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Carson (California)

Supun from Carson (California) asked

Orcas in the South Bay

I just saw in my Heal the Bay newsletter that they are celebrating orcas bring spotted near Palos Verdes and El Segundo for the first time in a while--meaning the water is good enough for them now or other animals they feed on are back. I've always wanted to see them in the wild. I'm boycotting Sea World type places.

I've never gone whale watching near LA. How is it? I checked prices and it looks like the regular whale watching tours go for about $20-35. I was wondering if there's any groups that would go just to find the orcas. Are there any tour groups that are associated with marine biology research teams that would know where to find them? If it's not too crazy expensive it might even be fun to find a boat that could be chartered to go on an orca expedition. I have no idea.

When I was in the Azcores, I went with a tour group called Futurismo to see dolphins in the wild. They were associated with some research teams, giving them a revenue stream and data about where the pods of dolphins go around the islands. I felt they were respectful of the animals and the environment and used the tour to promote conservation. It was a really nice educational experience. The tour guides had a really interesting appreciation for the ocean. Finding something like that here would be awesome! 

Anyone know how long the orcas might stay in town? 

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Katharine from Avalon

They occasionally make it out to Catalina and we had been in contact with Alisa Schulman-Janige, a killer whale researcher who specializes in California killer whales, offshore type killer whales, and the LA Pod. If you are interested in whales check out the American Cetacean Society, Los Angeles Chapter Along with the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, ACS-LA trains docents to accompany whalewatch trips. Trips are available late December through April. Details at

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thanks for the info. a friend of mine also told me to look up Alisa too. I saw her on the news. I'll call up those numbers in the links you sent me to see what's possible. cheers

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Dean from Redondo Beach

I don't know but I can check. Redondo Beach has a pier..  

Sometimes you could see the whales from the beach. and sometimes you see a lot of people pointing at it. 

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