or November. Is November too cold?? Are the attractions closed early? I prefer October, but last year we were traveling on October, we live in Puerto Rico and in October sometimes the Huricanes are pretty active. On our last vacation we were supposed to fly on october 6 and we got a Hurricane and our flight was cancelled. So we think November might be better but are worried that will be too cold or too little day light.  


We only have a few direct flight so our options are october 5-23, october 19- nov 5 or nov 2-19 


Please also share your must see list for this cities. 



Madrid (Spain)   Paris (France)   Venice (Italy)   Rome (Italy)

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Hi Arelis! 

November could be a good moment to be in Rome, yes It could be a bit cold but weather should also be sunny which will mitigate temperatures pretty nicely during the day. Rome is very nice by night too, tourists will not be around too much. I could pass a very special moment by the Trevi fountain after 1am literally by myself. 

The city lights up towards December getting ready for Christmas period so you might enjoy romantic lights all over. I would suggest to check for concerts organized in the ancient monuments, the Colosseum especially: the combination between music and incredible locations can be a real once in a lifetime experience. Vatican City museums is a must too, despite any religious orientation the arts you can see there is truly unique. 

I wish you the best time if you end up going to Rome! 

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October or november is equal, both are pretty cold in the north of europe like Brussels and Amsterdam will be around 10 to 15 degrees celsius. Whereas south like Milan in Italy or Madrid much warmer maybe 20 degrees celsius. Check out how much Fahrenheit that is. 

I would suggest to go to Croatia or Slovenia first, those countries are cute, beautiful cities and nice people. Like how it was back in the fifties .  

Then Vienna, Milan, Madrid, Paris Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam and London. If you have visited all these cities you have a good idea about what is Europe. Travelling by train is also an option because you experience more and see better around. 

Have fun! Europe is a top place!

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Janelle from Charleston

I don't mind cold weather, and I think November is a fantastic time to visit Europe as it's off-season and crowds are small and prices are reduced.  For a first timer to Europe, I'd recommend going someplace where you know the language - it makes it much easier and less stressful, so Spain would be a great option for you.  All the major attractions are open in the large cities.  It won't be beach weather, so the attractions along the beaches and islands will most likely be closed, but you can spend your time exploring the cities and the countryside. 

A suggested itinerary would be as follows: Madrid for the first 6 days (with a day trip or 2 to places like Escorial, SegoviaToledo and/or Ávila) and the last night before flying back to PR, San Sebastian in Basque country (with a day trip to Bilbao) for 3 days, Barcelona for 3 days, Granada for 3 days, Seville for 3 days before returning to Madrid.

I'd recommend renting a car for at least part of the trip: Spain is a relatively easy country to drive through, fuel prices are lower than most places in Europe, and the countryside is beautiful.

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  8. Bilbao (city)
  9. Barcelona (city)
  10. Granada (city)
  11. Seville (city)
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aastha from Jaipur

Hey ... October is definetly a better month ... Nov is cold ...

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