Maggie Pe

Maggie asked June 15, 2017

London: Staying near the Waterloo station-safe or not? Rundown or nice?

Hello there-First timers headed to London. Looking at some places to rent within a few minutes walk to Waterloo Station. (near lower marsh) Read mixed reviews from years ago. Wondering if it's turned around from what I read and a bit nice. A good choice for family of 4? We are happy to do walking, tube and bus. Very much want to be able to walk out of door and feel like we are in the middle of lots to do/see, etc. Drawn to it for it being close to London Eye, but could easily make that a day trip if we choose to stay someplace on the other side of the Thames. Seems after reading reviews about so many areas, I'm still at a loss for what areas to consider/stay clear from. We'll be there a week, and have a decent budget. Prefer vrbo over hotel, just for the room to spread out on our downtime. I'd love some help in choosing an area to call home near a tube, some shops and places to eat/enjoy a beer. Many thanks for your input.


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  • Monica Wambold

    Monica W. answered

    The area is in transition and is better than it was and has more choices thx to London Eye the National Theatre rebuild and improvements of river bank. But frankly I would never choose it as a place to stay w children. Nothing charming. Noisy busy ugly ( sorry anyone who's there!). Try looking for the parks on London map and choose Airbnb or whatever right near those parks Regent's Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Park Gardens, even Battersea Park(St James's Park, Green Parkst will be too central/ will be expensive). Hope this helps!

  • Robert Baker

    Robert B. from London answered

    Personally I think Waterloo is a great place to stop for a week. The Eurostar platforms (before relocating to Kings Cross) made the local area smarten up from what was a bit dingy ten years ago. From Lower Marsh you can walk to almost every tourist and fun site in town and from the neighbourhood website you get an idea of what it looks like (& how safe) it is today

    Best wishes


  • Michael McKinnon

    Michael M. from Tacoma answered

    The area near Paddington Station has many hotel and B and B options, pubs and restaurants and good underground, bus and Heathrow connections.

    Pimlico/Victoria also offers options similar to those near Paddington as well as good bus connections to the West End.

  • Dabs

    Dabs N. from Chicago answered

    There's a lot of stuff south of the Thames now, Waterloo is near all of the restaurants and attractions at South Bank, 10-15 minutes on foot from Lower Marsh. Lower Marsh is near a theater that I just went to called the Vaults, the area around it didn't seem to be particularly hopping and I had a heck of a time finding the theater so if you decide to stay there ask which exit to leave Waterloo to get you going in the right direction.

    Personally I like to stay in the area within the boundaries of the Circle Line, I've stayed outside it as well. The more central you are, the more your stay will cost in general. I love staying near Trafalgar Square as I love theater and tend to go to a show every night and like being near the TKTS booth in Leicester Square but it's the most expensive part of the city

  • Donna Weisz

    Donna W. answered

    London is divided into two halves, north and south of the river. Where you are suggesting, is the south side of the river. I personally am a north side person! My suggestion is to stay anywhere with a W1 or WC1/2 postal code. Then you will be really central, and will be able to go anywhere by public transport or foot. Hope this helps.

  • Becky DeFazio

    Becky D. from Pittsburgh answered

    I stayed at the Premier Inn at County Hall, directly next to the London Eye and the Westminster Bridge Rd. I travelled alone as a 28 year old female. I felt very safe. I walked from both the Waterloo station and Westminster station at night. I made sure to walk quickly and not hang around, just get where I was going. I recommend the location as it's convenient to walk to many attractions or hop on the tube.

  • Monica Wambold

    Monica W. answered

    While it's true there have been many improvements it's still an area I would steer away from w children, and esp as first time visitors. . London has so many charming neighborhoods and this is not one. Busy, traffic congestion, ... would strongly advise against. Suggest you look at map and favor ateas that fringe the parks. Hyde Park, Regent's Park, Holland Park, Kensington Gardens and stay within the circle line roughly. Areas to consider include pimlico bayswater maida vale Gloucester Road. It's a walking town so stay somewhere w shops and cafes and parks or garden squares and little streets forget staying near s major train station!! The tube will take you everywhere to visit eg London Eye.

  • Lorraine Moore

    Lorraine M. answered

    Have you considered staying near Paddington Station? Train from airport stops there-lots of little hotels, etc round the station area in all the mews. Tube is next door to Paddington Station-you can walk to a lot of places easily from Paddington. Hyde Park not far. Canals at back of Paddington station a few streets back -can take a canal boat trip to Camden Town. Lots of cafes and restaurants. I always find it a convenient place to stay.

  • Michael Kaldezar

    Michael K. answered

    Lower Marsh is a bit edgy and perhaps not a great place for a family, as a south Londoner I would suggest Clapham, specifically roads that runoff of Northcote Rd which has a daily food market, lots of restaurants, bars, shops also walking distance to Clapham and Wandsworth commons both large free green parks. The average house price in this area is over a $million and that is reflected in the upmarket ambiance of the area. Walking to Clapham Junction (you can get some groceries at whole foods) ((overground) gets you trains to Victoria Station, Waterloo, frequency is every 2-3 minutes and only takes 10 minutes.