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London, Oslo, Kathmandu, Muscat

Transit visa.

Hello. My wife is going to nepal from oslo to london to muscat to kathmandu. She is holding nepalese passport but she is living here in norway. She has Norwegian residence permit card. She will fly with SAS airline from oslo to london heathrow 2 and departure from heathrow 4 to muscat with Oman airline. Will she need transit visa to transit in london heathrow? She has 5 hours transit in london heathrow.

3 Answers

answered first by
Mary from Leicester

You need to look at the official UK government website:

As a Nepalese citizen your wife would normally need a DATV (direct airside transit visa) to make an airside transit at any United Kingdomairport. However, Norway is in the European Economic Area (EEA) so her Norwegian residence permit should, in theory, meet this exemption listed on the site above:

>a common format residence permit issued by an European Economic Area (EEA) country or Switzerland

If your wife needs to go landside (for example, to collect checked luggage and re-check it for the onward flight) things are different. She will need to go through UK border control to enter the UK and go landside. 

As a Nepalese citizen your wife would normally need a Visitor in Transit visa to enter the UK.  

She might be allowed to enter without a visa (please note the word 'might', which is also used on the official site) because she has >a common format residence permit issued by an European Economic Area (EEA) country or Switzerland< but there are no guarantees. The decision will be made by the border officer who deals with her on the day. 

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answered by
Olav from Asker

Hello again,

My Nepali friend in Norway who transits London once in a while is a Norwegian passport holder now, and since the times have changed in terms of controls and security since she travelled on a Nepalese passport, she cannot give you any particular advice. If you transit from T2  to T4 you apparently need to get on the land side and travel a short distance by train between the terminals, and then again depart UK with the usual controls at T4. That means arriving UK, and then departing UK again. I have done this also, between South America and Norway, and it is a nuicance. I guess she can do this transit without any further documents than her Norwegian residence permit and passport, however, my advice is that you contact the UK embassy/counsular office here in Oslo and ask them directly. 

answered by
Olav from Asker

I am forwarding your question to a friend here in Norway holding a Nepalese passport, travelling the exactly same route shortly. Will get back to you with her information. However, Mary (below) probably holds the answer; easy, call the UK Embassy/Consular office here in Oslo

In general, my advice to people travelling between Nepal and Scandinavia has been to avoid UK airports due to it being a non-Shengen country and not very considerate to transit passengers losing their flights due to long queues and useless non-Shengen, non-entry inspections, long layovers in Delhi (the cheap tickets!!!) Paris (confusing, time consuming, delays, baggage troubles), and any short transits in Frankfurt. All that said, never depart Oslo short of time if you are leaving the Shengen zone, since passport controls are chronically understaffed. Passport controls can take a lot of time. Baggage inspection, however, is a breeze, since it is by multiple scanners that you do not see on departure or arrival. Don't arrive Scandinavia with a short international or domestic connection either, as Shengen entry passport queues are equally formidable, staff are in short supply on this side, too, especially during the summer time. Welcome, but bring a good, small-sized book for the queue.

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