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Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Koreatown (Los Angeles)

Must Eats in Koreatown?

I've heard amazing things about the food in K-town and I'm ready to explore and take it all in. I'm an adventurous eater looking for authentic eats -- what are the must try restaurants and foods in K-town? 

6 Answers

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Breanna from Los Angeles

Weeelllllll, this isn't really K-Town, but totally worth mentioning...

Manna Korean BBQ in the Little Tokyo Plaza DTLA is one of my all my faves. MY ALL TIME FAVES! A bold statement for someone who eats out everyday like me to make...

You gotta go for the A.Y.C.E. Black menu ($28.99) - worth every cent. Otherwise you're just not doing it right. 

Plus after you eat so much that you can't move, you can stay in the plaza and go bowling, go to karaoke a floor down, or just go to the bottom floor and get a strawberry ice cream macaroon. Basically, I love everything about this place and I want the world to know!

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answered by
chuck from Portland

Question is too broad. Korean food is so varied.

Park's BBQ, Koreatown

High end Korean BBQ is pricey but very good.

Soot Bull Jeep Korean BBQ, not as good but cheaper, BUT you grill your own meat over charcoals. Kind of an unique koreatown experience. More about the experience than the food.

Kyochon Korean Hot wings, was the rage in korea, NYC. Pretty good and nothing like american hot wings, think more garlic, and a very crispy crust.

Best Korean Food period. So Ban Korean Restaurant, they do not specialize in any one thing but this resturant would be closet to a James Beard or Michelin starred in K- town. 

Dan Sungsa not the best food but food is good. What this is, is a what a korean street bar would be like if they picked it off the street of seoul and dropped it off in K-town. A very unique experience. Cheap. The drinks are unique and the food is mostly small grilled dishes. 

Now if you know specifically what korean food you like than the answer changes, since most korean rest. specialize in only one thing.

If you want korean style chinese, japanese, or even mexican fusion. The list can go on and on.

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  5. Dan Sungsa (restaurant)
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answered by
Steve from Santa Monica

Have you try Korean BBQ? If not, I'd recommend that you check all-you-can-eat k bbq called Hae Jang Chon : and try

- Briskets

- Non marinated Short Ribs

- Kimchi Fried Rice

Not sure what your history w/tofu, but if you're feeling adventure, I'd try BCD Tofu House off Wilshire: and try Spicy Pork Bulgogi Combo.

I love their kimchi, its one of the freshest kimchi I've ever tried.

Happy eating :)

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answered by
Leonard from Minneapolis

Let's forget about the Korean BBQ for a minute.  Because you simply must go to, no RUN, to POT at the Line Hotel.  Roy Choi is simply a genius who has taken Korean cooking to a whole new level.  (and hey, he's Korean, after all :-) and it IS technically in K-Town!)  Is it 100% authentic?  My grandmother would say, "eh".  But it pays unbelievable homage to real Korean cooking.  Heck, go to one of Roy's four Kogi food trucks if you haven't yet.  Chase one down until it stops if you have to!  Roy marinates his meat in a magical potion lovingly made with 17 different ingredients.  I've been eating Korean food all my life (thanks, Mom!)  and the short rib taco was a mind blowing experience.  

Soot Bull Jeep is as close as you'll get to eating in the Old Country in LA! It's the only place that still uses authentic charcoal grills and hasn't switched to gas or electric (Remember: when you walk into a Korean BBQ, the smokier the better! And SBJ wins that one too, hands down!).  If you don't want to be completely smoked out, Park's BBQ works too.

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  3. Park's BBQ (restaurant)
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answered by
david from Chicago

Eat at Beer Belly, they have amazing food!

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answered first by
Patrick from Los Angeles

If you like spicy crab soup, try Won Jo Kokerang Agurang Restaurant on Western & 6th st. It does not have any English sign on the front, but you'll see pictures of crab & fish. The fried rice at the end of the meal is the best. I'm not Korean, but my Korean friend said this is pretty authentic. Enjoy!

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  1. Won Jo Kokerang Agurang Restaurant (restaurant)
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