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Los Angeles

Best restaurants in Los Angeles?

I'm coming to LA for a girls trip and we want to try the best places unique to LA!

What are the "must eats" that Los Angeles is known for? From cheap to expensive, what are your favorite places to eat?   

Looking forward to the delish recommendations!

19 Answers

answered first by
Kristal from San Francisco

Hi Nicole, 

Here are a list of consistently great LA eateries:

The Apple Pan - this is a traditional LA place, they've been there forever, it only offers counter seating, but they serve some great burgers and pies. I like the hickory burger and apple pie.

Nobu Los Angeles (or Nobu Malibu) is amazing for sushi. I like their new style sashimi, their desserts are always great and the yellowtail with jalapeno can't be missed! The Malibu location has a great view.

KOI Restaurant - this isn't exclusively in LA, they have locations in Vegas, Dubai and Shanghai but it's amazing. On the pricier side but oh so worth it. Must haves are their creamy rock shrimp, baked crab roll, search tuna with crispy onions, shishito peppers, and crispy rice. 

Tito's Tacos Mexican Restaurant this is very LA, I think everyone has been here once, super cheap. "Mexican" place that serves non-traditional fried tacos. They are very good and great if you are in the area. Order them with cheese and make sure to eat it with the red salsa (it's not spicy, but very necessary).

Typhoon - this is an asian fusion restaurant that has great views because it is located in the small airport (the cute, tiny places and helicopters take off from here and they aren't loud). This place is good with a group as you will get to try multiple things. My must orders are - lettuce cups, fried catfish with blackbean sauce, the green beans and the mashed potatoes!

Paco's Tacos is my favorite authentic Mexican restaurant in LA. This location in particular (they have 2) but this is the only location that serves handmade tortillas (made by a grandma in the restaurant) - their flour tortillas are AMAZING! Must orders are blended strawberry margaritas, queso fundido, cripsy beef tacos, and de tampico.

Hide Sushi is a great sushi place that isn't pricey. Their nigiri is always super fresh!

Il Pastaio is a great Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Mastro's Steakhouse - is one of the best steakhouses, I like the one in Beverly Hills.

Blu Jam Cafe serves a great brunch, they are known for their eggs benedict and their crunchy French toast.

Square One Dining has some of the best French toast.

Republique offers a great brunch and delicious dinner! 

Pizzeria Mozza has been a great restaurant for years now, they have amazing pizza and great sandwiches!

Park's BBQ is a great place for higher end Korean bbq. 

SUGARFISH by Sushi Nozawa is very popular. They serve high quality omakase-style sushi that is very reasonably priced. 

Eggslut is very hyped right now as well as The Pie Hole. At Eggslut you can get great breakfast sanwiches and burgers and Pie Hole serves various flavored pies. 

A few places that are very hyped if you want a typical LA experience is SprinklesUrth Caffe and Milk.

For more detail you can check out my reviews on my blog, Eat & Escape.



Mentioned in this answer:

  1. The Apple Pan (restaurant)
  2. Nobu Los Angeles (restaurant)
  3. Nobu Malibu (restaurant)
  4. KOI Restaurant (attraction)
  5. Tito's Tacos Mexican Restaurant (restaurant)
  6. Typhoon (restaurant)
  7. Paco's Tacos (restaurant)
  8. Hide Sushi (restaurant)
  9. Il Pastaio (restaurant)
  10. Mastro's Steakhouse (restaurant)
  11. Beverly Hills (neighborhood)
  12. Blu Jam Cafe (restaurant)
  13. Square One Dining (restaurant)
  14. Republique (restaurant)
  15. Pizzeria Mozza (restaurant)
  16. Park's BBQ (restaurant)
  17. SUGARFISH by Sushi Nozawa (restaurant)
  18. Eggslut (restaurant)
  19. The Pie Hole (restaurant)
  20. Sprinkles (restaurant)
  21. Urth Caffe (restaurant)
  22. Milk (attraction)
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answered by
John from Carlsbad (California)

On the high end, Spago Beverly Hills is my first choice in LA.The pastas and fish dishes are amazing (not that the other dishes are not great), great wine list with expert assistance, great service, and you very well may see a celebrity or two.  The waitstaff will point them out discretely if you ask.  Bring your wallet, but it's worth the price and less than some high-end places.  Lunch is less and has the original California pizzas.

Lucques is an excellent fine dining restaurant with an interesting menu.  The 4-course Sunday Supper at around $45 is a great deal, and the bar menu is reasonable and you can make a meal of it.

Angelini Osteria has some of the best Italian food in the city.  I also like Il Grano and Pizzeria Mozza has excellent antipasto, salads and daily specials in addition to great pizza.

I also like Joe's Restaurant in Venice for great food and a casual atmosphere.

Grab an In-N-Out Burger before you go home.  Have fun.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Spago Beverly Hills (restaurant)
  2. Lucques (restaurant)
  3. Angelini Osteria (restaurant)
  4. Il Grano (restaurant)
  5. Pizzeria Mozza (restaurant)
  6. Joe's Restaurant (restaurant)
  7. In-N-Out Burger (restaurant)
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answered by
Maria from Los Angeles

For seafood and shared dishes, Son of A Gun Restaurant on 3rd Street in West Hollywood is a must. World renowned chef. Definitely need a reservation however.

For gourmet Mexican, I love Mercado Los Angeles on 3rd Street. Their spicy margarita is outstanding. Love the side of grilled corn, too.

New Mexican "hot spot" is Toca Madera West Hollywood. For vegan Mexica, Gracias Madre is outstanding (plus great for photos - really pretty tiles, etc.).

If you want to go to the heart of Hollywood, try Chateau Marmont Restaurant or le Petit Four, both on Sunset Blvd. Chateau is an iconic hotel and the restaurant is great for people watching - guarantee a celebrity will be there. Petit Four has a robust menu - truly something for everyone - and everything I've tried is really good.

If you're heading to Venice area, my favorites are Gjelina and Salt Air.

In Manhattan Beach, The Strandhouse is outstanding and beautiful views of the Pacific. My new favorite restaurant is Love & Salt. It's described as "Italian inspired with California Soul." Everything is so tasty. The grilled flat iron steak is a MUST - comes with barley risotto, soft cooked egg, dandelion greens, black truffle butter. Nice wine selection, too.

Hope this helps!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Son of A Gun Restaurant (restaurant)
  2. Mercado Los Angeles (restaurant)
  3. Toca Madera West Hollywood (restaurant)
  4. Gracias Madre (restaurant)
  5. Chateau Marmont Restaurant (restaurant)
  6. le Petit Four (restaurant)
  7. Gjelina (restaurant)
  8. Salt Air (restaurant)
  9. The Strandhouse (attraction)
  10. Love & Salt (restaurant)
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answered by
Sally from Los Angeles

Where you're staying will make a difference depending on how much driving you'll actually want to do! :)

I've heard great things about Gjelina & gang (including Gjusta Bakery & the takeaway). 

I would opt out of Tito's Tacos Mexican Restaurant and go for Guisados instead. Much better tacos and a great variety. There are three locations. 

Republique and Terrine have amazing brunches, but are also excellent dinner choices as well. Both are french / new American fusion restaurants with some unique dish options.

If you like Peruvian tapas, Picca has delicious and amazing tapas, with lots of fresh seafood options.

Nobu Malibu for the best and most fresh sushi (go to the Malibu location for an amazing sunset view and reserve early!) but Hamasaku is a lower cost but still fresh and fun sushi option. 

Downtown: Bäco Mercat  Bar Ama  Church & State  Bestia are definite must visits. Also worth visiting Grand Central Market and trying Eggslut - get there early to avoid a long wait!

LA has plenty of great eats and is very much a foodie town. Enjoy! 

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Gjelina (restaurant)
  2. Gjusta Bakery (restaurant)
  3. Tito's Tacos Mexican Restaurant (restaurant)
  4. Guisados (restaurant)
  5. Republique (restaurant)
  6. Terrine (restaurant)
  7. Picca (restaurant)
  8. Nobu Malibu (restaurant)
  9. Hamasaku (restaurant)
  10. Bäco Mercat (restaurant)
  11. Bar Ama (attraction)
  12. Church & State (restaurant)
  13. Bestia (restaurant)
  14. Grand Central Market (restaurant)
  15. Eggslut (restaurant)
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answered by
Breanna from Los Angeles

Two places you can't miss -

Gracias Madre - make sure you request a seat at the outdoor patio. You never know who you'll be sitting next too... Beyonce, Jay-Z, Hilary Swank or the mayor, could be anyone! Plus their cocktails look like this and come with crazy things like vegan and organic homemade poprocks:

GQ just named smoke.oil.salt one of the best new restaurants in the country, basically because it is AHMAZING. Request to sit at the Chef's counter and tell Chef Perfecto that I sent you :) Order the Canelons De Rosa, and ask Perfecto where he got the recipe. If you're an adventurous eater, the Valencia Callos (tripe and chorizo stew) is not to be missed. Neither is the Uni Flan, if you're lucky and it's on the menu...

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Gracias Madre (restaurant)
  2. smoke.oil.salt (restaurant)
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answered by
Michelle from Los Angeles

On the Westside, I have a shortlist of places I rotate between that are so good I never want to go anywhere else! First off, you HAVE to do brunch at Huckleberry Cafe and Bakery. You'll be scared off by the line but don't let it deter you, because I promise you'll be thinking about the meal you had there for weeks to come. Ps- if you end up loving it, don't miss their sister restaurant Milo And Olive for dinner. It recently opened and their garlic knots are to die for. 

Sushi lovers will want to hit up Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa and order one of the "trust me" selections. The fish is so fresh that it will literally melt in your mouth--no soy sauce overload necessary! 

Burgers and fries lovers will want to head over to The Misfit Restaurant + Bar where the fun bar atmosphere provides a lively setting for dinner. The decor and high ceilings will remind you of a classic New York style library bar--don't skip out on the blue cheese fries. So worth the splurge!

At Tar and Roses, the food is stellar and the bar seats are the best in the house so you can get prime attention from the chefs in the open kitchen style. 

If you're in the Venice area, don't miss Gjelina and Tasting Kitchen, although reservations are VERY necessary even weeks in advance for dinner. Sometimes you can get lucky if you don't mind waiting around an hour, but again--make a reservation to save some time. Gjelina is a great spot for veggie lovers who crave unique flavors. For vegan foodies, a personal favorite is Cafe Gratitude which is just as much an authentic California experience as it is a super healthy (but delicious) eatery. Make sure you ask your waiter to let you know the question of the day to spark some pre-dinner conversation!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Huckleberry Cafe and Bakery (restaurant)
  2. Milo And Olive (attraction)
  3. Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa (restaurant)
  4. The Misfit Restaurant + Bar (restaurant)
  5. Tar and Roses (restaurant)
  6. Gjelina (restaurant)
  7. Tasting Kitchen (restaurant)
  8. Cafe Gratitude (attraction)
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answered by
Jake from Los Angeles

Like others I also recommended Gjelina and Tasting Kitchen - they're both on Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice Beach, where there's plenty of other great choices for food and coffee too.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Gjelina (restaurant)
  2. Tasting Kitchen (restaurant)
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answered by
Ashley from Los Angeles

Cheap and Easy: In-N-Out Burger (always a classic, tons of locations), JINYA Ramen Bar (I live right around the corner and eat here OFTEN), Blue Plate Oysterette (specifically their 4-6 p.m. $1 oyster happy hour on weekedays!)

Great for trying and sharing lots of things: Night + Market Song (Great Thai place), Animal (Pricey but amazing food, small plates for sharing, good for a date night!)

Fun Atmosphere: A-FrameThe Upper West

Great for lunch or dinner: Milo And Olive

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. In-N-Out Burger (restaurant)
  2. JINYA Ramen Bar (restaurant)
  3. Blue Plate Oysterette (restaurant)
  4. Night + Market Song (restaurant)
  5. Animal (restaurant)
  6. A-Frame (restaurant)
  7. The Upper West (restaurant)
  8. Milo And Olive (attraction)
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answered by
Brooke from Greensboro, North Carolina

For small plates and veggies, Bäco Mercat downtown is great and not budget-busting. Bestia would be great for adventurous eaters and is hugely popular at the moment. Guisados Tacos has multiple locations and are my favorite tacos in the city (also super cheap!). If you want something very "LA," I'd recommend Gracias Madre or Cafe Gratitude, both of which are vegan, but really delicious. 

Sqirl and Grand Central Market are wonderful for breakfast or lunch!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Bäco Mercat (restaurant)
  2. Bestia (restaurant)
  3. Guisados Tacos (restaurant)
  4. Gracias Madre (restaurant)
  5. Cafe Gratitude (restaurant)
  6. Sqirl (restaurant)
  7. Grand Central Market (restaurant)
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answered by
Phil from Arcadia

Diversity is what LA is known for so I recommend skipping American / Continental cuisine and exploring what Minneapolis doesn't have a whole lot of:

Chinese in the San Gabriel Valley -Din Tai Fung is a favorite and is only available in SoCal except for 1 outpost in Seattle.

Japanese - Little Osaka on the Westside is great (Hide Sushi or Ramen spots Tsujita LA or Daikokuya) or Sushi Row in the Valley (Katsu-ya is a favorite and you can get Fugu if you dare).

Korean in K-town - We have the highest concentration of Koreans outside of Korea so you'll find a ton of great places... or you can look for the Kogi truck that kind of kick-started the food truck craze.

Indian in Artesia - you'll find good stuff all over but I particularly like the sweets and Surati Farsan is good for that.

Mexican - too many spots all over LA.  Tito's Tacos Mexican Restaurant in Culver City is always good.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Din Tai Fung (restaurant)
  2. Little Osaka (neighborhood)
  3. Hide Sushi (restaurant)
  4. Tsujita LA (restaurant)
  5. Daikokuya (restaurant)
  6. Surati Farsan (restaurant)
  7. Tito's Tacos Mexican Restaurant (restaurant)
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answered by
Mike from Los Angeles

Osteria Mozza is very very very good. I think Gjelina is overrated even though I was sitting next to Gordon Ramsay, and pizza was way too salty. Even Ramsay did not finish his, so... 

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Osteria Mozza (restaurant)
  2. Gjelina (restaurant)
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answered by
A from California

If you are sticking westside this is a very good list. I'd add Sunny Spot (venice -- dinner), Superba Food + Bread (venice/Santa monica -- breakfast), Milo And Olive (santa monica/brentwood -- lunch/dinner), Rustic Canyon Wine Bar (santa monica -- dinner)

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Sunny Spot (restaurant)
  2. Superba Food + Bread (restaurant)
  3. Milo And Olive (attraction)
  4. Rustic Canyon Wine Bar (restaurant)
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answered by
Carol from Olympia (Washington)

Some of my favorites are Saddle Peak lodge Saddle Peak Lodge, The Lab Brewing Co. Agoura Rd, Geoffrey's Malibu Geoffrey's Malibu, The Beach Café Paradise Cove Cafe. Probably the most expensive would be Yamashiro's in Hollywood, they have fantastic city views Yamashiro.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Saddle Peak Lodge (restaurant)
  2. Agoura Rd (attraction)
  3. Geoffrey's Malibu (restaurant)
  4. Paradise Cove Cafe (restaurant)
  5. Yamashiro (restaurant)
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answered by
Scott from San Francisco

Pizzeria Mozza


Langer's Delicatessen-Restaurant 

And get yourself some Kogi (tacos, burritos, you name it) from a Kogi Truck.  If you leave LA without trying Kogi you're truly missing out.  

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Pizzeria Mozza (restaurant)
  2. A-Frame (restaurant)
  3. Langer's Delicatessen-Restaurant (restaurant)
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top answer by
Jillian from Los Angeles

Here it goes. Sticking to some of my favorites on the westside so this doesn't become a novel. :)

In Venice, Gjelina Take Away - for almost anything to grab and go (or sit on the crates outside). Definitely try their pizza by the slice, breakfast sandwich, toasts, scones, veggies, and meatballs. Same owners have Gjusta Bakery which is just as insane but much bigger. Gjelina is their sit down spot, but for dinner, I honestly prefer GTA or Gjusta because 1. it's always ridiculously hard to get a reservation and 2. the pizza is better take away and 3. the staff is getting a slight bit too hipster for their own good (just because you're wearing a cool hat, you can still be nice!). With that being said, it's still really delicious. If you dine in, try to get a spot on their back patio and go for brunch/lunch. 

Tasting Kitchen - get the pasta. It's the best I've had in Los Angeles. Yes, even over Bestia - which is another place DTLA you. must. get. the. pasta.  Back to Tasting Kitchen-- I much prefer this place for dining in over Gjelina for dinner. The servers are friendly, and the food amazing. They have a great wine & cocktail list too. Make reservations in advance as they are always booked, especially if you're in a large group. This is the tagliarini with shrimp we ordered last week. Yep.

Salt Air - one of my favorites on Abbot Kinney and usually easier to get into. With that said, I'd still make reservations. Beer and wine only, the butter lettuce salad is killer, monkey bread for dessert, and any fish is a solid choice.

Scopa Italian Roots - another solid spot for Italian. Much bigger space, but I would still make reservations. If you stop in, it's likely you'll wait a few hours for a table with a big group. Everything is yummy. Honestly. My favorite is the Ricotta Crostini-- because whats not to love about bread and cheese!

MB Post - great for large groups-- I went there for a bachelorette party and it was perfect. Chef David knows what he's doing. The bacon cheddar biscuits have never let me down. And the brussels are really popular and delish. It all is really. Right next door too is Fishing with Dynamite which is one of my favorites in Manhattan Beach, but it is pretty small so better for 2-4 people. 

North End Caffe - I think I'm addicted to this place for lunch (not open for dinner). It's the perfect spot to grab lunch after a morning on the beach (or in my case, the office!). I usually order the Princapessa salad and sit outside with an ocean view. Tough life, I know. I can't write about it anymore or I might have to go and get one now!

Playa Provisions for brunch. It's just fresh and yummy, and good atmosphere for a group. Get this, you can order a Redneck Benedict and it comes with can of Miller High Life in a paper bag. Ha! House bloody mary's and mimosas hit the spot, skillet baked eggs are delish, and of course the cinnamon roll.

M Street Kitchen - can you say happy hour M-F from 4-6:30? $2 tacos, $7 pulled chicken nachos (these are the best), $5 glasses of wine and $3 beers. And you have to get one of their chocolate chip cookies with sea salt. Trust me on this one. Plus there is a really nice patio and good vibe. Also a big fan of their weekend brunch! After you girls should walk down main street and bop around some of the shops!

Alibi Room - for their kogi tacos. Chef Roy Choi( just knows how to do it right. Bring on the tacos and a beer and I am happy. :)

Last but not least, you should try some ramen while you're in LA! The best place is Tsujita LA Artisan Noodles Annex - make sure it's the Annex. I prefer the Tsukemen (noodles are separate). It's really small and will probably be a little wait, but I've been with a group of 6 and we made it work. After you girls can go next door for some karaoke too!

I could go on and on, but hope this helps for now. Let me know if you need any other suggestions. Have fun eating your way through LA!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Gjelina Take Away (attraction)
  2. Gjusta Bakery (restaurant)
  3. Gjelina (restaurant)
  4. Tasting Kitchen (restaurant)
  5. Bestia (restaurant)
  6. Salt Air (restaurant)
  7. Scopa Italian Roots (restaurant)
  8. MB Post (restaurant)
  9. Fishing with Dynamite (restaurant)
  10. Manhattan Beach (city)
  11. North End Caffe (restaurant)
  12. Playa Provisions (restaurant)
  13. M Street Kitchen (restaurant)
  14. Alibi Room (restaurant)
  15. Tsujita LA Artisan Noodles Annex (restaurant)
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answered by

Happy hour Fig at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows is THE BEST choice. Get there at 4:50 pm. All food and drinks are half off from 5 pm - 6 pm. Not select items, everything. I recommend the apps and the stuff dates.

Blue Plate Taco is a good choice if you like tacos, margaritas and its warm out (so you can people watch outside).

The Misfit Restaurant + Bar is a cool, hipster spot. The chicken sandwich is killer.

Del Frisco's Grille is a higher end steak joint. We usually sit at the bar and people watch.

Hotel Shangri-La. Awesome view of the pier here. We usually just grab drinks and watch the sunset.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Fig (restaurant)
  2. Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows (hotel)
  3. Blue Plate Taco (restaurant)
  4. The Misfit Restaurant + Bar (restaurant)
  5. Del Frisco's Grille (restaurant)
  6. Hotel Shangri-La (hotel)
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answered by
Julia from Los Angeles

Here are a few in varying neighborhoods that are some of my favorites!

1. Gjelina (Venice) - small plates

2. Petit Trois(West Hollywood) - French (tiny place, no reservations)

3. Republique (Miracle Mile)

4. Tar and Roses (Santa Monica) - small plates

5. Kanpai (El Segundo) - best sushi!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Gjelina (restaurant)
  2. Petit Trois (restaurant)
  3. Republique (restaurant)
  4. Tar and Roses (restaurant)
  5. Kanpai (restaurant)
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answered by
Cindy from Los Angeles

My top places are Silver Lake Ramen- the tonkotsu and veggie ramen are the best; Bottega Louie - great overall restaurant with an awesome vibe; and Sushi Sasabune Beverly Hills - their Omakase is what turned me onto raw fish forever.

I'd check out Golden Road Brewing. They are a local brewery with some tasty beers and they have a good cast iron lasagna and banh mi sandwich.

Speaking of banh mi, there's Little Saigon located 45 minutes south in the OC for great authentic Vietnamese food. Or my favorite banh mi is the Pork Belly Banh Mi at Mendocino Farms. I drool.

Taiwanese & Chinese food are aplenty in the SGV which is about 20 minutes east of Los Angeles. There's Little Tokyo in downtown for Japanese food.


Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Silver Lake Ramen (restaurant)
  2. Bottega Louie (restaurant)
  3. Sushi Sasabune Beverly Hills (restaurant)
  4. Golden Road Brewing (attraction)
  5. Little Saigon (attraction)
  6. Mendocino Farms (restaurant)
  7. Little Tokyo (neighborhood)
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answered by
Brenda from Long Beach

If you want to see movie stars, athletes, and music industry people go to Craig's. Sadly, I guess that's part of the Los Angeles restaurant experience.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Craig's (restaurant)
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