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Los Angeles

Would you more recommend Lyft or Uber in Los Angeles?

Would you more recommend Lyft or Uber in Los Angeles? Just to get an idea :)

13 Answers

answered by
Scott from San Francisco

Both services are fine and work the same way but I exclusively use Lyft for one reason, I find Uber to be obnoxious and I can't reward aggressive behavior.  Uber's despicable capricious surge pricing is predatory and they lost my business because of it.  Plus, Lyft drivers seem friendlier.  

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answered by
Wesley from Orange, California

YES!! As a 7 year resident of LA I use Uber regularly. Prices are generally good and service is very reliable and safe. 

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answered by
Jen from Los Angeles

I live here and take uber each and every week, mostly to the airport or for a night out and have always had a great experience. I have not yet tried Lyft, as I have not yet needed to use an alternative to uber. 


Enjoy your trip, safe travels!

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answered by
Suzanne from Pasadena

We have only used Uber in every city we travel including LA- I think they do a great job.

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answered by
Ema from Los Angeles

Lyft is more friendlier it seems: like you know, your buddy picking you up. Whereas Uber is more on the uptight end: like a Taxi picking you up. I have not used Lyft yet either because it never crossed my mind or the fact i perceived it as too friendly meaning I'm literally obliged to converse with the driver, when I would rather remain on a quiet-mode.

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answered by
Casey from Boston

Both services are widely available in the LA area. Lyft tends to have more cars these days.  Lyft is my go-to but Uber is definitely a good option as well. 

answered by
Gail from Madison

Ive only used Uber and my success rate is 100%. In San Francisco too. No reason to try Lyft.

answered by
Goksen from Los Angeles

I've never used either of them but heard that Uber is cheaper.

answered by
Jimmy from Loma Linda, California

Either is fine. They're both competing companies and have similar rates. Overall, both are cheaper than taking a taxi.

answered by

I am a pretty loyal Lyft customer but both Lyft and UBER are viable options in LA. Most drivers actually use both apps

answered by
Veronica from West Covina

Unfortunately not so much...since the distance between places are not too close and the transportation is not too good in LA. It can take hours to go by bus because you have to transfer if the distance is not too close from one to another tourist sites. It's recommend that you find a place to stay close to where you want to go.

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answered by
Alex from Yorba Linda

Get both to avoid surge prices on one app (although at truly busy times both apps would switch to a higher rate). Lyft drivers are generally more conversational and have knowledge of the city, so if you need recommendations or a tour, Lyft might be a better deal. Uber is more transactional in nature, and in some areas like LAX driver availability is higher, so for a quieter ride choose that. Overall though the differences are miniscule.

answered first by
Supun from Carson (California)

Both are pretty well represented in LA. I'd say install both apps and use the one that gets you the best price. It feels like during busy times Lyft is cheaper but most other times UberX will be cheaper. I think Lyft encourages drivers to be friendlier while Uber drivers feel more "professional"

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