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Kotie asked

Best stops from London to Budapest

Where to sleep

London (United Kingdom) Budapest (Hungary)

1 Answer
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Mary from Leicester
I'm going to assume you're travelling by car? It would have been useful to know how many drivers are available: 2 drivers can drive further more safely than just one.
I'm also going to assume you're using the Eurotunnel or Dover>Calais ferry.
My driving time estimates do not factor in traffic congestion, roadworks, rest-stops or navigation issues so be prepared to be flexible. 
My overnight suggestions are aimed at just one driver. If there are two drivers it would be possible to do the journey with just one overnight stop (I'd suggest somewhere around Frankfurt).
Day 1: 
It'll take you 3+ hours to drive from London and get across to Calais (France). From there you'll take the A16 then the E40 so I suggest your first overnight should be somewhere in the Brussels area, roughly another 3 hours of driving.
Day 1: 6+ hours driving.
Day 2: From Brussels you'll continue on the E40 to the German border near Aachen, changing to the 44 and then the 4 as you travel towards and around the southern edge of Cologne. From Cologne you'll take the 3 towards and around the southern edge of Frankfurt, continuing on the 3 towards Nuremberg. I suggest you make your second overnight stop somewhere near Nuremburg
Day 2: 6+ hours driving.
Day 3: You'll continue on the 3 until it changes to the A8 as it crosses the Austrian border near Suben.
Continue on the A8 until you're nearly at Wels, then take the A25 to join the E60/A1. Take the E60/A1 almost to Vienna then take the A21> S1 to skirt the southern edge of the city and join the A4.
The A4 changes to the M1/E60 as it crosses the Hungarian border.
Continue to follow the M1/E60 to Budapest.
Day 3: 7+ hours driving.

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