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London, Manchester, United Kingdom, Manchester (United Kingdom), England

Traveling to & From Airport and between cities!!

My question... I am going to be staying in London for about a week, then traveling to Manchester to stay a week, then back to London.  I fly into London and fly out of it (Heathrow).

My questions...

1) What is the best (fastest, cheapest, smartest) way to get from London Heathrow to Central London (SOHO area)?


2) What is best way to get from London (Soho area) to Manchester (Piccadilly) via train?  How should, and where should I get my train tickets? Etc!



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Heathrow Airport to Central London, your options are train, tube or coach (or taxi, if someone else is paying!).  Depends how much you want to spend and how much of a hurry you are in!

Mainline train services go to London Paddington Railway Station (PAD). There is the Heathrow Express (15 mins, £35 return), or the slower Heathrow Connect (26 mins, £20 return).  You will still need to tube into Soho from there, but it's not too far.

The Piccadilly tube line runs direct from Heathrow into the heart of Soho... it will cost about £9 off-peak, but this will give you access to the entire tube & bus network for the day. It takes 1 hour, but can be a fun way to warm up to London!

Coach services with National Express run to Victoria Coach Station (not far from Soho).. about £10, and takes 45-55 mins.

To get to Manchester, you can either go by coach or by train.  Coach can take 4-6 hours, but only costs £20-30.  Train takes 2 hrs.. off-peak returns are £80, but if you book in advance you can get tickets for £35... avoid travelling at peak times (anytime tickets are an eye-watering £320 .. you might as well fly for that money!!).


Let me know if you have questions about ticket types, and when/where you can buy them etc... only whilst writing this post did I realise how confusing it all is :)

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Emma from Jersey

I would suggest the train into London and to Manchester and the tube when in London.  The coach journey is SLOW and may not be cheaper.

It's definitely worth buying your train tickets as far in advance as you can to get the best deals.  I would recommend the  

You can buy 'One Day Travelcards' in London which allows unlimited travel on buses and the tube but it's worth comparing the cost of these to the actual journeys you are going to make as it may be more cost effective to buy individual tickets.   If you are going to be in London for a while, ie, more than 3 days, it might be worth getting an Oyster Card.  The link for visitors from outside of the UK is here.  An Oyster Card works in a similar way to a travelcard.  You basically add funds to cover the number of journeys you think you will make and then as you make them the funds are deducted from your Oyster card.  It means you don't have to queue up to keep buying tickets and the journey costs are lower.

There are all sorts of other passes, ie, London Pass which gives travel and 'reduced' entry to sites but I would recommend that you spend time working out if these will actually save you any money as you can get really good deals .  2for1 London offers just that - all you need is a train ticket (see website for details of the ones they accept) to get another person in for free.  You can take advantage of this offer by buying a train ticket for any journey, even one stop, you don't need to make the journey.

Enjoy your trip!

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Dabs from Chicago

If you are staying near a Piccadilly line station (blue line), the cheapest and usually easiest way to get there is the tube from Heathrow which runs directly from the airport, budget about an hour of travel time.  You can get a zone 1-2 7 day travelcard at Heathrow, loaded onto an Oyster Card, then add on a little money to get to central London, the agent who is selling it can tell you how much you need (peak vs. off peak).

I'm doing Manchester-London later this year and when I was originally looking it seemed like Virgin trains were the best option, once I get my airfare booked I'm going to look for tickets again, seems like about 120 days out the tickets were available and much cheaper although you are locked into a specific train if you book it.

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Julia from Kyiv, Ukraine

1) TFL(Transport for London) created the best tool ever to help you schedule the best logistics plan in terms of time and public transport usage. Use it to find the "fasted, cheapest, smartest" way to do so:

You'll probably need an oyster card to handle all your city travel expenses, so buy (lease, since you can give it back and get your money) one at Heathrow Airport or almost at any tube station.

BTW, if you would need to navigate around London, use Citymapper app.

2) You'll need Euston Square London Underground Station (tube station, the closest to London Euston). You can buy tickets there or purchase them online.

I hope that helps. Safe travels!

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Hey Paul

The fastest way to Central London from Heathrow Airport is via the Heathrow Express ( The journey takes around 15 minutes, and once arriving at London Paddington Railway Station (PAD) you can board the underground to navigate the city.

Alternatively, you can board the London underground at Heathrow. Be advised whilst this is a cheaper method of travel, it can take between 45-60 minutes to reach central London during busier periods. 

Travelling to Manchester from London is easy via rail. There are direct lines that run from London Euston Railway Station (EUS) that take around 2 hours. I'd recommend booking tickets at

Hope this helps!

- J

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Rory from Manchester

Heathrow to Soho

The quickest route is to catch the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station which takes about 15 minutes, from there you want to catch the Bakerloo Underground Line to Oxford Circus, this journey takes about 5 minutes and the walk from Oxford Circus to Soho is a further 5 minutes. Be warned, Heathrow Express is a fairly expensive option, alternatively you can take the Piccadilly line from Heathrow, which takes about 40 minutes extra, provided you're not in a rush this option is much more cost effective.

Soho to Euston

The distance is just over a mile so perhaps the best bet would be walking, however it would probably be a good idea if you can avoid rush hour and travel at around 11am. Directions can be found here.

Heathrow to Manchester (was unsure whether this was what you were implying, ignore if it isn't)

The most direct and cost effective route will be to catch the underground (Piccadilly Line) from Heathrow to Green Park and then the Victoria Line to London Euston. Alternatively, if you're feeling active, you could take the Piccadilly Line all the way through to Kings Cross St. and walk to Euston, which is about a 10 minute walk.

Trains from Euston to Manchester are fairly regular and the direct journey is usually just over 2 hours in duration, the best place to look for tickets would either be or

Hope this proves of some use.


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Brett from Long Beach

1) If you're looking for cheap and easy, just take the Tube.  Piccadilly Line toward Cockfosters and then get off at Piccadilly Circus or Leicester Square.  That'll get you pretty close.

2) Trains to Manchester leave from London Euston Railway Station (EUS) all day long.  Hop on the Northern line of the Tube at Leicester Square or Tottenham Court and it'll take you north to Euston.  You can buy tickets before you go at

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David from Birmingham, United Kingdom

Heathrow Airport is on the Piccadilly tube line - perfectly safe, relatively fast (for London). By far the best way to go. It'll take you right to - unsurprisingly - Piccadilly Circus, which is right next to Soho (it's a large tube stop and above ground it can be a bit disorienting so take time to get your bearings)

You can buy the train tickets at the train station (Euston) but best to buy in advance because they'll be much cheaper

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Linda from Nashville

THE CHEAPEST  way to get from London Heathrow is with the Tube... the London Connect train is faster but more expensive... here is the Tube information

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For your second question i would say train form London to Manchester Piccadilly Buy your ticket at the train station as far in advance as you can to save money you can book on line as well hope this helps

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