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Brooke asked

Short connect time, worth paying for premium extras?

Hi! I'm flying into Gatwick North Terminal from Canada on a US passport. I have 3 hours until my South Terminal departure to the Canary Islands. I think that means I have to go through customs, right? And then shuttle to the South Terminal?

These are separate one way tickets. I will fly without checking luggage. I plan to check in for my flight the day before, so won't be doing luggage nor checking in. Do you think I'll make it, and do you think I increase my odds by paying for the Premium Security and/or the Premium Passport Control?


London (United Kingdom)   Canary Islands (Spain)   Gatwick

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Mary from Leicester

As you are travelling on two separate tickets you will have to go through border control and then through Customs before being landside.

Unless you have a very lengthy inbound delay imo 3 hours is more than ample for transferring from Gatwick North to Gatwick South. The free shuttle takes less than 5 minutes and operates every every few minutes...and it's just a couple of minutes' easy walk from Gatwick South Arrivals to the shuttle.

Your outbound flight will close check-in around 40 minutes before departure...but if you have no checked bags and have already checked-in online and have your boarding pass that's pretty much irrelevant. 

I don't think you'll have any problems at all making this transfer (barring extreme inbound delays) and I certainly wouldn't pay extra for 'Premium Services'.  :-)

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Thank you!! That is very helpful. I'm not sure how I can get my boarding pass in advance other than if they do it digitally? Fingers crossed they do... I'm not familiar with Monarch Airlines. Wish me luck and much gratitude!

You can find Monarch's info about online check-in here: As is normal with European airlines who offer online check-in (most do) you will be able to print off your own boarding pass. I suggest you print two copies, just in case. The bar code on the pass will be scanned as you enter security as well as at the gate. Monarch, a UK-based airline, is perfectly ok (the EU has tight laws governing all airlines which use its airports). It used to be almost exclusively a package holiday operator but in recent years it's widened operations so it now functions as a low-cost airline as well, albeit focusing almost exclusively on holiday and city-break destinations. 3 hours is fine even if you don't have your boarding pass, but it's obv better if you do have it because otherwise you'll be queuing with those who have checked bags/don't have passes/are checking in at the airport...and that's just boring. :-)

Now I learned that Monarch -- unlike the other FIVE airlines I'm flying, including Vueling -- doesn't allow a personal item in addition to the usual carry-on roller bag. I may have to check a bag after all :-( Now how's that 3 hours sounding??

It's always a good idea to check out baggage limits before booking flights. Monarch does allow two items of hand long as the combined weight and size is right. It is not unusual in having this restriction. As for your transfer time, having to check a bag really shouldn't make much difference. If you check-in online and print off your boarding pass it's just a matter of getting to Monarch's bag-drop before it closes 40 minutes before departure....and you'd need to be there by then to be sure of getting through security in time anyway. So don't fret. Unless you have a substantial inbound delay, or there are mega-delays with baggage unloading (unlikely), your 3 hours will still be enough. :-)

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I'm not sure but i think you might need a transit visa seeing as you're coming landside.

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Unless they have a criminal record US citizens do not need any sort of visa to enter the UK. The official UK government website gives full details for all citizenships:
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