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Veronica from Florence asked

Best areas to stay to see Hollywood Walk of Fame and Rodeo Drive?

I've booked a trip to Los Angeles for a week to see to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, famous Hollywood sign and walk down Rodeo Drive!

What areas should I stay, and what are some good hotels in those areas? I'm open to moving hotels to stay closer to the sights and would love recommendations across all budget levels.

Los Angeles (California)

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Jillian from Los Angeles

I live in Los Angeles and I'd recommend you stay in West Hollywood which is a great central area in between both Beverly Hills and Hollywood. My West Hollywood budget picks:

Farmer's Daughter Hotel - great location close to the farmers market as well as a close walk to Joan's on Third Cafe which is a must stop for lunch on your way to Beverly Hills.

Beverly Laurel Motor Hotel - bonus for the classic Swingers diner for milkshakes and late night food right below. Plus across the street is Cooks County Restaurant where you can grab happy hour (only Sun-Friday). The food is locally sourced, and so fresh!

I'd definitely recommend checking out Griffith Observatory for a closer view of the Hollywood Sign and overall views of Los Angeles. Best part, it's free! 

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JR from Manhattan Beach

Rather than stay next to either Rodeo Drive or Walk of Fame, I would recommend staying central to both... say in West Hollywood. Here's a couple good spots. 

  • Farmer's Daughter Hotel  This is a more budget friendly option. It's a short drive to both your attractions. It's what i would call a "boutique motel". Mid priced, quirky, fun. Caters to younger hip travlers. Free wifi too :) Also nearby The Grove, another shopping hub in LA. 
  • The Orlando - this is hipper boutique hotel and close to other great shopping/eating on 3rd. Walk to Son of A Gun Restaurant for lunch and have the fried chicken sandwich. It has every local I know raving about it. 

But if you decide you want to stay closer, here's a couple of idea/thoughts:

Hollywood Walk of Fame is in the heart of the touristy Hollywood area. One thing that many people are shocked by when they arrive there is just how dirty it is. I hate to break it to you, but it's not nearly as glamorous as most people imagine. Also, there are almost 3,000 stars on the walk so if you want to see someone special, you can use this handy list from the LA Times to find it.

Staying near the walk of fame here's a couple ideas. I'd expect to pay $300+/night at these. 

  • Loews Hollywood Hotel - this is one of the newer places at the Hollywood and Highland complex. It's kinda businessy, but reliable. Price will be higher end. You can walk to walk of fame. I've been to a couple conferences here, and I would have no problem recommending someone stay here if they want to be in the mix of the Hollywood Blvd scene but also able to escape it a bit.
  • Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel - This has more character than the lowes because it was originally built in the 1920's and in the last 10 years had a huge remodel. It's got cool old school vibe, and there is some decent nightlife at the lobby/pool bars if you're into that. 

Rodeo Drive is in the heart of Beverly Hills and obviously a huge draw for tourist as well as wealthy locals. It's iconic and worth a stop. If you want to buy something that won't break the bank, try a locals favorite, Sprinkles where you can buy a cupcake from their Cupcake ATM... kinda fun. 

  • Beverly Wilshire Hotel is at the end of Rodeo. It's iconic but most people know it because Pretty Woman was filmed here. Big time splurge, but it's literally across the street from everything you want to see on Rodeo.
  • There are plenty of other high end options too: Montage Beverly Hills (brand new and great location) or The Beverly Hills Hotel (classic old-time hollywood hang out. Worth going in for a drink to see it even if you don't stay there).

Have fun!!

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answered by
Courtney from Los Angeles

Hi, Veronica, 

I think trying a few different hotels is a cool idea! Here are few that might be helpful organized by neighborhood:

West Hollywood - this area is about mid-point between Hollywood and Beverly Hills. It's a little hipster-y but there's a lot there to see on foot like The Grove shopping mall, CBS Television City where you can see shows taped and some great shopping areas like N Robertson Blvd. Also some great celeb-sighting spots like The Ivy

  • Farmer's Daughter Hotel - little bit on the hipster side, but fun and near walkable attractions. It's about mid-way between the areas you mention here. Also in the same general area is the Beverly Laurel Motor Hotel which sounds dumpy, but it isn't. Very reasonably priced for such a centrally located place--lots of walkable attractions if you're not going to have a car.
  • I used to stay at the Sunset Marquis a lot for work as well and thought it was great. LOVELY pool area where you can just sit and drink all day. :)

Hollywood - this honestly isn't my favorite area of town (Hollywood Boulevard is actually pretty un-glamorous) but it is one of my favorite areas for hotels. Lots within walking distance, but not a terribly attractive area in my opinion. 

  • I used to work down the block from the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and occasionally stayed there when we had events and loved it. Lovely old historic hotel and a GREAT spot for celebrity sightings, too.
  • I'm also a HUGE fan of the Chateau Marmont. So much history and so much scandal associated with this place! Speaking of celebrity sightings you almost can't avoid the celebs here. It's more bare bones that you would think but still great. I also highly recommend the Bar Marmont which is one of my favorite bars in L.A. Whatever you do, though, make reservations for the Bar Marmont otherwise you'll be waiting for hours to get in. (This would actually be my first choice of a hotel and is kind of on the border of Hollywood and West Hollywood).

Beverly Hills - Beverly Hills is pretty much exactly what you expect it to be. Celeb sightings, great people watching, not a ton of character. There are, however, a couple of great hotels there. 

  • If you really want an amazing experience, you might want to splurge on a night or two at the The Beverly Hills Hotel which feels like something out of a Doris Day movie. Love, love, love this place. I would have lunch there at the Polo Loungeor the Fountain Coffee Room
  • Speaking of pools, I'd also recommend the Avalon Hotel Beverly Hills. If I'm remembering correctly, this used to be a nursing home in the 50s but now it's a really cute little retro hotel. They have a wonderful pool area with these cute little mini-sitting areas that I love.

Century City (California) - this is mostly a business/studio area with not a lot to do or see other than the Constellation Eb & Mgm Dr Mb but it's pretty close to Beverly Hills. 

  • While I'm on a pool kick, you might want to also look into the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza. They have a GREAT if busy pool area that is so much fun to hang out in. Great rooms as well--I once stayed here for about a week for a conference and really liked it. 

Hope that helps--there are tons of options in this particular part of town so you shouldn't have much trouble finding something!

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  26. Hyatt Regency Century Plaza (hotel)
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answered by
Jake from Los Angeles

Hi Veronica, for a mid-priced hotel, other commenters have good suggestions and to those I would add Elan Hotel - international feel, nice neighborhood and centrally located between Rodeo Drive and the Hollywood Walk of fame

A short walk from the hotel is Kings Road Cafe for lunch or cappuccino. Close by is the famous Italian restaurant Madeo Restaurant - my friends from Italy eat there on every trip to Los Angeles. Also near is Joan's on Third Cafe which was recommended by other commenters.

The hotel is close to shopping, from outdoor malls like The Grove and Farmers Market to boutiques on Beverly Blvd and West 3rd St. Also a short drive away are designer stores on Melrose Blvd, with iconic LA retailers such as Fred Segal

If you want to try a luxurious hotel in another part of town, Shutters On the Beach in Santa Monica is great.

Have fun!


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  3. Hollywood Walk of fame (attraction)
  4. Kings Road Cafe (restaurant)
  5. Madeo Restaurant (restaurant)
  6. Joan's on Third Cafe (restaurant)
  7. The Grove (attraction)
  8. Farmers Market (attraction)
  9. Fred Segal (attraction)
  10. Shutters On the Beach (hotel)
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Kristal from San Francisco

Hi Veronica, 

I can help you out with areas so you can search for hotels in your price range. Hollywood obviously is central to the Walk of Fame, but there's also West HollywoodSunset StripCentury City (California)Beverly Hills and Fairfax that are all within 10 minutes of the places you want to go. 

To name a few in the Hollywood area, there's:

The London West Hollywood Hotel- for a fun place to go out, there's a class bar called Whisky a Go Go right up the street. You're within walking distance to Sunset Blvd that has endless restaurants and nightlife options

W Hotel Hollywood- Again, right down the street from Hollywood Boulevard. Great restaurants and sight seeing on this street. Bonus points for this hotel because they have a spa too!

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel- Recently renovated and has one of the best pool parties in LA

The Standard, Hollywood- Awesome pool, great location, and a 24/7 restaurant. 

The Redbury @ Hollywood and Vine- the Hollywood Walk of fame is seriously a two minute walk from here which is awesome. As is the Mann's Chinese Theater (great area for celeb sightings)

Loews Hollywood Hotel- Also close to the walk of fame. This place is cool because you can see the famous Hollywood Sign from here!

Hope this helps!


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