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Courtney Robinson

Los Angeles, California

Staycation ideas

Long story short, my vacation plans have gone completely wonky this summer so I'm trying to come up with some "Staycation" ideas. Any thoughts on neighborhoods to explore? I'm not a nature person so no parks--I like streets and concrete. 

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  • Trevor Morrow

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    If you like streets and concret, then Downtown Los Angeles is going to be your best bet. If it's an area you haven't spent much time in it could make for a fun and interesting weekend away. It's like a city within a city and you can find whatever your looking for, form super posh hotels and restaurants to super local and cultural experienes. My favortie neighborhood within Downtown is the Los Angeles Arts District. It's home to ton's of great and unique restaurtns ( Bestia , The Pie Hole , Wurstküche Restaurant , Pizzanista ) bars/breweries ( Angel City Brewery , Little Bear L.A. Restaurant ), small theaters, and crazy street art. Hope this helps inspire a staycation in LA.

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    • Courtney R.

      Courtney R.

      That's a really good idea, Trevor! I've heard about Wurstküche and the brewery but haven't tried them--I'll definitely check both out!!! · (0 likelikes)

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    1. Los Angeles Arts District (neighborhood)
    2. Bestia (restaurant)
    3. The Pie Hole (restaurant)
    4. Wurstküche Restaurant (restaurant)
    5. Pizzanista (restaurant)
    6. Angel City Brewery (attraction)
    7. Little Bear L.A. Restaurant (attraction)

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